VCMI 0.99 released

Change language? For full english or your native?

Just so that it is in English, i do actually read Russian but very slowly so would prefer English. I tried to change fronts, delete the russian version in the Doc/wog folder, tried the russian translator in the laucher (bugs out and closes down)…

Just delete ‘russian translation’ folder under wog/mods directory.

okay now it works, but for some reason the game crashes on launch when I launch in 1080p, Could this be the same problem that Adobe has on HiRez pc screens? I have a 4k touchscreen and no resolution works except the 800/600

Higher resolutions are available but you must enable VCMI essential files in launcher. WARNING: don’t click update vcmi essential files. This feature must be enabled, only not updated.

Hi , is there any other thread, where i could get help with building this project from source on mac? I am new to developing software on osx and building the binaries from source is not working for me when following the official instructions on wikipedia…

Hello zangaar. The best choice is to join vcmi channel at slack.

There you can talk with vcmi devs (recently one of them made some progress with mac port.