VCMI 0.54 Released!

Hello, all Heroes Fans!
After long work we are releasing first version intended to be published publicly and conquer the world!

For information about our project look here.

Our project isn’t really playable now, but it gives you an idea of progress we have made so far. We’re hoping that you’ll like it. Please report all the problems in the appropriate board. We hope you’ll help us develop the project - details are available here.

Changes since 0.53b:

  • given hero is placed in the town entrance
  • some objects such as river delta won’t be blitted “on” hero
  • tiles under FoW are inaccessible
  • giving random hero on RoE maps
  • improved protection against hero duplication
  • fixed starting values of primary abilities of random heroes on RoE/AB maps
  • right click popups with infoboxes for heroes/towns lists
  • new interface coloring (many thanks to GrayFace ;])
  • fixed bug in object flag’s coloring
  • added hints in town lists
  • hints for creatures on the map
  • eliminated square from city hints

Full changelog since 0.5 is available here.

Download link:

Extract the package into your main Heroes folder.
WoG 3.58f is required. We strongly recommend using English version.

Many thanks to GrayFace and Steven for testing and advice.

I’d also like to thank to Acid Dragon for his kind support given to us practically from the beginning of our project (including invitation to WoG Team).


Currently I have installed 3.58f + official script update (from Dec 2006) + a couple of other scripts which were in testing in 2007.

Is it ok to install your version over? Or should I uninstal all and reinstal 3.58f (with or w/o the official script update)?


VCMI doesn’t use ERM scripts (yet :wink: ), so they don’t make any difference. Try installing over your current version, it should work.
In case of any problems please write and I’ll try to help :slight_smile:

I made a copy of my heroes folder (including WOG 3.58f, script update & dragontheme.wdn) and pasted the content into that folder. When starting VCMI the debugger pops up (I have vc2005 installed). The console entry says:

Initializing screen, fonts and sound handling: 140
Loading .lod files: 47
Scanning Data/: 0
Preparing first handlers: 0

What is missing?

It may be a problem with your language version. Please wait for next version (is going to be released in a few days) - it will have a utility to extract your language files. You will be able to send them us, and we will be able to make VCMI work with them :).

Hi I copy those files to game but I dont know how can I run it because when aj run WOG icon game start without VCMI and when I run VCMI then game start in windowed mode like techdemo before this version.

VCMI in current version is a techdemo. Moreover, it’s an engine and is intended to have no influence on your WoG installation. If you want a playable version, please wait till at least next year.

By the way 0.54 version is obsolete, you should try the 0.55.

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