VCMI 0.99 released

Oasis is planned straight to VCMI version. Abour Romanian Town - first version was released for ERA platform and I assume that new version will be for ERA to. But event that, there’s still possibility that someone make VCMI port of this town. And new towns are not the only interesting mods in development. New alternatives and New upgrades are interesting too!

Does the multiplayer work in VCMI or should I use Hamachi?

Sorry for noob question. I just read in a 2013 post, that no plans for multiplayer yet, so I was wondering…

At the moment the multiplayer system is very buggy so i recommend playing original heroes 3 instead with gameranger better than hamatchi :slight_smile:

Multiplayer is not really supported in 0.99. If something works, it’s just a coincidence :unamused:

I am currently playing a 8 player hot seat game. If you save a lot it works fairly well, but you may have to reload quite a bit (In all fairness I had similar problem with the original game even before vcmi existed). Seems decent for the most part though. Compared to version 0.98 where I couldn’t even get random scenario generator to work it’s an awesome improvement~ congratz and kudos to developers!

As a side note I was curious as to how difficult it would be to add on a white player 9 and black player 10 (or visa versa or some other colors)… I just figure since there are 10 main towns now, why not have 10 players.

It’s been proposed many times and even some graphics were made.

It is in fact quite difficult to implement.

nods I see. I missed that thread, but as I only speak and read English that might be why. :stuck_out_tongue: Another thing I like is with the random generator, the map has towns that aren’t player towns on the map too, so it’s possible to play more armies than 8 anyway. I actually have ideas for a scenario using the vcmi map editor 1024 x 1024 map that would utilize many town types. Some improvements need to happen in map editor first though, so its a back burner project atm…I may set up a separate topic chain at a point in the near future to discuss as well.

Random maps are (and always have been) based on templatres. Of course there are no templates for more than 8 players, so it’s another issue to overcome.

Think you might have misunderstood…when I said its possible to have more than 8 armies I only meant because a random town on a map will pull up from the available pools of towns in your game. Here for example I made a small map for two players. If you place player one as any town but castle, and player two as any town but tower, when the game starts it will start you with two towns, one castle and one the you chose for player one, then one tower and the one you chose for player two. Then if you recruit a hero and run him due south from between your two towns you will see various random towns… hence by the time you have conquered all the towns you end up witm multiple armies…sometimes more than 8 types within one scenario. … omtowntest


I’m trying to launch VCMI_launcher.exe through wine on Linux. I currently have HD mod which is working great. However when I try to launch the VCMI I get the error:

“VCMI has crashed. We are sorry. File with information about encountered problem has been created.”

Could you please help me run it?

Why Wine? Run native Linux build.

Is daily builds still avaible? Because I can’t find any current build.

Probably it is a good idea to link some linux downloads for release post :

Fe. Ubuntu daily builds :

Ubuntu linked.

Daily builds for Windows are currently broken due to Coverity fails :frowning:

When or how long until this is fixed?

Greetings from Romania.

Wonderful work you have done here, i am happy too see people do not let this game die.

I can see that WOG options are not working, you are working on his ?

Keep doing with this fantastic work

I can’t seem to change the language… what can i do?

Change language? For full english or your native?

Just so that it is in English, i do actually read Russian but very slowly so would prefer English. I tried to change fronts, delete the russian version in the Doc/wog folder, tried the russian translator in the laucher (bugs out and closes down)…

Just delete ‘russian translation’ folder under wog/mods directory.

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