VCMI 0.92b - development version (r3380)

as earlier announced, here is the first development build before upcoming 0.93 release.


Some highlights of this build:

  • support for SoD installations (WoG/ERA is optional)
  • mods can edit data of another mods or H3
  • AI saves its state
  • new logging system
  • new “queries” system “Query” is actually any prolonged game interaction possibly requiring callback when finished — including object visits, battles, yes/no and selection dialogs.]

What needs testing:
Object interactions, especially more complex combination (like attack on bank, gaining level, opening garrison dialog due to lack space).
Game behaviour after loading a save, particularly AI.
There are several crashbugs in AI that I am not able to reproduce. Now that AI saves its state, its behaviour should be more repetitive and issues should be easier to reproduce.

Please check if I got the package right.

I believe it would be also a good idea to update wiki:

  1. In mod list write for which version of VCMI the mod is targeted
  2. Create a page on which all the breaking changes in mod system between releases will be documented.
    That’ll help to avoid mess with various versions of VCMI in the short-term. (Before we develop some real infrastructure for this.)

Wiki should be up to date:

That’s great, thanks! :slight_smile:

Not sure what’s going on but there is report that this build can’t be started due to lack of msvcr100.dll.

Perhaps there is something that was compiled with msvc 2010?

Right, my bad. VCMI is compiled with VC11 but some of the libraries are built with VC 10. I’ll put msvcr100 in the upcoming packages, later I’ll recompile libraries.
Most machines have msvcr100 installed but still we want the VCMI package to have no hidden dependencies.

I don’t know where to put this, but I wanted to add VCMI 1.x and higher versions to the official Fedora repository. I found a wiki page where you can see a list of games which won’t be packaged and why. To see the list you have to scroll down, here: . Most of them won’t be packaged, because game data is not free(freedom to redistribute, modify,… data). Probably VCMI won’t be added to the repository, because of missing necessary free game content. Fedora has restrictive packaging guidelines, but they make sense. BTW, NWC developed in 3 years H3 with 7 programmers and 19 artists. The VCMI team has worked for 6 years now on the engine. How long will it take to re-create all game content from scratch? :stuck_out_tongue:

Who will play in this, if all content is recreated (it will surely look awful like Battle For Wesnoth)?

I don’t think that quality is the real problem, but quantity. Look at this thread . Those skill icons look better than the original in my opinion. So there are experienced and talented artists which are willing to work voluntary. H3 has just too much content, they are so many things…

So I don’t think it will be possible at all.
Maybe just possible to replace original sprites/images by some random things just to say content is free.

And 5 years ago they said that rewriting H3 engine is hopeless idea… :unamused:

OpenTTD have managed to do this. So did OpenArena. Wesnoth have gathered huge team of artists. Why VCMI can’t do something similar sooner or later?

Well, 6 years ago I said that it’ll take 1-2 years to finish VCMI…

I believe we will. Creating a fully free Heroes-like game sounds like a just cause. Val-gaav’s project Legends [ ] apparently aims to do that.

Still, first we need to make the engine fully playable. When it is done, a community will grow and we will surely observe a surge of creativity. :slight_smile:

Val-gaav vanished long ago and I can’t find any mention of his project on Internet.
Perhaps he couldn’t get all permissions for his content.
Altrough his monsters barely resamble H3 monsters, and town screens much more pure.
So it will be not re-draw, but something not related to H3.

Maybe it’s easier to dwellings/terrains/etc to mods?
So at one time it’s will be possible to move all stuff to mods and just don’t include original material mods to open source builds?

One issue with the package:

Misses 4 graphics that were present in 0.92.

Lack of news does not necessarily mean that initiative is dead.
AFAIK he was creating contents himself, so no permissions should be needed.

Uhm… I don’t see that. Both 0.92 and 0.92b packages seem to have 10 BMP s in there.
Have I mixed up something? What files are missing? Are they present in the core package?

Here is full folder.
Lib1.res.rar (97.3 KB)

"I’ve searched the net for already made graphics/projects that I could use/base my work upon. Some initially planned factions were removed / some were changed but I was very lucky to find almost all the 3d models I will need (units bulidings etc.). "

So he just took existing models.

“In terms of license all the stuff I’m basing or will be basing my work on is confirmed to be either public domain or cc-by-sa. Licensing is a big headache (contacting people , confirming licenses etc.) but it needs to be done.”

So there should be no problems license-wise. Video shows that content is mostly in same style, albeit quite different from H3.

Now that 0.92b is here, 0.93 is soon upon us? Like max 3 months from now? :slight_smile:

Like 5 days. :slight_smile:

For me the file seems to have the same date & size as in 0.92.

There are however many files with older dates, but the size is the same, so it could be that file date was just updated when 0.92 was built. It’s the case of most files in the config folder, as well as Mods\vcmi\data\s\testy.erm (26/02/2013 in 0.92 vs 03/11/2012 in 0.92b)