VCMI for Android


I’ve just uploaded the new (not so much anymore, sorry) 0.96 release to Google Play, it’ll be available within few hours.


I’m not experiencing crash each time I load any map anymore. :slight_smile:

The AI moves seems to be a very little bit faster, but I’m not sure how much. I’m playing To the South of Hell:
AI player Red:

  • 1st turn (3 heroes) - 60-70 seconds, 2nd turn (5 heroes) - 80-90 seconds, 3rd ( 5 or 6 heroes) - 90-100 seconds. - now it goes slower then in Nightly built…
    AI player Brown:
  • 1st turn (0 heroes) - 4-5 seconds, 2nd turn (1 hero) - 9-12 seconds, 3rd (3 heroes) - 28-32 seconds.

It’s not much different from Nightly build version, a very little AI moves are faster (especially that their moves are not “lagging” much like before). The longest turn I ever experienced took about 2 minutes.
Also I was starting this map few times, for second time when Red AI player had a 1st turn game crashed after waiting for him about 66 seconds, but other games went without crashes.

Edit: OK, crash happened again during the play, more info here: [

Even on the King’s difficulty level after few months AI can’t built best units (playing on Dragon Pass map, but on other maps appears to behave the same) as also when one hero is taking a resource or beating guardian of mine - it takes only 1-2 things from place it have access to instead of taking all things there that are closets to it or only kills creatures, but doesn’t claim the mine that was behind guardians. AI attacks even stronger that it creatures or creature’s lairs, suicides.

P.S. What files will help with identifying bugs or crashes? VCMI_Client_log.txt and VCMI_Server_log.txt, else?

P.S.2. Thanks for update!


And AI doesn’t retake his dwellings and mines, if i steal them by my hero, even if he is close:-)

About high level creatures - AI simply doesn’t has money.
Take startres.json file and add to “ai” parts a lot of resources. So AI will become more agressive and will buy all dwellings in his towns,


Files are of little help, detailed report will do. Also, there’s Adventure AI trace mod to help with debug.

Either way, this thread is about Android port, not about AI performance.


I think that a good idea would be add a support to xperia play gamepad.
For example: d-pad - cursor movement x - lmb o - rmb menu button - menu etc. - Here you can find a guide how to add it.


I did not try the PC version so I do not know if this issue is within the port.

When I play this on my galaxy tab 3 8.0, ingame when i move my hero the fog (fog of war) is blinking/flickering, in other words the fog disappears for an eyeblink and then reappears again, this happens only when i talk with my hero.

Similar problem occurs in the menu when i select singleplayer game and then swtich between maps, the entire interface disappears and reappears almost every time i select an other map.


I experience the same issue, additionally it happens when I move my hero or enemy hero is moving, if you know location of your enemy and you’ll look on it’s location shrouded by fog of war you’ll occasionally see blinking of place it is now.
Also sometimes to unhide part of the map sometimes I just need to click tablet icon next to Home to SD what applications are running to see in when it’s pushed part of the map.

It’s somehow depending on how much map you discover, not entire map is flickering, but part of map that could be seen if a hero could have vision equal to game window size.


I’ve fixed drawing of invisible objects already, but it was after 0.96 release.


I trying to run WoG on for now I don’t see any bigger difference between my work and just Comlete ed. But today I got commanders and unfortunately their stats 0. Can some1 help me? I’m not even programmer. See this screenshot. Ye I’m playing with russian lang.


Is there any way I could build my own APK for Android of VCMI latest develop branch?
Successfully build latest on Linux, no idea how to compile it for Android.


Please help!I want to run wog on android but when i start the game I can only play standard heroes 3.I can see the commander menu but when i click it nothing happens.How can i fix it…


Hi all,
Can we expect an Intel chipset support soon?


H3llo, first of i realy appricite what you are doing, thank you very much. I have some problems running the game on my galaxy note 2. When i load a game it will open but when i click end turn it will play the AI turn and crash wheb AI finish. “unfortunately vcmi has stopped” pretty frustrating, i need to reopen new games and cannot load saves and continue … another problem is that AI is stupid & builds tons of heroes with few very weak creatures and roam the map, and a final thing AI turns takes alot of time… is there any solutions for those problems?? VCMI Ver is 0.96 . Thanks again for evertything.


Yes, wait for 0.97.


When it will be released? If i update android or try older ver of vcmi can it solve the problem?



Wait for update for VCMI for Android.
PS AI doesn’t see whole map on start, so it buys a lot of heroes to reveal fog of war, i suggest.


Now that 0.97 is out, can we expect to see it on our android devices?


xyz 0.97 android still can’t use chinese version.
Is the config/modsettings.json useful?

		"truetypehan" : {
			"active" : true,
			"checksum" : "6cf9dfa1",
			"validated" : true

ps:it works on PC chinese version


It seems it has stopped working now after I upgraded to Android 5.0, I can’t start a new game and I can’t load any old ones, the game just shuts down. It was working fine before the upgrade.
Is this a known issue?


That’s a know bug, no ETA because I don’t have any Lollipop-compatible device.