Map editor


run debug version, it will create “heap.trc” show it contents please.


There are no memory leaks, but too extensive memory usage - to be fixed, (64 bit build works fine). Rendering is far from optimal It`s a known problem

UPD. There was video memory leak - textures, fixed in git master.


Ok, I’ve managed to obtain heap.trc file. This time editor crashed during loading that map. (753 Bytes)


Special build #4 for testing features from PR 200

Important texture loading control fixes. … .1.7-alpha


Has there been any movement to releasing a map editor version for VCMI 0.99 yet?
If so I have a few suggestions for improvements from the 0.98 version.

  1. I don’t believe there needs to be a focus on importing objects from town mods. My reasoning is that the random town and random dwelling features accomplish this just fine, and I suspect the reason the map editor didn’t function when town mods were added is because it was trying to import buildings to itself. The trick is to make the map able to chose allowed mods for the scenario, and to make the random town able to designate which mod it works with specifically. (note: if it’s easier to make a map editor that imports the mods parts, then ignore this)

  2. I would like to see some intense work with the towns themselves so that they feature the buildings and the feature to chose what buildings are built. (Reference HOMM3 Map editor from original game.)

  3. The ability to set which factions are allowed to a player (including individual mods, not just neutral) and to only allow those heroes in the taverns.

  4. MOST IMPORTANT: on the minimap make the swamp a lighter color. I have a map where I feature a underground swampland, and in the 0.98 version you cant see the area where swamp is compared to underground rock area.

  5. take out some of the town icons for placement on map…the town changes in the game as you build…so having one of each town in the map editor to place on the map should be fine.

As always I am more than willing to volunteer to playtest.


Map editor release depends on pull request 200, which is not merged yet.

  1. allowed mods for map planned
  2. already done
  3. already done
  4. easy to fix if still an issue. wait for next release
  5. known missing feature


There are builds:


I love what I am seeing so far, is there a particular place you would like me to bring bugs and such to your attention as I work with the map editor?


There is Map editor category on bug tracker.


I swear I am the problem child of VCMI… My first notable problem isn’t with map editor itself, but that I can’t manage to sign up for bug tracker so that I can begin testing and reporting the errors, can anyone assist me with getting my buggy self signed up?


Try to use gmail


New bug fix release … .9-alpha.2

Contains critical bug fix in map terrain format.



New release 0.1.10

Improved toolbox, added more options for deleting objects


New release 0.1.13


New release 0.1.14

Few important fixes.