Map editor

System requirements

  • Any desktop OS (windows and linux known to work, OSX not tested but also should)
  • OpenGL 3.3+


Latest release


Missing features

  • campaign support
  • Map and town events (to be unified with win-loss conditions in Triggered events)[not started]
  • Terrain palette animations
  • auto-adjusting appearance based on terrain
  • RMG inside editor (depends on planned VCMI_lib integration)

Great news :smiley: . So what does editor actually do for now?

Editor is editing maps :slight_smile:

Terrain, roads, all original and modded objects with options, player options, map options, triggered events. Can import h3m but save only vcmi ziped json. Uses configuration from vcmi.

Great! Looking forward for release and later to see additional functions. Thanks for your work.

“auto-adjusting appearance based on terrain”

What is this? If this is replacing DEFs which dont have current terrain in “allowedTerrains” by DEFs which have, than this is not needed (user placing objects must do this by himself).

Not exactly that it changing already placed objects appearance on terrain edit. Feature has been requested as it is and will be implemented (but later). @Macron1 Also Im not accept request to “not add” feature :wink:

So on terrain change object will change DEF?
What if DEF configuration differs (object has another size and visible/passable/not passable cells for another terrain? I already have lot of mod objects that serve like University (for example), but have different sizes/look in terms of mask.
Than this feature can be turned on/off i guess. Or compare mask and replace object only if masks equal.

Feature will be obviously optional, mask compatibility also should be checked. Animation is selected from this object but from any other with same handler - map editor even ignore handlers.

There is plenty of objects in H3 that identical on all terrains except for appearance. It’s my suggestion so probably I’ll eventually try to contribute it to editor.

Next milestone achieved! Random generated map is looks playable as normal map.

I think it`s a time to think about merging part 1 aka PR 146.

Nice! Can’t wait :smiley:

Is there anything particular that needs to be revieved? Quite a huge commit.

There were already some regressions, mostly afraid of more. (New code - the format itself will be changed anyway also it will have more automatic tests.) There are not trivial changes in RMG, please look at them.

RMG works ok as far as I see. Ready for merge?

How about releasing editor tommorow? :unamused:

Please do :smiley:

As for branch probably yes. Some further work can be done in upstream.

I do not want to release editor until map format will be frozen - I do some changes often. PR 146 is only part 1 (2 more planned before 0.99)

But I can do release.

Well, we could say it’s only beta version for 0.98g.

I`ve added a release draft on GitHub.


You have access to release draft. Please test attached binary before we release it to public.

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