Map editor


Fought with sources, but still editor cannot find json files, when mod is unarchived. It makes hard to correct syntax errors, if archiving is needed each time jsons are edited:-)

I propose to write errors added to progressform to log-file also.


So, what can I do with this? Buy a new graphics card? xD


Wait. Next release will be with fall-back opengl library. Even new graphics card will not help with same opengl drivers.


There is chance it’s will magically start working once @AVS implement OpenGL core profile support. I suppose it’s may not work properly as shaders inside binary use “version 330 core” while compatibility profile used.


Only stable builds I found was part of MSYS2: … INGW/i686/


MSYS2`s MESA just crashes.

But this old one … 32sw-32.7z works


0.1.3 version works for me _ you are my god :slight_smile:


So, have editor a bug tracker? After open a map created with original Heroes map editor in VCMI map editor and save it. When you try play in it, game crash. Here is a log—dqwx.html


Use normal VCMI tracker, there is category for map editor.
(actual map file needed, logs are not useful in this case)

P.S. Map format implementation is not finished, wait for 0.99. Bugs for now are expected.


What the noncompatible mods are?


Now with zoom


:open_mouth: Didn’t expect that!


Try to to visit this one. it is a list of tools that you can used for game development including map editing or it’s just 2d mapping.


New release 0.1.4

Special build for testing features from PR 200


Built that PR, but all I got from editor is the following. Mods don’t seem to have any impact and no log is generated.

BTW, I’m on Windows 10 now.

  1. It crashes before any window shows?
  2. editor.log contents?

upd. added debug build to release


Confirm, I’ve got the same error on my Win10.


Here comes the debug version!

No log created as far as I can see.


Log is in same folder as program for now


Heap trace is shown as message so program not even started - crash is somewhere in static initializers or smth else before entry point.