VCMI 0.7 - Bug Reports

You’re right, it will be fixed in the next revision. (Though there is no code relying on it yet)

Yea, i got this crash 2 time’s, but I think it’s random. I’m going to discovered why.

It’s my bad, resources/skills are added before windows apear, sorry for that.

#26 Scroll bar bug - one click in scroll bar (recrut window) active it (scroll), but I cant disable this behaviour, and when next i click in “windows close buton” i get exception: (testet in archangel’s window)


Loaded map is saved in save game (vlgm1) ? If i load map, save game and next delete map and load this game, it’s work.

Resolved. The path wasn’t recalculated when necessary.

Hopefully resolved (finally), but it requires ugly code… I don’t like this feature.

To answer your first question, I wouldn’t say it’s urgent. The issue is not annoying in itself, it only becomes annoying because of its very high occurrence - almost every other turn (and as we are “ending turns” all day, I just run into it too often to ignore it).

I’ll check in the next release to see how it works now, with the last change. If completely resolved - great. If not, I’ll just learn to leave with it for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to hear it requires ugly code, but thanks for the effort.

Possibly fixed by previous fixes for scrollbar and recruitment window.

Yes, all the data about map is stored within save file. Map file is not needed to open a save.


I’ve been following the progress of this project for a while and I felt like downloading it now and test some.

I probably wont be that active testing but ye… I will report when i find something =).

#27 By default when taking a chest (and you have to choose between gold and exp) gold is selected. while in H3C nothing is selected and the “ok-button” is disabled.

H3C pic:

In regards to Aidis’s post, there is something I always felt it was missing in Heroes 3 (at least for me - as a keyboard oriented player). You know, when you level up and you’re given the choice between 2 skills, in H3 you can use hotkeys “1” & “2” to select the left or the right one. Great future, but problem is - when I get the choice between Gold and Experience in a window like the above, I’m tempted to use the same keys to choose either one or the other. But this was never implemented in H3.

So my question is: would it be possible in the Chest window to associate “select gold” with “1” and “select experience” with “2”? Same as with secondary skill choice, the number key would only replace the mouse click select of the left or right button. Player would still have to press Enter to validate the choice.

:question: :unamused: :question:

#28 - Ancient Behemoth & Cavalier cannot attack Archangel from the hex behind (so probably it’s valid for all 2-hex creatures).

#29 - One time game crash after Titans attacked Archangels from the hex behind them (not yet reproducible):

I’m attaching all 3 log files to this post, in case it helps finding the cause (let me know for the future, if all 3 files are needed).
Crash after attaching Archangels from behind with (3.87 KB)

Some issues related to battle animations:

#30 - Animation Speed. AFAIK, this should only impact the “active” animations. By that I’m referring to: attacking creature, retaliating/dying creature and spell casting/animation. It should not impact the “static” animations, aka what the other creatures are doing when it’s not their turn, nor are they subject to an enemy attack or friendly spell. The result now is that on “fast” some of these static animations become really hilarious. In the battle from the screenshot in my previous post for example, the flag of the Tent was really fluttering like mad, while the Titan looked like he was dancing or sth. :slight_smile:

#31 - Static animations. I am not sure here, but did you take the static animations you’re using from any of the Heroes 3 versions? I only have Heroes 3 Complete and WoG to check, but in those the static animations are totally different. In VCMI all creatures are continuously doing sth (e.g.: Cavalier’s horse is continuously ‘shaking’ his head and waving its tail - in a slightly unrealistic direction I might add). In H3C they are pretty much standing still, and only about every 10 seconds they have a custom, more ample animation (e.g.: Cavalier’s horse is lifting its head, and also the lance is lifted a bit, probably symbolizing the idea of ‘charge’).

#32 - Glowing effect. In H3C, when a creature has its turn, the yellow outline has a glowing effect.

#33 - Rough pixel change on static animations. The static animation mentioned at #31, combined with the non-glowing outline at #32, leads sometimes to noticeable ugly pixels (“ugly” is maybe too strong put, but it gives the feeling that the creature outline was done a bit roughly, that it’s missing a finishing touch or sth). The yellow outline only emphasizes the changes in creature shape due to the static animation. And that leads, in the case of (Ancient) Behemoth for example, to a group of pixels appearing/disappearing from his back whenever it “breaths” - as I assume that’s what the VCMI animation represents in this case. It’s not noticeable without the yellow outline, but once it’s Behemoth’s turn, you can easily see it on its shoulder.


No problem, just implemented.

I don’t know whether it’s really worth of changing. Current VCMI behaviour can save us one click. It’s non-standard but I don’t think it can annoy anyone.
[But if you really think it’s a problem, I can fix it.]

Problems with two hext creatures and attacking from the hex behind are problably already fixed (r708 and r709).

Great. Thanks! :slight_smile:

One one hand, I agree with you. Any feature saving us from extra clicks is welcome in general. On the other hand though, if you ask me, I would prefer to have the Experience selected by default i/o Gold, as I almost never go for the gold. :stuck_out_tongue:

So from my part, I would either make it default on Experience, or somehow make this customizable in the game settings (as I assume at some point in the future, we’ll probably have an interface with customizable options, kinda like the WoG Options screen we have in WoG now).

About #28 & #29, I guess I could check r709 later today… [size=75]way later, as I’m off for some sleep now. :stuck_out_tongue: [/size]

Some more Tavern Issues:

#34 - The “Hire” button should be disabled:

→ When there is already a hero in town
→ When not enough gold to hire
→ When player has already 8 heroes on the map (so garrisoned heroes are not counted)

#35 - Info text still needs to be implemented:

→ When we open Tavern, left hero is already selected, but no info text is displayed at the bottom (at least that’s how H3 works now)
→ Clicking on any of the heroes (so including a click on the hero already selected by default) should display the info text saying: "Select (name)"
→ Clicking on any are of the window except for Hire or Thieves’ Guild buttons, should not remove afterwards the “Select (name)” text
→ Clicking on Thieves’ Guild button should open the TG interface (not yet implemented), however, when exiting the TG screen, the Tavern info text should now say “Thieve’s Guild” - and should remain like this until we click again on a hero portrait (of course, this doesn’t mean it should prevent us from hiring the last selected hero, even if the “Select (name)” is not displayed at the bottom)

Suggestions (I’m not sure if useful, maybe others can say if they’re interesting at all):

§1 - New players (who knows, we may even have some of those :slight_smile:) would not know what the Thieves’ Guild button is, unless the click on it. Maybe when the mouse cursor hovers over that button, the info text could temporarily show “Thieves’ Guild”

§2 - Alternatively, we can have the Thieves’ Guild open at right-click. Same as right-clicking on hero portraits, the screen would stay open only as long as we hold the mouse button, and when we’re back in the Tavern interface, the info text could now say “Thieves’ Guild”

§3 - When hovering over the “Hire” button, the info text could say “Hire”

None of these are of course of high importance. Only if you also think they’re a good idea and if it’s easy to implement.

Sorry for my lack of technical knowledge, but how do I install those to test the bug has been fixed? I see the archive has a “trunk” folder with a *.cpp file inside, but there’s no such file to overwrite in the VCMI 0.7 kid.

And meanwhile I found some other bugs:

#36 - H hotkey on Adv.Map does press the “Hero” button in the right panel, but does not select/center the next hero as it should (and in case there’s only 1 hero on the map, it should center on it).

#37 - Adventure Map keeps scrolling behind any open window (Hero screen, capture structure, level up etc). It should not. :slight_smile:

#38 - Game crashes almost every time we try to split creatures (in town or hero window). This is introduced now with 0.7, same as next two:

#39 - If hero has only one stack of creatures left, and we want to pass “some” of those to another hero, the split scroll is allowing us to transfer all creatures to the other hero (while 1 should always remain with the 1st hero). Only the scroll allows it (move to the right until “0” creatures are left on the “giver”) as when we press Enter to accept the change, VCMI crashes.

#40 - Creature split is also behaving incorrectly if we use the function to “rebalance” 2 same creature type stacks (e.g.: 15+5 Archers into 10+10 Archers):

  • when we press the Split button, only the empty slots are being outlined as available, not also those which have same creature type in them
  • if then we still select a spot where a same creature type is, either the stack moves there completely, or clicking on the destination stack does nothing (while instead it should just open the split window, with the scroll bar already placed accordingly somewhere in between, depending on how many creatures are in the 1st and 2nd stack)

Nope you’re right it’s probably better as it is now in VCMI.

#41 Path bug, VCMI : H3C:

I can hear Tow dragon somewhere screaming: “No… not the bloody path again!” :laughing:

Indeed, considering the cobblestone road, it seems that the VCMI choice would be the most cost effective. However it seems we are still not yet there.

No idea what formula NWC had for path, but it still remains both more realistic looking and cost effective. I just found another example to prove the formula is obviously still different:

#42 - In the screenshot below, Rissa would be able to make it to the Ore Pit in H3C in one day (“The Battle of Daeyan’s Ford” map). However in VCMI - with the same creature types in the army - she is one tile short from reaching the Ore Pit in day 1.

If I’m not mistaken, heroes used to be able to reach the Ore Pit in day 1 on this map in previous VCMI versions. So it must be the changes to the path calculator that were made recently that are causing this.

#43 - Adventure Object occupied area: The tile where the path destination is in this shot, should not be accessible for the hero: [size=75](“The Battle of Daeyan’s Ford” - upper left corner of the map)[/size]

A functionality issue I forgot to mention on the previous page, regarding the Advanced Options screen in the Main Menu:

#44 - We can select also enemy starting heroes. It should not be possible, not even for allied players actually.

And a non-reproducible (yet) crash:

#45 - While testing the map above, with 3 heroes on the map, I went to an Excel sheet I had open to type something in. Then I went back to VCMI by directly double clicking on a hero icon, which caused a game crash. I couldn’t reproduce it yet, but I’ll keep trying. :slight_smile:

Update: It happened again, after an End Turn, though it doesn’t seem related. I tried many times after to do End Turn, then go to the Excel sheet, then double click directly on a hero portrait, and it didn’t crash again.

Possible functionality improvement:

#46 - Witch Hut. After the first visit to the hut, right-click on that hut should also mention the skill available.

#47 - Game keeps crashing when I reach Level 14. This seems to happen only on my machine, but I’m out of ideas what could cause it. Even after a clean H3+WoG install, my game still crashes when one of my heroes is supposed to reach L14. I even tried advancing to L13 only with the chests, and then get the 14th level through battle. Same crash. Any ideas what else should I try, in order to figure this out?

#48 - monster protected places not work great (maybe not implemented yet):

#49 - unlimited spell cast in battle (one ture)

#50 - is possible build “Kapitol” in all towns (tested in 2 towns)

Future request:

  • cancel / stop moving when I press ESC

For bug #48 - Just enjoy the free gold and move on… :mrgreen:

Seriously now, this is indeed not yet implemented. Normally all tiles surrounding a monster should trigger the battle. Currently all these tiles are safely reachable in VCMI, so we can easily go around guards (not necessarily bad at this stage of the game).

Here’s the full list of possible commands to stop a movement:

  • Mouse click - both left or right - and does not matter where, as long as hero is on the move
  • The “Move Hero” button in the right panel
  • The “M” hotkey
  • The Esc key and almost ANY OTHER KEY on our keyboard actually (except for F1, F4, F10, PrintScrn, Alt & Start/Windows key). :wink:

#51 - UI Lack - the sliders should be able to set by number keys
the issue was in original H3, resolved in later versions
it’s really ridicolous when you try to give other player 4000 out of yours 32000 gold and you must click slider and it gives some like 4031, 3986, 4056, 3896 etc. and you must click side button even over 100 times

maybe resolve it as clicking number try to make stringwise add to slider value? ie when you got 135 and you click 4 it tries to change into 1354, the second way is make slider value as editbox (Iprefer the first), also suppurt for backspace is welcomed

Agreed. That would be a VERY useful feature, especially when dealing with very large stacks or gold amounts.