VCMI 0.72 released!

After another two months of development we are proud to present a new release of VCMI.
It brings a lot of fixes and several important features:

  • VCMI finally has support for sounds and music (thanks to Ubuntux). It’s not complete yet (eg. no sounds from objects near to hero) but most of effects is implemented.
  • Autosave. It should make testing much easier, since VCMI is still unstable. Game is cyclically saved at the beginning of each to turn to one of the 5 save files. So you have saves from tha last 5 turns, not only the last one.
  • Artifacts. Most of artifacts are supported. Too many to list them all here, the list is available here.
    (there are also lists of implemented objects, spells, secondary skill and town structures)
  • New spells and objects (list is present in the changelog).

Download link: (2.6MB, ZIP Archive)

Extract the package into your main Heroes folder.
WoG 3.58f is required. We strongly recommend using English version.
If you have older version of VCMI, you have to overwrite it.

Remember that it’s possible to save the game by typing "save " in the console or by pressing “Save” button in the system options window. Game can be loaded using the main menu. Old saves from 0.7x are not supported, format has been changed. They should be omitted by VCMI automatically but we recommend deleting them manually anyway.

VCMI supports 1024x600 and 1024x768 screen resolutions. To use it resolution, type (before starting the actual game!) in the console “resolution” and pick appropriate one. Alternatively, you can change default resolution by the editing config/settings.txt file.

We are still planning further releases from 0.7x series. Considered features are exploring seas and town sieges. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Thanks for Aidis, Boulie, dikamilo, H3_Fan, Ivan, krystian1995, majaczek, pHOMM, ral_il_an, Steven Aus, Zamolxis and everyone else who helped us with testing and improving VCMI.

For the general information about our project look here.

Our project isn’t really playable now, but it gives you an idea of progress we have made so far. We’re hoping that you’ll like it. Please report all the problems in the appropriate board.

For the list of already known issues please check our bug tracker on Sourceforge:
[size=150]KNOWN ISSUES [/size]

We hope you’ll help us develop the project - details are available here. VCMI is an open source project. Our SVN repository with all the sources is available here. They are licensed under GNU GPL 2.0 or newer.

0.71 -> 0.72 (Jun 1 2009)

  • many sound effects and music
  • autosave (to 5 subsequent files)
  • artifacts support (most of them)
  • added internal game console (activated on TAB)
  • fixed 8 hero limit to check only for wandering heroes (not garrisoned)
  • improved randomization
  • fixed crash on closing application
  • VCMI won’t always give all three stacks in the starting armies
  • fix for drawing starting army creatures count
  • Diplomacy secondary skill support
  • timed events won’t cause resources amount to be negative
  • support for sorcery secondary skill
  • reduntant quotation marks from artifact descriptions are removed
  • no income at the first day


  • fixed crasbug occurring on revisiting objects (by pressing space)
  • always restoring default cursor when movng mouse out of the terrain
  • fixed map scrolling with ctrl+arrows when some windows are opened
  • clicking scrolling arrows in town/hero list won’t open town/hero window
  • pathfinder will now look for a path going via printed positions of roads when it’s possible
  • enter can be used to open window with selected hero/town


  • many creatures special skills implemented
  • battle will end when one side has only war machines
  • fixed some problems with handling obstacles info
  • fixed bug with defending / waiting while no stack is active
  • spellbook button is inactive when hero cannot cast any spell
  • obstacles will be placed more properly when resolution is different than 800x600
  • canceling of casting a spell by pressing Escape or R-click (R-click on a creatures does not cancel a spell)
  • spellbook cannot be opened by L-click on hero in battle when it shouldn’t be possible
  • new spells:
  • frost ring
  • fireball
  • inferno
  • meteor shower
  • death ripple
  • destroy undead
  • dispel
  • armageddon
  • disrupting ray
  • protection from air
  • protection from fire
  • protection from water
  • protection from earth
  • precision
  • slayer


  • resting in town with mage guild will replenih all the mana points
  • fixed Blacksmith
  • the number of creatures at the beginning of game is their base growth
  • it’s possible to enter Tavern via Brotherhood of Sword


  • fixed mana limit info in the hero window
  • war machines can’t be removed
  • fixed problems with removing artifacts when all visible slots in backpack are full


  • clicking on “advanced options” a second time now closes the tab instead of refreshing it.
  • Fix position of maps names.
  • Made the slider cursor much more responsive. Speedup the map select screen.
  • Try to behave when no maps/saves are present.
  • Page Up / Page Down / Home / End hotkeys for scrolling through scenarios / games list


  • Neutral creatures can join or escape depending on hero strength (escape formula needs to be improved)
  • leaving guardians in flagged mines.
  • support for Scholar object
  • support for School of Magic
  • support for School of War
  • support for Pillar of Fire
  • support for Corpse
  • support for Lean To
  • support for Wagon
  • support for Warrior’s Tomb
  • support for Event
  • Corpse (Skeleton) will be accessible from all directions

Full changelog is available here.


i would like to appreciate you for sharing such a great info with us

Necromants are here!

Probably following an external link…

@adela: Hello and welcome to the forum. 0.72 is an older release. Check out this section for the latest release. We are at 0.92 now, but normally 0.93 should be out this weekend.

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