Cathedral and 3 towns released!


Now I am doing attack actions for Angels


This names don’t fit to the Cathedral for me. Plague Dogs or Disease Dogs fit better :wink:


Hounds - Ogre hounds


Now it’s about 70% finished…
Map model would be better than my other designs

And new updates.

Some special buildings:
1.Donation Station – Salvation Station
generates 350 Gold per day-- generates 150 Gold per day
2.Choir Section: +1 Morale and Luck per week while visited.(Cannot be done now)
3.Light of Judgement : Grail. Undetermined.
4.Torture Chamber: +6 Slayer or Executioner per week
5.Confession Chapel: +2 Sexton or Cantor per week

Named Creatures(avoided any repetition)

  1. Attack Dogs – Hounds, Dwelling: Mound
  2. Slayers – Executioners, Dwelling: Execution Ground
  3. Witch Hunters – Evil Stalkers, Dwelling: Hunters’ Guild
  4. Couatls – Bloody Couatls , Dwelling: Refuse Dump
  5. Sextons – Cantors , Dwelling: Auditorium
  6. Templars – Fanatic Templars, Dwelling: Order of Templars
  7. Punishers – Chasteners, Dwelling: Altar of Judgement


why not use the original look of the castle?


It looks like Inferno Town…I have already made it before…but now changed


I like the original castle


more like a village


I think Vatican City would be the real Cathedral Town…a cathedral building which surrounded by walls…


in the original is called lv7
revenger-chastener Dwelling Cursed shrine
that the chimera will not be?
Lv2 Torturers-executioner Dwelling guillotine


One thing I don’t like (now) in siege screen - ‘toxic’ water in the moat. It remainds me about forge - sci-fi style. I would like to see something like in Cetatea.

They hardly look like Couatls. For me they are kind of Gluttons.


oh…I have no idea about original name…it might be Russian…

But I will change them now…and…Lv5 creatures are named by myself, Sexton and Cantor, not Insquitor.

Chimeras would not suitable with Lv4 creature.


Like these names!


I might change the moat to another style…but…I don’t like skeletons or dead bodys…let me see…


No, I gave you only example how moat graphics could be diffirent than common water. Stupid idea, but moat can be filled with shines :stuck_out_tongue:


You know…I don’t would like to create Cathedral as cruel and evil alignment…
So there are Salvation Station, Choir Section and Charity House…like these names…

They are kind but cruel to the people who need to be punished…even their own opinion…
I used to do some researches of Inquisition, they were not as cruel as general recognization.


I think different graphic of water should be suitable…

However, I designed Cathedral alignment as a charity group, they cure individuals from plague, and they often save the porverty. However, they have the authority to dominate their believers…even an enforcement for all citizens who live in their town…they see any resistance as sin and evil. And they also cruel to enemies who would like to fight with them.


That’s OK - it is your mod and you can design it as you imagine. So… Knowing that, people can have problem with Fallen Angel name - such name is strictly indicate as evil being… Or maybe I’m wrong. Hope some other people tell you more :slight_smile:


Yes…I will change this name…as original settings…Punishers and Chasteners

I just wanna have a discussion…so I will show some works which I have done.