Cathedral and 3 towns released!

Just enjoy it…but it’s not the final version!
Although I like doing different mods, I still think VCMI is not called New H3 Town Creators…
I think it is a REAL game…now I just expect AI can recruit creatures every turn…I gave them unlimited resources!(about 10000000 Gold and 10000 other ones!)


Then I will create the puzzle and other new elements, not finished yet !
Soon I will release whole package for this town, as the version 1.50

Just wow! It’s always a pleasure to wait for your returning posts!

Thanks so much for replying, this year I might be busy for work, but I still have a plan to rebuild my three new towns! It would be very hard but I never give up them.

still adjusting brightness and contrast…with about both 30% lower

Now updating the asylum Town!

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when there will be buildings for the map?

Still making updates for them…will be released with my 3 towns package.
New updates for Asylum!

Dark Crusader(Upgraded from Dark Paladin)( Lv 5):

Will-o-the-wisp(upgraded from Apparition)(Lv 4)


Lv7 creature would be the most beautiful…now in designing!

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I can not wait for the release of your works are beautiful

all units will be redone?

Yes, all of them…


new units super

Still not for adding this…

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instead of horses?

No…As the 2nd Lv7 creature

when it can be seen in the game?

Replaced by Planeswalker in the town, like H4

New Bastille screen draws mixed emotions in polish community. Some people like old screen with misty atmosphere that hide graphic imperfections. New screen is clearer but buildings look like cardboard boxes that felt straight from the sky. Some people say that new chinese-style architecture doesn’t fit for snow dwarven town. I was told to ask you if it possible to release two version of Bastille update - with old and new screen.

If you like previous one, I will also released the replacement files…but it’s so vague… I will also create a new package for my all updates

Hah, it’s not my opinion. I can replace almost every elements for my own purposes :slight_smile: I was asked to ask you for prepare two version for people who can’t do such things and like previous one :slight_smile:

Oh…sure…just release two versions…

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