Cathedral and 3 towns released!


New Creatures for Bastille(Highlands)
No Mammoth Centaur any longer!
Aristocrat and Patriarch

Patriarches can summon einherjar from corpse!


I like more than the old line-up


I don’t know why AI seldom recruit creatures…they really have enough resources…even it will not happen in previous version.

I think if AI don’t recruit creatures, this game cannot be continued. It might not be hard to set AI recruits creatures everyday.


also replaced the birds they do not fit


I am not willing to change the birds, they really need a flying troop.


I would like to ask a question. How can I create a new creature and make it never exist in map? Only can be summoned in battlefield?


Just add line “special”: true.


Thanks. Could you tell me how can I create a spell and make it only exists in one Town? Even cannot exists in scroll or Conflux Town(with grail)?


Try these codes:
“defaultGainChance”: 0,
“factionName”: 10 //or 100? You must test

I think it is impossible.


Actually I would like to design special spells for dwarves, and they only can be learned in bastille(Highlands) Town, like dwarves(orcs) with unique spells in H5.

but why impossible? Similar as Titan’s bolt or some creatures’ ability?


Just check spell format. Titan’s bolt has flag “special” which means that spell is off from all mage guilds, scrolls etc.
You just write new spell, mart ik as “ability” and then give it only for dwarves via ENCHANTED bonus.


If I marked it as ‘ability’, so it cannot exists in mage guilds?


I don’t remember my format learnings, but I think - yes.
Just study config/spell/special.json file.


sure…maybe it really cannot be made…
actually it is easy to finish with gain chance, but I consider about scrolls and conflux town…maybe I will cancel this design.


But look - if you write a spell that affects only Highland’s Dwarves so it’s not really a problem that this spell will apear in scrolls and conflux. For other fractions this scroll will be useless, just for sale :slight_smile:


Ah…I know your meaning…but spells are not only positive, I just create some spells which can only learned from Bastille Town.

BTW: is this can be used now?


Work-in-progress features. Last time I checked, it didn’t work.


Oh sure…that’s a pity.


A new question, can I create a new summon spell? only for 4 elementals?


Of course. Macron1 gave us example of such spell in other topic.