VCMI 0.99 released

Yes, it does for me as well. But it should allow you to choose ignore it :bulb:


I found information about the VMCI project today, as I was looking in to more information about fan made “mods” and alike for HOMM3. I’ve been a loyal player of H3 and H3 WOG for as long as I can remember.

However, when I try the VCMI today I encounter several issues

  1. Game is in russian. Can not change by any of the mods. The problem comes when installing package: WoG
  2. WoG options not available in game. Can not set up WoG as the button for WoG setup is not responding.
  3. XXL maps from HOTA is not available. Is this something that will be implemented?

I’ve tried to find this information elsewhere, but with limited luck. Hope you have an answer for this. Good luck

Regards, Cries

  1. Disable russian translation, which is WoG submod.
  2. That’s correct.
  3. Game can load maps of any size, but HoTA maps are not supported yet. Hopefully some day they will.

Warmonger, I forgot to tell you about that RMG templates pack I sent you once, remember? Can you repack VCMI package and replace existing templates with it? Sorry about that.

Hi guys,
Changed computers and all the mess, finally decided to reinstall VCMI and try out 0.99!

I encounter a problem I didn’t before, for a reason I couldn’t identify I can’t up the resolution, console tells me “Selected resolution 1920x1080 was not found! Falling back to 800x600”

I did install the Highres menu Mod from launcher though, I am sure it’s something stupid from my side, any hint?

Try this trick: launch game in 800x600 setting (windowed, not full screen), next start any scenario, go to Options window, and there change resolution and click Full Screen button.

Thanks, I already tried this, 800x600 is the only res available from there, can’t do a thing.

So, another ‘trick’. Instal VCMI 0.99, try launch game. Then download last daily build and replace it over v0.99 files (not clean H3) and try again lauch game.

To be sure - I hope that ‘VCMI essential files’ submod “Extra resolutions” is enabled in launcher!

Aha that’s it, no I don’t have it. I got the core files from here. Where can I find the good package?

Ok it’s here … s/

The other package I got from installation page has extra res and bonusicons missing.

In the meantime I tried some stuff and now I got crash, will do a clean reinstall later and hope it works this time.

Thanks for the help!

Ah, you are using linux version, I use windows version, so I can’t help you :frowning:

Yeah from source, but aside this everything seemed to work fine so it’s probably because of the incomplete package, I’ll try again later and let know how things go.

Thanks again for your help

OK I’ve been playing a bit and everything seems to work, much stuff since last time, have to catch up. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

when I hit the download link I get redirected to dropbox offering a vcmi_099.rar. But that seems to be the windows version since its packed with dll and exe files.

I cannot find the 0.99 linux binaries, can you please tell for the blind and dumb where to find them?

Olive … n_on_Linux

You also need the core files from the link I posted above though, then just add Extrares and bonusicons to Mods folder.

Thanks for your quick response. Do I still need an original HOMM III CD? Or just the

Best regards,


Yes you will need the H3 Data files, you can install them with vcmibuilder like it says in the wiki. … data_files

Alright, so it boils down to getting a copy of the original game.

Thank you very much for your kind support.



There also chance you can use assets from demo:

Though we need some mod to disable everything that is not present in it.