0.89 -> 0.9 (Oct 01 2012)

  • Provisional support creature-adding mods
  • New filesystem allowing easier resource adding/replacing
  • Reorganized package for better compatibility with HotA and not affecting the original game
  • Moved many hard-coded settings into text config files
  • Commander level-up dialog
  • New Quest Log window
  • Fixed a number of bugs in campaigns, support for starting hero selection bonus.


  • New graphics for Stack Queue
  • Death Stare works identically to H3
  • No explosion when catapult fails to damage the wall
  • Fixed crash when attacking stack dies before counterattack
  • Fixed crash when attacking stack dies in the Moat just before the attack
  • Fixed Orb of Inhibition and Recanter’s Cloak (they were incorrectly implemented)
  • Fleeing hero won’t lose artifacts.
  • Spellbook won’t be captured.


  • support for quests (Seer Huts, Quest Guardians, and so)
  • AI will now wander with all the heroes that have spare movement points. It should prevent stalling.
  • AI will now understand threat of Abandoned Mine.
  • AI can now exchange armies between heroes. By default, it will pass army to main hero.
  • Fixed strange case when AI found allied town extremely dangerous
  • Fixed crash when AI tried to “revisit” a Boat
  • Fixed crash when hero assigned to goal was lost when attempting realizing it
  • Fixed a possible freeze when exchanging resources at marketplace


  • It is possible to select a battle AI module used by VCMI by typing into the console "setBattleAI ". The names of avaialble modules are “StupidAI” and “BattleAI”. BattleAI may be a little smarter but less stable. By the default, StupidAI will be used, as in previous releases.
  • New battle AI module: “BattleAI” that is smarter and capable of casting some offensive and enchantment spells

0.88 -> 0.89 (Jun 01 2012)

  • Mostly implemented Commanders feature (missing level-up dialog)
  • Support for stack artifacts
  • New creature window graphics contributed by fishkebab
  • Config file may have multiple upgrades for creatures
  • CTRL+T will open marketplace window
  • G will open thieves guild window if player owns at least one town with tavern
  • Implemented restart functionality. CTRL+R will trigger a quick restart
  • Save game screen and returning to main menu will work if game was started with --start option
  • Simple mechanism for detecting game desynchronization after init
  • 1280x800 resolution graphics, contributed by Topas


  • Fixed monsters regenerating casualties from battle at the start of new week.
  • T in adventure map will switch to next town


  • It’s possible to switch active creature during tacts phase by clicking on stack
  • After battle artifacts of the defeated hero (and his army) will be taken by winner
  • Rewritten handling of battle obstacles. They will be now placed following H3 algorithm.
  • Fixed crash when death stare or acid breath activated on stack that was just killed
  • First aid tent can heal only creatures that suffered damage
  • War machines can’t be healed by tent
  • Creatures casting spells won’t try to cast them during tactic phase
  • Console tooltips for first aid tent
  • Console tooltips for teleport spell
  • Cursor is reset to pointer when action is requested
  • Fixed a few other missing or wrong tooltips/cursors
  • Implemented opening creature window by l-clicking on stack
  • Fixed crash on attacking walls with Cyclop Kings
  • Fixed and simplified Teleport casting
  • Fixed Remove Obstacle spell
  • New spells supported:
  • Chain Lightning
  • Fire Wall
  • Force Field
  • Land Mine
  • Quicksands
  • Sacrifice


  • T in castle window will open a tavern window (if available)


  • Pregame will use same resolution as main game
  • Support for scaling background image
  • Customization of graphics with config file.


  • basic rule system for threat evaluation
  • new town development logic
  • AI can now use external dwellings
  • AI will weekly revisit dwellings & mills
  • AI will now always pick best stacks from towns
  • AI will recruit multiple heroes for exploration
  • AI won’t try attacking its own heroes

0.87 -> 0.88 (Mar 01 2012)

  • System settings window allows to change default resolution
  • Introduced unified JSON-based settings system
  • Fixed all known localization issues
  • Creature Window can handle descriptions of spellcasting abilities


  • Support for the clone spell


  • Added an initial version of new Adventure AI: VCAI

Other bugfixes and improvements:

0.86->0.87 (Dec 01 2011)

  • Pathfinder can find way using ships and subterranean gates
  • Hero reminder & sleep button


  • Credits are implemented


  • All attacked hexes will be highlighted
  • New combat abilities supported:
  • Spell Resistance aura
  • Random spellcaster (Genies)
  • Mana channeling
  • Daemon summoning
  • Spellcaster (Archangel, Ogre Mage, Elementals, Faerie Dragon)
  • Fear
  • Fearless
  • No wall penalty
  • Enchanter
  • Bind
  • Dispell helpful spells

0.85 -> 0.86 (Sep 01 2011)

  • Reinstated music support
  • Bonus system optimizations (caching)
  • converted many config files to JSON
  • .tga file support
  • New artifacts supported
  • Admiral’s Hat
  • Statue of Legion
  • Titan’s Thunder


  • Correct handling of siege obstacles
  • Catapult animation
  • New combat abilities supported
  • Dragon Breath
  • Three-headed Attack
  • Attack all around
  • Death Cloud / Fireball area attack
  • Death Blow
  • Lightning Strike
  • Rebirth
  • New WoG abilities supported
  • Defense Bonus
  • Cast before attack
  • Immunity to direct damage spells
  • New spells supported
  • Magic Mirror
  • Titan’s Lightning Bolt

0.84 -> 0.85 (Jun 01 2011)

  • Support for stack experience
  • Implemented original campaign selection screens
  • New artifacts supported:
  • Statesman’s Medal
  • Diplomat’s Ring
  • Ambassador’s Sash


  • Implemented animation for new town buildings
  • It’s possible to sell artifacts at Artifact Merchants


  • Neutral monsters will be split into multiple stacks
  • Hero can surrender battle to keep army
  • Support for Death Stare, Support for Poison, Age, Disease, Acid Breath, Fire / Water / Earth / Air immunities and Receptiveness
  • Partial support for Stone Gaze, Paralyze, Mana drain

0.83 -> 0.84 (Mar 01 2011)

  • Bonus system has been rewritten
  • Partial support for running VCMI in duel mode (no adventure map, only one battle, ATM only AI-AI battles)
  • New artifacts supported:
  • Angellic Alliance
  • Bird of Perception
  • Emblem of Cognizance
  • Spell Scroll
  • Stoic Watchman


  • Better animations handling
  • Defensive stance is supported


  • New secondary skills supported:
  • Artillery
  • Eagle Eye
  • Tactics


  • new AI leading neutral creatures in combat, slightly better then previous

0.82 -> 0.83 (Nov 01 2010)

  • Alliances support
  • Week of / Month of events
  • Mostly done pregame for MP games (temporarily only for local clients)
  • Support for 16bpp displays
  • Campaigns:
  • support for building bonus
  • moving to next map after victory
  • Town Portal supported
  • Vial of Dragon Blood and Statue of Legion supported


  • remaining specialities have been implemented


  • town events supported
  • Support for new town structures: Deiety of Fire and Escape Tunnel


  • blocked retreating from castle

0.81 -> 0.82 (Aug 01 2010)

  • Some of the starting bonuses in campaigns are supported
  • It’s possible to select difficulty level of mission in campaign
  • new cheat codes:
  • vcmisilmaril - player wins
  • vcmimelkor - player loses


  • Neutral armies growth implemented (10% weekly)
  • Power rating of neutral stacks
  • Favourable Winds reduce sailing cost


  • Learning secondary skill supported.
  • Most of hero specialities are supported, including:
    -Creature specialities (progressive, fixed, Sir Mullich)
    -Spell damage specialities (Deemer), fixed bonus (Ciele)
    -Secondary skill bonuses
    -Creature Upgrades (Gelu)
    -Resorce generation
    -Starting Skill (Adrienne)


  • Support for new town structures:
  • Artifact Merchant
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Castle Gates
  • Magic University
  • Portal of Summoning
  • Skeleton transformer
  • Veil of Darkness


  • Stables will now upgrade Cavaliers to Champions.
    New object supported:
  • Abandoned Mine
  • Altar of Sacrifice
  • Black Market
  • Cover of Darkness
  • Hill Fort
  • Refugee Camp
  • Sanctuary
  • Tavern
  • University
  • Whirlpool

0.8 -> 0.81 (Jun 01 2010)

  • It’s possible to start campaign
  • Support for build grail victory condition
  • New artifacts supported:
  • Angel’s Wings
  • Boots of levitation
  • Orb of Vulnerability
  • Ammo cart
  • Golden Bow
  • Hourglass of Evil Hour
  • Bow of Sharpshooter
  • Armor of the Damned


  • Creatures now guard surrounding tiles
  • New adventura map spells supported:
  • Summon Boat
  • Scuttle Boat
  • Dimension Door
  • Fly
  • Water walk


  • A number of new creature abilities supported
  • First Aid Tent is functional
  • Support for distance/wall/melee penalties & no * penalty abilities
  • Reworked damage calculation to fit OH3 formula better
  • Luck support
  • Teleportation spell


  • First Aid secondary skill
  • Improved formula for necromancy to match better OH3


  • Sending resources to other players by marketplace
  • Support for new town structures:
  • Lighthouse
  • Colossus
  • Freelancer’s Guild
  • Guardian Spirit
  • Necromancy Amplifier
  • Soul Prison

New object supported:

  • Freelancer’s Guild
  • Trading Post
  • War Machine Factory

0.75 -> 0.8 (Mar 01 2010)

  • Victory and loss conditions are supported. It’s now possible to win or lose the game.
  • Implemented assembling and disassembling of combination artifacts.
  • Kingdom Overview screen is now available.
  • Implemented Grail (puzzle map, digging, constructing ultimate building)
  • Replaced TTF fonts with original ones.


  • Implemented rivers animations (thx to GrayFace).


  • Fire Shield spell (and creature ability) supported
  • affecting morale/luck and casting spell after attack creature abilities supported


  • Implementation of Scholar secondary skill


  • New left-bottom info panel functionalities.


  • new town structures supported:
  • Ballista Yard
  • Blood Obelisk
  • Brimstone Clouds
  • Dwarven Treasury
  • Fountain of Fortune
  • Glyphs of Fear
  • Mystic Pond
  • Thieves Guild
  • Special Grail functionalities for Dungeon, Stronghold and Fortress

New objects supported:

  • Border gate
  • Den of Thieves
  • Lighthouse
  • Obelisk
  • Quest Guard
  • Seer hut

A lot of of various bugfixes and improvements:

0.74 -> 0.75 (Dec 01 2009)

  • Implemented “main menu” in-game option.
  • Hide the mouse cursor while displaying a popup window.
  • Better handling of huge and empty message boxes (still needs more changes)
  • Fixed several crashes when exiting.


  • Movement cursor shown for unguarded enemy towns.
  • Battle cursor shown for guarded enemy garrisons.
  • Clicking on the border no longer opens an empty info windows


  • Improved artifact moving. Available slots are higlighted. Moved artifact is bound to mouse cursor.


  • new special town structures supported:
  • Academy of Battle Scholars
  • Cage of Warlords
  • Mana Vortex
  • Stables
  • Skyship (revealing entire map only)


  • External dwellings increase town growth
  • Right-click info window for castles and garrisons you do not own shows a rough amount of creatures instead of none
  • Scholar won’t give unavaliable spells anymore.

A lot of of various bugfixes and improvements: … atus_id=-2

0.73 -> 0.74 (Oct 01 2009)

  • Scenario Information window
  • Save Game window
  • VCMI window should start centered
  • support for Necromancy and Ballistics secondary skills
  • new artifacts supported, including those improving Necromancy, Legion Statue parts, Shackles of War and most of combination artifacts (but not combining)
  • Ellipsis won’t be split when breaking text on several lines
  • split button will be grayed out when no creature is selected
  • fixed issue when splitting stack to the hero with only one creatures
  • a few fixes for shipyard window


  • Cursor shows if tile is accesible and how many turns away
  • moving hero with arrow keys / numpad
  • fixed Next Hero button behaviour
  • fixed Surface/Underground switch button in higher resolutions


  • partial siege support
  • new stack queue for higher resolutions (graphics made by Dru, thx!)
  • ‘Q’ pressing toggles the stack queue displaying (so it can be enabled/disabled it with single key press)
  • more creatures special abilities supported
  • battle settings will be stored
  • fixed crashes occuring on attacking two hex creatures from back
  • fixed crash when clicking on enemy stack without moving mouse just after receiving action
  • even large stack numbers will fit the boxes
  • when active stack is killed by spell, game behaves properly
  • shooters attacking twice (like Grand Elves) won’t attack twice in melee
  • ballista can shoot even if there’s an enemy creature next to it
  • improved obstacles placement, so they’ll better fit hexes (thx to Ivan!)
  • selecting attack directions works as in H3
  • estimating damage that will be dealt while choosing stack to be attacked
  • modified the positioning of battle effects, they should look about right now.
  • after selecting a spell during combat, l-click is locked for any action other than casting.
  • flying creatures will be blitted over all other creatures, obstacles and wall
  • obstacles and units should be printed in better order (not tested)
  • fixed armageddon animation
  • new spells supported:
  • Anti-Magic
  • Cure
  • Resurrection
  • Animate Dead
  • Counterstrike
  • Berserk
  • Hypnotize
  • Blind
  • Fire Elemental
  • Earth Elemental
  • Water Elemental
  • Air Elemental
  • Remove obstacle


  • enemy castle can be taken over
  • only one capitol per player allowed (additional ones will be lost)
  • garrisoned hero can buy a spellbook
  • heroes available in tavern sould be always different
  • ship bought in town will be correctly placed
  • new special town structures supported:
  • Lookout Tower
  • Temple of Valhalla
  • Wall of Knowledge
  • Order of Fire


  • war machines cannot be unequiped


  • sorting: a second click on the column header sorts in descending order.
  • advanced options tab: r-click popups for selected town, hero and bonus
  • starting scenario / game by double click
  • arrows in options tab are hidden when not available
  • subtitles for choosen hero/town/bonus in pregame


  • fixed pairing Subterranean Gates
    New objects supported:
  • Borderguard & Keymaster Tent
  • Cartographer
  • Creature banks
  • Eye of the Magi & Hut of the Magi
  • Garrison
  • Stables
  • Pandora Box
  • Pyramid

0.72 -> 0.73 (1 Aug 2009)

  • infowindow popup will be completely on screen
  • fixed possible crash with in game console
  • fixed crash when gaining artifact after r-click on hero in tavern
  • Estates / hero bonuses won’t give resources on first day.
  • video handling (intro, main menu animation, tavern animation, spellbook animation, battle result window)
  • hero meeting window allowing exchanging armies and artifacts between heroes on adventure map
  • ‘T’ hotkey opens marketplace window
  • giving starting spells for heroes
  • pressing enter or escape close spellbook
  • removed redundant quotation marks from skills description and artifact events texts
  • disabled autosaving on first turn
  • bonuses from bonus artifacts
  • increased char per line limit for subtitles under components
  • corrected some exp/level values
  • primary skills cannot be negative
  • support for new artifacts: Ring of Vitality, Ring of Life, Vial of Lifeblood, Garniture of Interference, Surcoat of Counterpoise, Boots of Polarity
  • fixed timed events reappearing
  • saving system options
  • saving hero direction
  • r-click popups on enemy heroes and towns
  • hero leveling formula matches the H3


  • Garrisoning, then removing hero from garrison move him at the end of the heroes list
  • The size of the frame around the map depends on the screen size.
  • spellbook shows adventure spells when opened on adventure map
  • erasing path after picking objects with last movement point


  • spell resistance supported (secondary skill, artifacts, creature skill)
  • corrected damage inflicted by spells and ballista
  • added some missing projectile infos
  • added native terrain bonuses in battles
  • number of units in stack in battle should better fit the box
  • non-living and undead creatures have now always 0 morale
  • displaying luck effect animation
  • support for battleground overlays:
  • cursed ground
  • magic plains
  • fiery fields
  • rock lands
  • magic clouds
  • lucid pools
  • holy ground
  • clover field
  • evil fog


  • fixes for horde buildings
  • garrisoned hero can buy a spellbook if he is selected or if there is no visiting hero
  • capitol bar in town hall is grey (not red) if already one exists
  • fixed crash on entering hall when town was near map edge


  • garrisoned heroes won’t be shown on the list
  • artifacts will be present on morale/luck bonuses list


  • saves are sorted primary by map format, secondary by name
  • fixed displaying date of saved game (uses local time, removed square character)


  • Fixed primary/secondary skill levels given by a scholar.
  • fixed problems with 3-tiles monoliths
  • fixed crash with flaggable building next to map edge
  • fixed some descriptions for events
  • New objects supported:
  • Buoy
  • Creature Generators
  • Flotsam
  • Mermaid
  • Ocean bottle
  • Sea Chest
  • Shipwreck Survivor
  • Shipyard
  • Sirens

0.71 -> 0.72 (Jun 1 2009)

  • many sound effects and music
  • autosave (to 5 subsequent files)
  • artifacts support (most of them)
  • added internal game console (activated on TAB)
  • fixed 8 hero limit to check only for wandering heroes (not garrisoned)
  • improved randomization
  • fixed crash on closing application
  • VCMI won’t always give all three stacks in the starting armies
  • fix for drawing starting army creatures count
  • Diplomacy secondary skill support
  • timed events won’t cause resources amount to be negative
  • support for sorcery secondary skill
  • reduntant quotation marks from artifact descriptions are removed
  • no income at the first day


  • fixed crasbug occurring on revisiting objects (by pressing space)
  • always restoring default cursor when movng mouse out of the terrain
  • fixed map scrolling with ctrl+arrows when some windows are opened
  • clicking scrolling arrows in town/hero list won’t open town/hero window
  • pathfinder will now look for a path going via printed positions of roads when it’s possible
  • enter can be used to open window with selected hero/town


  • many creatures special skills implemented
  • battle will end when one side has only war machines
  • fixed some problems with handling obstacles info
  • fixed bug with defending / waiting while no stack is active
  • spellbook button is inactive when hero cannot cast any spell
  • obstacles will be placed more properly when resolution is different than 800x600
  • canceling of casting a spell by pressing Escape or R-click (R-click on a creatures does not cancel a spell)
  • spellbook cannot be opened by L-click on hero in battle when it shouldn’t be possible
  • new spells:
  • frost ring
  • fireball
  • inferno
  • meteor shower
  • death ripple
  • destroy undead
  • dispel
  • armageddon
  • disrupting ray
  • protection from air
  • protection from fire
  • protection from water
  • protection from earth
  • precision
  • slayer


  • resting in town with mage guild will replenih all the mana points
  • fixed Blacksmith
  • the number of creatures at the beginning of game is their base growth
  • it’s possible to enter Tavern via Brotherhood of Sword


  • fixed mana limit info in the hero window
  • war machines can’t be removed
  • fixed problems with removing artifacts when all visible slots in backpack are full


  • clicking on “advanced options” a second time now closes the tab instead of refreshing it.
  • Fix position of maps names.
  • Made the slider cursor much more responsive. Speedup the map select screen.
  • Try to behave when no maps/saves are present.
  • Page Up / Page Down / Home / End hotkeys for scrolling through scenarios / games list


  • Neutral creatures can join or escape depending on hero strength (escape formula needs to be improved)
  • leaving guardians in flagged mines.
  • support for Scholar object
  • support for School of Magic
  • support for School of War
  • support for Pillar of Fire
  • support for Corpse
  • support for Lean To
  • support for Wagon
  • support for Warrior’s Tomb
  • support for Event
  • Corpse (Skeleton) will be accessible from all directions

0.7 -> 0.71 (Apr 01 2009)

  • fixed scrolling behind window problem (now it’s possible to scroll with CTRL + arrows)
  • morale/luck system and corresponding sec. skills supported
  • fixed crash when hero get level and has less than two sec. skills to choose between
  • added keybindings for components in selection window (eg. for treasure chest dialog): 1, 2, and so on. Selection dialog can be closed with Enter key
  • proper handling of custom portraits of heroes
  • fixed problems with non-hero/town defs not present in def list but present on map (occurring probably only in case of def substitution in map editor)
  • fixed crash when there was no hero available to hire for some player
  • fixed problems with 1024x600 screen resolution
  • updating blockmap/visitmap of randomized objects
  • fixed crashes on loading maps with flag all mines/dwelling victory condition
  • further fixes for leveling-up (stability and identical offered skills bug)
  • splitting window allows to rebalance two stack with the same creatures
  • support for numpad keyboard
  • support for timed events


  • added “Next hero” button functionality
  • added missing path arrows
  • corrected centering on hero’s position
  • recalculating hero path after reselecting hero
  • further changes in pathfinder making it more like original one
  • orientation of hero can’t be change if movement points are exhausted
  • campfire, borderguard, bordergate, questguard will be accessible from the top
  • new movement cost calculation algorithm
  • fixed sight radious calculation
  • it’s possible to stop hero movement
  • faster minimap refreshing
  • provisional support for “Save” button in System Options Window
  • it’s possible to revisit object under hero by pressing Space


  • partial support for battle obstacles
  • only one spell can be casted per turn
  • blocked opening sepllbook if hero doesn’t have a one
  • spells not known by hero can’t be casted
  • spell books won’t be placed in War Machine slots after battle
  • attack is now possible when hex under cursor is not displayed
  • glowing effect of yellow border around creatures
  • blue glowing border around hovered creature
  • made animation on battlefield more smooth
  • standing stacks have more static animation
  • probably fixed problem with displaying corpses on battlefield
  • fixes for two-hex creatures actions
  • fixed hero casting spell animation
  • corrected stack death animation
  • battle settings will be remembered between battles
  • improved damage calculation formula
  • correct handling of flying creatures in battles
  • a few tweaks in battle path/available hexes calculation (more of them is needed)
  • amounts of units taking actions / being an object of actions won’t be shown until action ends
  • fixed positions of stack queue and battle result window when resolution is != 800x600
  • corrected duration of frenzy spell which was incorrect in certain cases
  • corrected hero spell casting animation
  • better support for battle backgrounds
  • blocked “save” command during battle
  • spellbook displays only spells known by Hero
    New spells supported:
  • Mirth
  • Sorrow
  • Fortune
  • Misfortune


  • cannot build more than one capitol
  • cannot build shipyard if town is not near water
  • Rampart’s Treasury requires Miner’s Guild
  • minor improvements in Recruitment Window
  • fixed crash occuring when clicking on hero portrait in Tavern Window, minor improvements for Tavern Window
  • proper updating resdatabar after building structure in town or buying creatures (non 800x600 res)
  • fixed blinking resdatabar in town screen when buying (800x600)
  • fixed horde buildings displaying in town hall
  • forbidden buildings will be shown as forbidden, even if there are no res / other conditions are not fulfilled


  • added scrolling scenario list with mouse wheel
  • fixed mouse slow downs
  • cannot select heroes for computer player (pregame)
  • no crash if uses gives wrong resolution ID number
  • minor fixes


  • windmill gives 500 gold only during first week ever (not every month)
  • After the first visit to the Witch Hut, right-click/hover tip mentions the skill available.
    New objects supported:
  • Prison
  • Magic Well
  • Faerie Ring
  • Swan Pond
  • Idol of Fortune
  • Fountain of Fortune
  • Rally Flag
  • Oasis
  • Temple
  • Watering Hole
  • Fountain of Youth
  • support for Redwood Observatory
  • support for Shrine of Magic Incantation / Gesture / Thought
  • support for Sign / Ocean Bottle

Minor improvements and fixes.

0.69 -> 0.7 (Feb 01 2009)

  • further fight with hanged scroll tab
  • fixed r-click on FoW crash
  • fixed crash on opening tavern window after load
  • fixed recruiting new heroes after load
  • fixed crash on loading map with spell scrolls
  • fixed crash on loading maps with hero placeholder
  • fixed some other crashes
  • displpaying difficulty level of saved game
  • added support for Library of Enlightenment
  • added notification when saving is done
  • creature info window contains info about modified speed
  • battle result window properly displayed
  • pregame will be always displayed in 800/600 resolution
  • it’s possible to set game resolution in pregame (type ‘resolution’ in the console)
  • temporarily disabled smooth map scrolling (too much unresolved bugs), will be restored in the next release.

0.68 -> 0.69 (Jan 30 2009 - test release)

  • fixed crashbug on savegame choice when no savegames were available
  • improved switching between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • fixed crashbug occuring on closing adv options tab in pregame
  • fixed crashbug on loading maps with events giving resources
  • fixed date bug
  • battle console displays notifications about wait/defend commands
  • improved “WAIT” handling
  • splitting stacks with the shift+click
  • fixed “invisible hero” bug
  • improved battle console
  • improved AI

0.64 -> 0.68 (Jan 22 2009 - test release)

  • move some settings to the config/settings.txt file
  • partial support for new screen resolutions
  • /Data and /Sprites subfolders can be used for adding files not present in .lod archives
  • fixed crashbug occuring when hero levelled above 15 level
  • support for non-standard screen resolutions
  • F4 toggles between full-screen and windowed mode (experimental)
  • minor improvements in creature card window


  • smooth map scrolling on hero movement
  • added water animation
  • speed of scrolling map and hero movement can be adjusted in the System Options


  • partial handling r-clicks on adventure map


  • the scroll tab won’t remain hanged to our mouse position if we move the mouse

away from the scroll bar

  • fixed cloning creatures bug in garrisons (and related issues)


  • support for the Wait command
  • magic arrow really works
  • war machines support partially added
  • queue of stacks narrowed
  • spell effect animation displaying improvements
  • positive/negative spells cannot be cast on hostile/our stacks
  • showing spell effects affecting stack in creature info window
  • more appropriate coloring of stack amount box when stack is affected by a spell
  • several reported bugs fixed
  • new spells supported:
    a) Haste
    b) lightning bolt
    c) ice bolt
    d) slow
    e) implosion
    f) forgetfulness
    g) shield
    h) air shield
    i) bless
    j) curse
    k) bloodlust
    l) weakness
    m) stone skin
    n) prayer
    o) frenzy


  • Genius AI (first VCMI AI) will control computer creatures during the combat.


  • Guardians property for resources is handled
  • support for Witch Hut
  • support for Arena

And a lot of minor fixes

0.63 -> 0.64 (Nov 01 2008)

  • sprites from /Sprites folder are handled correctly

  • several fixes for pathfinder and path arrows

  • better handling disposed/predefined heroes

  • heroes regain 1 mana point each turn

  • support for mistycisim and intelligence skills

  • hero hiring possible

  • added support for a number of hotkeys

  • it’s not possible anymore to leave hero level-up window without selecting secondary skill

  • many minor improvements

  • Added some kind of simple chatting functionality through console. Implemented several WoG cheats equivalents:
    a) woggaladriel -> vcmiainur
    b) wogoliphaunt -> vcminoldor
    c) wogshadowfax -> vcminahar
    d) wogeyeofsauron -> vcmieagles
    e) wogisengard -> vcmiformenos
    f) wogsaruman -> vcmiistari
    g) wogpathofthedead -> vcmiangband
    h) woggandalfwhite -> vcmiglorfindel


  • clicking on a tile in advmap view when a path is shown will not only hide it but also calculate a new one
  • slowed map scrolling
  • blocked scrolling adventure map with mouse when left ctrl is pressed
  • blocked map scrolling when dialog window is opened
  • scholar will be accessible from the top


  • partially done tavern window (only hero hiring functionality)


  • water elemental will really be treated as 2 hex creature
  • potential infinite loop in reverseCreature removed
  • better handling of battle cursor
  • fixed blocked shooter behavior
  • it’s possible in battles to check remeaining HP of neutral stacks
  • partial support for Magic Arrow spell
  • fixed bug with dying unit
  • stack queue hotkey is now ‘Q’
  • added shots limit

0.62 -> 0.63 (Oct 01 2008)

  • coloured console output, logging all info to txt files
  • it’s possible to use other port than 3030 by passing it as an additional argument
  • removed some redundant warnings
  • partially done spellbook
  • Alt+F4 quits the game
  • some crashbugs was fixed
  • added handling of navigation, logistics, pathfinding, scouting end estates secondary skill
  • magical hero are given spellbook at the beginning
  • added initial secondary skills for heroes


  • very significant optimization of battles
  • battle summary window
  • fixed crashbug occurring sometimes on exiting battle
  • confirm window is shown before retreat
  • graphic stack queue in battle (shows when ‘c’ key is pressed)
  • it’s possible to attack enemy hero
  • neutral monster army disappears when defeated
  • casualties among hero army and neutral creatures are saved
  • better animation handling in battles
  • directional attack in battles
  • mostly done battle options (although they’re not saved)
  • added receiving exp (and leveling-up) after a won battle
  • added support for archery, offence and armourer secondary abilities
  • hero’s primary skills accounted for damage dealt by creatures in battle


  • mostly done marketplace
  • fixed crashbug with battles on swamps and rough terrain
  • counterattacks
  • heroes can learn new spells in towns
  • working resource silo
  • fixed bug with the mage guild when no spells available
  • it’s possible to build lighthouse


  • setting army formation
  • tooltips for artifacts in backpack


  • fixed bug with disappearing head of a hero in adventure map
  • some objects are no longer accessible from the top
  • no tooltips for objects under FoW
  • events won’t be shown
  • working Subterranean Gates, Monoliths
  • minimap shows all flaggable objects (towns, mines, etc.)
  • artifacts we pick up go to the appropriate slot (if free)

0.61 -> 0.62 (Sep 01 2008)

  • restructured to the server-client model
  • support for heroes placed in towns
  • upgrading creatures
  • working gaining levels for heroes (including dialog with skill selection)
  • added graphical cursor
  • showing creature amount in the creature info window
  • giving starting bonus


  • icon in infobox showing that there is hero in town garrison
  • fort/citadel/castle screen
  • taking last stack from the heroes army should be impossible (or at least harder)
  • fixed reading forbidden structures
  • randomizing spells in towns
  • viewing hero window in the town screen
  • possibility of moving hero into the garrison
  • mage guild screen
  • support for blacksmith
  • if hero doesn’t have a spell book, he can buy one in a mage guild
  • it’s possible to build glyph of fear in fortress
  • creatures placeholders work properly

Adventure Interface:

  • hopefully fixed problems with wrong town defs (village/fort/capitol)

Hero Window:

  • bugfix: splitting stacks works in hero window
  • removed bug causing significant increase of CPU consumption


  • shooting
  • removed some displaying problems
  • showing last group of frames in creature animation won’t crash
  • added start moving and end moving animations
  • fixed moving two-hex creatures
  • showing/hiding graphic cursor
  • a part of using graphic cursor
  • slightly optimized showing of battle interface
  • animation of getting hit / death by shooting is displayed when it should be
  • improved pathfinding in battles, removed problems with displaying movement, adventure map interface won’t be called during battles.
  • minor optimizations


  • updates settings when selecting new map after changing sorting criteria
  • if sorting not by name, name will be used as a secondary criteria
  • when filter is applied a first available map is selected automatically
  • slider position updated after sorting in pregame


  • support for the Tree of knowledge
  • support for Campfires
  • added event message when picking artifact

0.6 -> 0.61 (Jun 15 2008)

  • improved attacking in the battles
  • it’s possible to kill hostile stack
  • animations won’t go in the same phase
  • Better pathfinder
  • “%s” substitutions in Right-click information in town hall
  • windmill won’t give wood
  • hover text for heroes
  • support for ZSoft-style PCX files in /Data
  • Splitting: when moving slider to the right so that 0 is left in old slot the army is moved
  • in the townlist in castle selected town will by placed on the 2nd place (not 3rd)
  • stack at the limit of unit’s range can now be attacked
  • range of unit is now properly displayed
  • battle log is scrolled down when new event occurs
  • console is closed when application exits


  • stack at the limit of unit’s range can now be attacked
  • good background for the town hall screen in Stronghold
  • fixed typo in hall.txt
  • VCMI won’t crash when r-click neutral stack during the battle
  • water won’t blink behind shipyard in the Castle
  • fixed several memory leaks
  • properly displaying two-hex creatures in recruit/split/info window
  • corrupted map file won’t cause crash on initializing main menu

0.59 -> 0.6 (Jun 1 2008)

  • partially done attacking in battles
  • screen isn’t now refreshed while blitting creature info window
  • r-click creature info windows in battles
  • no more divison by 0 in slider
  • “plural” reference names for Conflux creatures (starting armies of Conflux heroes should now be working)
  • fixed estate problems
  • fixed blinking mana vortex
  • grail increases creature growths
  • new pathfinder
  • several minor improvements

0.58 -> 0.59 (May 24 2008 - closed, test release)

  • fixed memory leak in battles
  • blitting creature animations to rects in the recruitment window
  • fixed wrong creatures def names
  • better battle pathfinder and unit reversing
  • improved slider ( #58 )
  • fixed problems with horde buildings (won’t block original dwellings)
  • giving primary skill when hero get level (but there is still no dialog)
  • if an upgraded creature is available it’ll be shown as the first in a recruitment window
  • creature levels not messed in Fortress
  • war machines are added to the hero’s inventory, not to the garrison
  • support for H3-style PCX graphics in Data/
  • VCMI won’t crash when is unable to initialize audio system
  • fixed displaying wrong town defs
  • improvements in recruitment window (slider won’t allow to select more creatures than we can afford)
  • creature info window (only r-click)
  • callback for buttons/lists based on boost::function
  • a lot of minor improvements

0.55 -> 0.58 (Apr 20 2008 - closed, test release)

  • recruiting creatures
  • working creature growths (including castle and horde building influences)
  • towns give income
  • town hall screen
  • building buildings (requirements and cost are handled)
  • hints for structures
  • updating town infobox
  • merging stacks
  • splitting stacks
  • starting battles
  • displaying terrain, animations of heroes, units, grid, range of units, battle menu with console, amounts of units in stacks
  • leaving battle by pressing flee button
  • moving units in battles and displaying thier ranges
  • defend command for units
  • a number of minor fixes and improvements

0.54 -> 0.55 (Feb 29 2008)

  • Sprites/ folder works for h3sprite.lod same as Data/ for h3bitmap.lod (but it’s still experimental)
  • randomization quantity of creatures on the map
  • fix of Pandora’s Box handling
  • reading disposed/predefined heroes
  • new command - “get txt” - VCMI will extract all .txt files from h3bitmap.lod to the Extracted_txts/ folder.
  • more detailed logs
  • reported problems with hero flags resolved
  • heroes cannot occupy the same tile
  • hints for most of creature generators
  • some minor stuff

0.53b -> 0.54 (Feb 23 2008 - first public release)

  • given hero is placed in the town entrance

  • some objects such as river delta won’t be blitted “on” hero

  • tiles under FoW are inaccessible

  • giving random hero on RoE maps

  • improved protection against hero duplication

  • fixed starting values of primary abilities of random heroes on RoE/AB maps

  • right click popups with infoboxes for heroes/towns lists

  • new interface coloring (many thanks to GrayFace ;])

  • fixed bug in object flag’s coloring

  • added hints in town lists

  • eliminated square from city hints

0.53 - 0.53b (Feb 20 2008)

  • added giving default buildings in towns
  • town infobox won’t crash on empty town

0.52 - 0.53 (Feb 18 2008):

  • hopefully the last bugfix of Pandora’s Box
  • fixed blockmaps of generated heroes
  • disposed hero cannot be chosen in scenario settings (unless he is in prison)
  • fixed town randomization
  • fixed hero randomization
  • fixed displaying heroes in preGame
  • fixed selecting/deselecting artifact slots in hero window
  • much faster pathfinder
  • memory usage and load time significantly decreased
  • it’s impossible to select empty artifact slot in hero window
  • fixed problem with FoW displaying on minimap on L-sized maps
  • fixed crashbug in hero list connected with heroes dismissing
  • mostly done town infobox
  • town daily income is properly calculated

0.51 - 0.52 (Feb 7 2008):

  • [feature] giving starting hero
  • [feature] VCMI will try to use files from /Data folder instead of those from h3bitmap.lod
  • [feature] picked artifacts are added to hero’s backpack
  • [feature] possibility of choosing player to play
  • [bugfix] ZELP.TXT file should be handled correctly even it is non-english
  • [bugfix] fixed crashbug in reading defs with negativ left/right margins
  • [bugfix] improved randomization
  • [bugfix] pathfinder can’t be cheated (what caused errors)

0.5 - 0.51 (Feb 3 2008):

  • close button properly closes (same does ‘q’ key)
  • two players can’t have selected same hero
  • double click on “Show Available Scenarios” won’t reset options
  • fixed possible crashbug in town/hero lists
  • fixed crashbug in initializing game caused by wrong prisons handling
  • fixed crashbug on reading hero’s custom artifacts in RoE maps
  • fixed crashbug on reading custom Pandora’s Box in RoE maps
  • fixed crashbug on reading blank Quest Guards
  • better console messages
  • map reading speed up (though it’s still slow, especially on bigger maps)

to 0.5 (Feb 2 2008 - first closed release):

  • Main menu and New game screens
  • Scenario selection, part of advanced options support
  • Partially done adventure map, town and hero interfaces
  • Moving hero
  • Interactions with several objects (mines, resources, mills, and others)

Changelog has been updated, we’re going to release 0.55 version tomorrow.

I’ve added changes we’ve already made for an upcoming release of 0.61 (it shoulb be in the next week). Please don’t report that issues.


Update - added info about 0.68, 0.69, 0.7. Unified changeset 0.64 -> 0.7 will be available in 0.7 news post.

Update for 0.71 release.

Update for 0.72.


Changelog for 0.74 added.

EDIT: updated up to 0.86.

Changelogs for 0.87 & 0.88 added.