Map editor


Uploaded alternate debug build “temp.txt” (see instruction in release notes). Was it helpful?


Yeah it works now (with debug version from package).


It seems to be impossible to start a game as a player without town.

Player main town / main hero are not saved.

It is impossible to edit secondary skills for hero (but let’s say it’s a missing feature).


What happened when I put new spells into Pandora:

EDIT: nevermind, same happened when I deleted Pandora and just have spells mod enabled.


So the problem is in graphics card drivers (also builtin windows opengl will not work on any os version - they are all crap) - package has software opengl lib from MESA.


In pandora? Posiible, but absolutely non-intuitive :stuck_out_tongue: (It is grid editable with Insert-Delete)


Just checked. It works for my red hero, but not the blue one:


Not editable until “customize” checked - in this case there is visual bug - disabled grid is not grayed.

BTW. Pandora will use same reward format and gui as SeerHut. I do not like current version.


I tell you.

Hero 1 - has seondary skills.

Hero 2 - has no secondary skills, checked or not. There is nothing I could click or edit. ALso it is reproductible since I loaded map today.
Unfortunatelly it uses a number of mods so you can’t open it easily.

  1. empty grid is still editable - click grid, then press Insert
  2. empty default skills for new hero is a bug I`m working on now.


Ahh, you meant Insert key - this is far from intuitive when there’s no “insert” text anywhere in the window :stuck_out_tongue:




New release 0.1.5

Special build #2 for testing features from PR 200

New features:

  • Heroes pool
  • New design of hero secondary skills
  • Incremental objects search


Added Windows build with PR200 (and some other stuff like new templates) for everyone: … 0.rar?dl=0


You can merge it with 0.1.5 editor (just ignore “gamepath.txt” & “zlib1.dll” zlib1 is just a copy vcmi one, gamepath.txt is not needed on windows if editor is in same folder).


I tried to run map editor, but encountered a problem - main window just after appearing freezes completely, and tiles aren’t rendered at all. AFAIR previous version worked good for me. (703 Bytes)


What about “loading progress” window?
Also screenshot will be good to see

upd. If previous version worked, try to remove shipped custom “opengl32.dll”


Getting rid of that dll solved the problem on my side, thanks.

Loading progress was visible, just the main form froze after appearing. In attachment I marked area that wasn’t rendered at all.


New release 0.1.6

Special build #3 for testing features from PR 200

Various fixes and improvements


I have a problem with map I created, looks like editor has quite big memory leak during saving as a vmap file. Beside this rendering of all chests seems blinking.
VCMImap.h3m (68.5 KB)