Cathedral and 3 towns released!


What’s this?Do you have this def?


nois a dragon of 5 heroes


Still making effort…but I am busy for reality work…it might costs more time
surrounded by walls


New Updates…
Cantors can shoot 3X3 while facing undeads. Only range shoot on undeads



lv4 is still in animating. This one would be just put into test.


Lv4 is finished.
I really don’t know the original design of its standing animation.
Couatls and Bloody Couatls…

Heroes are still unfinished!


In testing…
Cathedral VS Cove


Nice! Whoch unit is the shooter? And flyer?


Lv3(Witch Hunters) and Lv5(Cantors) are shooters,
Lv4(Couatls) and Lv7(Chasteners) are flyers.

Cantors can make a range shot but only to undeads


Could you tell me what’s new in the latest development(Sep.2) version?

#133 Nothing important for players. Some small changes with ai rework code.


There is a bug in Fort Screen, it crashes while recruiting any creatures.
Furthermore, AI seldom recruit creatures from the town…it might be a bug for new functions?
Last time I occupied a well-builded Conflux Town…with 5 weeks creatures were not be recruited, but AI was really resourceful.
And it crushes while any player wins the game.

Please fix these bugs as priority because it will affect the game directly.

And then, could you help me to make an AI change which don’t let the arrow towers to attack catapult first?


Its a number one priority to destroy catapult, why fix that?


I don’t like it and many players in Chinese forum either.

Just fix it for me would be OK.


This would further weaken ai, i think.


Test the siege…I changed the moat few days ago, but it was not satisfied…so I reuse toxic water.

Maybe on October 4 towns will be released!


The background is too bright, or too saturated.


it depends on screens. Maybe my laptop screen is too dark.


Magic Heroes…might heroes are still not finished!