VCMI for Android


Ah, okay… If I want to help out, is the Android port of VCMI open source?


Yes it is, but it’s not trivial to build. See


Any way to zoom, always misclick due to small screen, especially during battles. Would be immensely improved with that feature.


Change device configuration -> Mouse emulation -> Mouse emulation mode -> Small, magnifying glass


Thanks alot, even better is using touchpad option.
I never bothered with the options before, didnt
know they existed. Game is playable now and
runs smooth. A few bugs though like loaded up a
saved game and now any luck/morale places
return blank messages when visited and end up
doing nothing. World view spell doesnt seem to
work and when I cast haste it caused my units
turn to be skipped instead. Not a big deal, just
glad I could play this old school game on my
phone. Many thanks for the work you guys have
done! :slight_smile:


How can I use cheats in the VCMI?

I know that there is a cheat list but How do activate the code function?


In game press and enter cheat codes in English keyboard layout.


I dont see any Tab key.


Yes how can I access the tab key on Android?


Is there hope for VCMI for Lollipop?


When VCMI is starting, there in top part apears bar with configuration options.
Go to it, then select “Screen Keyboard” and configure it. “Ab” icon will apear in left top corner.
PS I have russian language adroid, so i only guessed english language names.
PPS Right now i cannot verify if there is tab button (my VCMI is not configured right to run on smartphone).


As an updated-shield-owner, i’m sad.

How can we help you to push this in lollipop?


I think you can only help if you’re have C++ programming experience.

If there any programmer who may want to understand how VCMI work then I’m might join youas I’m eventually want to find out how it’s works on Android in order to test cross-platform multiplayer.


Damn, i’m only java.

But we maybe can throw here some stack to find this crash origine ?


Actually there was several crashes fixed since 0.97 released so it’s at least needed to test latest version there.

So you may try to built VCMI and deploy debug build of VCMI on your device. If you decide to do so PM me with your instant chat info (Skype, hangouts. xmpp/jabber, etc) and I’ll be happy to help you find out with that.


Is there any details on what problems with building VCMI for Android using SDL2?


Will vcmi .98 be available for Android soon?


I’m trying to install VCMI on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I copy the files to the right place, restart the device, but VCMI keeps asking me to get the files. I’ve got everything working on my HTC one mobile, so I’m pretty sure I do it right.

I’d highly appreciate any help :smiley:


You can set custom path to files somewhere in options, maybe this can help.


I just downloaded the version for Android. I am using a Motorla Moto G.

The files I used are the ones from the installation on Program Files folder, from the Heroes III Complete CDs. They should work right?

I am also having the same problem. The game starts, a bit laggy but fine, but then as soon as i press Begin it crashes without any message.

I also noticed when I try to create a random map it says “could not create a random map that fits current choices”

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot for this good project and for your help!