VCMI 0.97 released

We are happy to announce VCMI 0.97! The game is getting more and more playable with every new version and coming to complete state.

Download VCMI 0.97 (Windows)
For Linux see wiki page

A major feature of VCMI 0.97 is random map generator (RMG) which creates playable maps with all new objects that should look and feel very close to random maps from original game.

New scalable creature window is better and cleaner that old one, we’re sure you will like it.

A lot of work has been done to make AI faster, I mean really faster. This should give significant improvement also on mobile platforms.

For multiplayer fans, there’s a fresh but important feature of loading a game via command line:

Enjoy new version!


We recommend you first make a copy of clean Heroes Complete / Shadow of Death folder. Extract VCMI zip package there.
WoG is not needed. All recommended mods and files can be downloaded via Launcher included in the package.

List of resolved bugs is here.

Please report any found bugs and issues on Mantis bugtracker.

Many thanks for all programmers and supporters who contributed to this build.

Warmonger, can you merge PR#47?
It’s necessary for distributions with glibc<=2.16

  • Debian Stable
  • Debian Testing
  • Ubuntu <=12.04


How looks state of AI? Is it as good as original?

In my opinion the good thing to implement is algorithm scaling for pixelart: … arison.png

Hey, so I’m working on the Android port and was going to ask – are save files compatible with the previous version? People last time seemed to get pretty angry when I forgot to mention this in the changelog.

UPD: I did some quick testing and it seems is not fixed which is really bad (if it breaks all battles for people who already had this setting turned on before) so I guess I’ll have to wait until it’s fixed.

Another quick solution is to turn this off in config files.

VCMI 0.97 will now be downloaded from our server and not my Dropbox, which exhausted bandwidth.

Posted news about VCMI on and

Congratulations and thank you for your effort for this version. It brings really good features. One of them is very exciting for me among others: Multiplayer!

I see that you have mentioned about command line options for IP’s and ports regarding multiplayer game. I was thinking that VCMI only supports hot seat multiplayer for now. So, can you please clarify for me: Is it possible to play over internet now via TCP connection and/or is it possible to setup a LAN game?

Fedora COPR repository

I was unable to load some test maps for some faction mods.
Server says
"11:16:42.969832 ERROR global [1d58] - Failed to find object of type 98:0"
When RMG used, these factions are playable.
What is this 98:00 object may be?

Object #98 is Town, 98:0 should be Castle town.

VCMI already uses TCP-IP communication between Client and Server so it’s possible to set up an online game. Still, multiplayer is not officially supported and can be buggy. There are not even proper menus for all the features.

OKay, it was reproduced with ban_mod from my topic. In earlier builds these error was absent. And it occurs on test maps only, RMG works without std towns.

But if I disable ban_mod, I still got a crash (these maps worked in previous versions).
I upload these maps with the screenshot of error.
It is reproducible not only my mods, HOTA mod Cove also crashes game during load.
Just enable Cove and run this map.

Seems like something is broken.

And forgot to ask:
Fly (and Flying Ability) is still disabled and not working. Is someone forgot to turn it on? Or this is because its still not finished? (29.4 KB)


I was thinking about ressurecting that thread when I’ve found upscaling mentioned in the changelog about two weeks ago.

How to turn it off?
Or fix this bug

If any files are missing, they should be printed out in console. Please submit report here.

Is Ubuntu PPA still supported? It seems there is no update yet.

If You want to “fix” that bug (or rather I should call it lack if some graphic files), You simply download these files I’m including to “Mods\vcmi\Data\stackWindow” folder.

Btw. sorry for including these files directly, because I don’t quite know if I’m acting against law. If yes, please edit my post :wink:

You are trying to tell me there are some missing files in the package? 10 days after 0.96c? Great.

VCMI 0.97 Package updated. Please try new creature window now.