VCMI 0.7 - Bug Reports

I think that he thought "I have no resources to buy any1 and have tried to buy 0, then crash"
I think that recruit button should be disabled during it’s set of 0 to buy

Yes, you are right. :slight_smile:

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Well, it should be and maybe I’ll implement that but VCMI even more shouldn’t crash in such situations.

Not implemented, it’s huge feature (siege battles with its moats, walls, turrets, etc).

Hmm… I guess something else is still needed. I did the following:

  • Install H3C
  • Install WoG 3.58f + Script Update
  • Create empty VCMI folder in a different location
  • In the VCMI folder I created “Data” folder, in which I copied the 6 .lod files and the 2 .snd files from the H3+WoG folder
  • Copied “Maps” folder from H3+WoG into the VCMI folder
  • Unzip 0.7 into the VCMI folder
    Launching VCMI_client after that leads to a Visual C++ Runtime Library error. In case it helps identifying what else is missing, I attached here the log.

I know this is not very relevant for your testing, but it would be interesting if there would be an easier way to “reinstall” VCMI w/o having to reinstall the whole game. But if you think you can’t find an easy answer to this, I’ll just put the 0.7 in the main Heroes folder like before, and resume the testing [size=75](I wouldn’t have had more time for testing today anyway - big day tomorrow at job so I gotta prepare… cheers!)[/size] (677 Bytes)

Please, check if creating /Games subfolder fixes the problem. It’s not present in package and VCMI tries to scan it for savegames, it’s probably the reason of crash.

That was it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I also ran into the same bug as dikamilo, however it’s unfortunately not reproducible. As it happened only once, I’m only 90% sure these were the steps leading to it:

  • I started a map with Castle on Impossible
  • Random resource given was gold (1000 I think)
  • I went in the town to recruit Pikemen (I think from Guardhouse, not Castle, but I’m not sure)
  • I pressed on “Maximum” and then “Recruit” and then I got a crash
    "Stupid" me, I forgot to save the log file or make a screenshot, but I rushed to try to reproduce it by restarting VCMI. But I wasn’t “lucky” anymore. Same map, same random resource start (until I got gold again), but no way to reproduce it. I’ll keep trying to reproduce it while doing other tests, but so far about 10 attempts failed.

Now, in regards to majaczek’s post, I would like to detail a bit what still needs to be improved in the Recruit screen: [size=75](Heroes 3 Complete capture)[/size]

#12 - Scroll bar functionality:

Should be disabled when no creatures available to recruit (regardless of player’s resources)
Should be disabled when not enough resources for at least 1 creature (gold or even special res. for high level creatures) - even if there are creatures available for recruiting
And just to confirmed it’s still hanging to the mouse cursor (as reported above by Steven, or earlier in 0.6x by me)

#13 - Maximum button:

Should be disabled when no creature available to recruit
Should be disabled when player does not have enough resources to buy at least 1 creature
When hovering the mouse over the enabled button, info text “Maximum” should be displayed in the bottom bar of the Recruit window (so no info text when the button is disabled)

#14 - Recruit button:

Should be initially disabled, when we open the Recruit window.
It should become available once we select at least 1 creature to recruit (by scroll bar or Maximum button).
If we move the scroll bar back to the extreme left, it should get disabled again.
(Basically it should be disabled at all times when the amount of creatures in “Recruit box” is “0”)
When hovering the mouse over the enabled button, info text “Recruit” should be displayed in the bottom bar of the Recruit window (so no info text when the button is disabled)

#15 - Cancel button:

When hovering the mouse over the button, info text “Cancel” should be displayed in the bottom bar of the Recruit window (as in the screen capture above). Cancel button should be always enabled, so no need of hiding info text in case of disabled button.


No issues with the three map locations for me, so it would be great if dikamilo could give more details (i.e.: are they always reproducible? or only on certain maps, or with certain heroes, maybe depending of the values they have for Primary Skills already?)

But while testing this, I found other bugs:

#16 - Hero is pretty badly centered, especially close to the edge of the map. In the screenshot below, it was not me scrolling the map so much to the edge, it’s how the map got auto-centered when I selected the hero:

#17 - In the same screenshot above, please see the incorrect path arrow next to the hero. IIRC that arrow was fixed at some point during 0.6x, but I see it’s back.

#18 - And the totally missing arrow I reported in 0.68 or 0.69:

H3C vs VCMI 0.7

#19 - Hero “walking over” other hero on a predefined path. This is not easily reproducible. I had it happening only 6 or 7 times out of about 20 attempts, and so far only with Mercenary Camp as destination, and only with diagonal or partly diagonal paths.

How to (try to) reproduce it:

1 - Move one hero 2 tiles away, on diagonal, from Mercenary Camp
2 - Set hero path to Mercenary camp
3 - Move second hero in the middle of the diagonal path of the first hero
4 - Select first hero and send him on the predefined path


  • It happens also for paths longer than 2 tiles, it just seemed there’s a higher probability on short paths, but I might be wrong
  • Maybe it works also with straight only paths, it just never happened to me (in all my attempts, at least the start or end of the path were in diagonal, when the bug occurred)
  • Could be that it’s not related to Mercenary Camp, but I had over 10 failed attempts to reproduce it with other destinations

EDIT: After fighting with the PrintScrn button while trying to reproduce the bug a few times, I finally managed to take a successful capture or the overlapping moment. In the case captured, it was a path starting on the diagonal, but the overlapping happened on the final straight line, as destination was Mercenary Camp just above (however the hero was coming from the diagonal):

#20 - This was already discussed for 0.68, but just a reminder to finish with the path issues: formula still needs to be improved, as we keep having very often the case that hero can still move 1 tile as per movement bar, but cannot execute that move on the diagonal (never the case in H3C).

Several bugs with the (combination of) selections in the Advanced Options screen:

H3C vs VCMI 0.7 [size=75](after changing starting town to Castle, then return to Random)[/size]

The screenshot is taken in the Advanced Options for the map Barbarian Breakout, but there are similar bugs with all other maps.

#21 - Left/right arrows are shown next to all icons, even if some options are blocked from being edited. For the blocked options, nothing happens if we click on the arrows, but arrows should not be there at all.

#22 - Starting hero for Red and Teal players should be Random, not None. Only after selecting a starting town for Red or Teal, the Starting Hero icon changes to Random. And it remains Random, even if I change the starting town back to Random (as I did for Red in the screenshot above).

#23 - The right arrow of the Starting Bonus does not work for some maps.

#24 - The Starting Bonuses available are often incomplete: sometimes only gold, sometimes only gold and artifact (even though town is selected), sometimes only gold and resource but no artifact, etc.

The available bonuses should be:
§ Gold and Artifact always!
§ **Resource **whenever a town has been selected:

  • Wood/Ore for Castle, Necropolis, Stronghold and Fortress
  • Mercury for Inferno and Conflux
  • Crystal for Rampart
  • Sulfur for Dungeon
  • Gems for Tower

#25 - The Starting Bonus gets reset every time we change the town. It should be only the Starting Hero being reset to Random.

The behavior of selected Bonus should be as follows:
§ Gold: can be selected at any time, even when no town is selected (i.e.: Random), and should not change when we change the town selection.
§ Artifact: can be selected at any time, even when no town is selected (i.e.: Random), and should not change when we change the town selection.
§ **Resource **can only be selected when a town is selected, but:

  • once a resource is selected, if we change town, the choice for Bonus Resource should remain - only thing to change, when the case, being the resource type, depending on the selected town
  • if we scroll left/right in the list of towns until we reach Random, only then Bonus Resource gets unselected, and we have Random Bonus again
  • the reset to Random Bonus is absolute - selecting a town again should not trigger the automatic selection of the resource (as it would happen if we would only switch between 2 towns while Bonus Resource is already selected).

These problems have been resolved shortly after 0.7 was released. Next version won’t have them.

Very strange, I’ll try to find why this happens.

Resolving this problem has been delayed. It’s on our TODO list but with low priority. Do you think it’s urgent?

Implemented, thanks for clear description. :slight_smile:

Fixed (bug affected only RoE maps where generating hero at main town wasn’t optional).

I’ve fixed it for fixed castles and no hero cases. I hope I’ll fix it for fixed hero case soon.

Starting bonus issues will be checked.

possible bug:
improper handling oneweek bonuses

in code last changed for oneweek appear oneday
(code for day 7 in changeset 710)

You’re right, it will be fixed in the next revision. (Though there is no code relying on it yet)

Yea, i got this crash 2 time’s, but I think it’s random. I’m going to discovered why.

It’s my bad, resources/skills are added before windows apear, sorry for that.

#26 Scroll bar bug - one click in scroll bar (recrut window) active it (scroll), but I cant disable this behaviour, and when next i click in “windows close buton” i get exception: (testet in archangel’s window)


Loaded map is saved in save game (vlgm1) ? If i load map, save game and next delete map and load this game, it’s work.

Resolved. The path wasn’t recalculated when necessary.

Hopefully resolved (finally), but it requires ugly code… I don’t like this feature.

To answer your first question, I wouldn’t say it’s urgent. The issue is not annoying in itself, it only becomes annoying because of its very high occurrence - almost every other turn (and as we are “ending turns” all day, I just run into it too often to ignore it).

I’ll check in the next release to see how it works now, with the last change. If completely resolved - great. If not, I’ll just learn to leave with it for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to hear it requires ugly code, but thanks for the effort.

Possibly fixed by previous fixes for scrollbar and recruitment window.

Yes, all the data about map is stored within save file. Map file is not needed to open a save.


I’ve been following the progress of this project for a while and I felt like downloading it now and test some.

I probably wont be that active testing but ye… I will report when i find something =).

#27 By default when taking a chest (and you have to choose between gold and exp) gold is selected. while in H3C nothing is selected and the “ok-button” is disabled.

H3C pic:

In regards to Aidis’s post, there is something I always felt it was missing in Heroes 3 (at least for me - as a keyboard oriented player). You know, when you level up and you’re given the choice between 2 skills, in H3 you can use hotkeys “1” & “2” to select the left or the right one. Great future, but problem is - when I get the choice between Gold and Experience in a window like the above, I’m tempted to use the same keys to choose either one or the other. But this was never implemented in H3.

So my question is: would it be possible in the Chest window to associate “select gold” with “1” and “select experience” with “2”? Same as with secondary skill choice, the number key would only replace the mouse click select of the left or right button. Player would still have to press Enter to validate the choice.

:question: :unamused: :question:

#28 - Ancient Behemoth & Cavalier cannot attack Archangel from the hex behind (so probably it’s valid for all 2-hex creatures).

#29 - One time game crash after Titans attacked Archangels from the hex behind them (not yet reproducible):

I’m attaching all 3 log files to this post, in case it helps finding the cause (let me know for the future, if all 3 files are needed).
Crash after attaching Archangels from behind with (3.87 KB)

Some issues related to battle animations:

#30 - Animation Speed. AFAIK, this should only impact the “active” animations. By that I’m referring to: attacking creature, retaliating/dying creature and spell casting/animation. It should not impact the “static” animations, aka what the other creatures are doing when it’s not their turn, nor are they subject to an enemy attack or friendly spell. The result now is that on “fast” some of these static animations become really hilarious. In the battle from the screenshot in my previous post for example, the flag of the Tent was really fluttering like mad, while the Titan looked like he was dancing or sth. :slight_smile:

#31 - Static animations. I am not sure here, but did you take the static animations you’re using from any of the Heroes 3 versions? I only have Heroes 3 Complete and WoG to check, but in those the static animations are totally different. In VCMI all creatures are continuously doing sth (e.g.: Cavalier’s horse is continuously ‘shaking’ his head and waving its tail - in a slightly unrealistic direction I might add). In H3C they are pretty much standing still, and only about every 10 seconds they have a custom, more ample animation (e.g.: Cavalier’s horse is lifting its head, and also the lance is lifted a bit, probably symbolizing the idea of ‘charge’).

#32 - Glowing effect. In H3C, when a creature has its turn, the yellow outline has a glowing effect.

#33 - Rough pixel change on static animations. The static animation mentioned at #31, combined with the non-glowing outline at #32, leads sometimes to noticeable ugly pixels (“ugly” is maybe too strong put, but it gives the feeling that the creature outline was done a bit roughly, that it’s missing a finishing touch or sth). The yellow outline only emphasizes the changes in creature shape due to the static animation. And that leads, in the case of (Ancient) Behemoth for example, to a group of pixels appearing/disappearing from his back whenever it “breaths” - as I assume that’s what the VCMI animation represents in this case. It’s not noticeable without the yellow outline, but once it’s Behemoth’s turn, you can easily see it on its shoulder.