VCMI 0.97 released


Files restored in git.


Don’t be worried :wink: Please notice that those two files are required only by WoG mod, but even if You would put them into proper WoG directory, VCMI wouldn’t see them, so instead You have to put them in main VCMI data folder, which is (in my opinion) incorrect, because those two files shouldn’t be there anyway…


This is not true. You don`t need WoG mod to use WoGs features in engine such as stack artefacts and creature experience.


Ah, so You’re putting it this way… Ok :wink:


Is this … n_on_Linux still actual?
vcmibuilder seems to not have options --vcmi --wog and --downoad


That page was not updated for new release. Will try to do all these release-related in a day or two.

As of 0.97 VCMI no longer needs any of these options so they were removed from vcmibuilder. WoG can be installed from Launcher and “vcmi core files” can be found here: … s/
(will upload as mods into repository soon)



How can I install this?
When I launch VCMI_launcher I get an error in the console: Failed to open file C:…\modSettings.json. I think that might be caused by the special characters (á) in my Windows user name…

Also I have the GOG version of Heroes 3 Complete.


Yes, it might be the case. For sanity use only latin characters for username account. Please let us know it it fixed the problem.


Congratulations, good job! But can you make Debian package and update links, please? On wiki page there are still only for 0.96 version.


vcmi 0.97 is now present in debian unstable (


…however those builds won’t work with current Debian Stable.

I encountered some issues with compilation of new packages - Debian uses too old version of libboost. I’ll try to fix compilation and build packages on weekend. Sorry for delay.


Updated main page header - we now have much more to be proud of :wink:


I’m sorry for such delayed post, but Warmonger, could you please include the lacking graphics in the VCMI, which I’m uploading?
Lib1.res.rar (103 KB)


It is already included in vcmi core mod.


Hello everyone

I would like to ask where the installation instructions on Windows are included?
“README” file says “For installation of latest release see release announcement”, while the release announcement has nothing about installation on Windows except for download link.

Specifically do I need to install VCMI on top of Heroes 3 Complete installation, or in subfolder or in completelly different folder?
Do I need to install WoG first or does VCMI come with it?
Such info really should be included somewhere obvious (like in readme.txt), please point me where it is in case I missed it.

Another issue I have is that VCMI_launcher.exe doesn’t work on Windows XP, it shows “is not valid win32 application” error message.
I assume it is the same issue as in [
It was said that it will be fixed in next version after 0.96 (so should be in 0.97), but apparently it still happens.
Is it planned to be fixed soon, or the only way to run VCMI is to compile it myself?

Thanks for help in advance.

PS. Jak komuś wygodniej to niech odpisze po Polsku :slight_smile:


Oh right, because now I make releases and just didn’t follow the pattern. Will fix.


Игра отличная но ai очень глупый


I wonder. In regualr HOMM3, when doing the /nwcgrail command thing, pressing f4 you get window mode, and doing cheats like that, is this possible in vcmi? Yes… I’m a cheater. But only when it comes to the holy grail. So, this is the reason I was wondering: In regular HOMM3 you could like get all spells right away, and holy grail. Is this possible in VCMI?


Cheat codes to the right:
a) woggaladriel -> vcmiainur
b) wogoliphaunt -> vcminoldor
c) wogshadowfax -> vcminahar
d) wogeyeofsauron -> vcmieagles
e) wogisengard -> vcmiformenos
f) wogsaruman -> vcmiistari
g) wogpathofthedead -> vcmiangband
h) woggandalfwhite -> vcmiglorfindel