VCMI 0.95d

Last version before 0.96 release!

  • Bugs with map objects shoudl be fixed.
  • RMG will now generate terrain-specific obstacles. Blockmap and passability as planned.

Download 0.95d

Please report any bugs on mantis bugtracker.

Just doesn`t work :frowning: Reported as #1819

visit cover darkness - game closed.
oasis.rar (22.5 KB)
watering hole.rar (22.6 KB)
temple_crash.rar (23.1 KB)
rally flag_crash.rar (23.1 KB)
Copy of test.h3m (9.31 KB)
VCMI_Server_log.txt (287 KB)
VCMI_Client_log.txt (215 KB)

Warmonger, can you check Cover of Darkness crash? Easily reproducible from Povelitel’s map.

Crash happens somewhere in AI code - it looks like AI can’t handle shroud of Darkness around his own heroes. Or because of access to hero that used Shroud.

And this is only reproducible crash from my side - all other objects work OK for me.

I cheated a bit map (add items). crash present, and when he visits the computer also. impossible to play. you need to fix

I will fix it if I’ll figure out what’s wrong here - I can’t fix what I can’t see.

Kantor’s post in 0.95c was perfect - list of objects with issues, description of these issues as well as test map. But I can’t reproduce any of these crashes from your test map.

I did workaround for hero-leaves-town issue, but it doesn’t change much. Now game crashes at picking objects, as pathfinder tries to calculate paths for already removed objects.

These double calls indicate thee’s some major problem with engine in RMG games :confused: