VCMI 0.72d - development version


The #02 bug looks very much like what I had reported as 0.72#71, though it seems you ran into it more often than I did. Good that yout added the logs. Maybe it’ll help the devs to identify the reason, as the bug is otherwise not reproducible - at least I didn’t manage using your saves.

#03 - As you said, it’s most probably the same bug reported in previous versions regarding the attack on 2-hex creatures. I stopped reporting this since TowDragon said it’ll be fixed for 0.74 only, but maybe it’s good you gave the logs (you never know when the cause is actually different;)

#04 - This was also reported as 0.71#22. Now they’re both logged in SourceForge: … id=1127189 :slight_smile:

#05 - I edited your post to add a log number because IMO it has to be fixed (I believe Tow meant us to test if everything about Shipyards is implemented correctly). However, can you reproduce it (screenshot/map name/logs)? I’m asking because so far I was able to buy boats and embark them without a problem.

About magic damage, I think it’s always 3 times higher - see my last reply in the 0.72 thread.

#06 - I also gave this one a log number, because saving battle settings has been implemented (at least I see it works for the grids), so I guess we can start reporting which of them do not work yet (Tow/TowDragon please correct me if I’m wrong).

About SourceForge, my plan for this week is to scan all the 0.71 threads for all bugs which are neither solved nor logged in SF yet. I’ve done the same the previous 2 weeks for all the 0.6x & 0.7 threads - and everything in them is either fixed or already logged in SF or more recent threads. I’m not sure how fast will everything go, but I hope by the end of August I’ll be able to catch up with everything that will have been reported until then. crossed fingers :wink:

And I guess what will mainly slow me down in logging old bugs, will be the new bugs I’ll find while checking if the old reports are still valid. :slight_smile: Here are two examples:

#07 Crystal Dragons can walk over Obstacles & other Creatures. Are all dragons perhaps handled as flyers?

#08 2-hex Nomads are regarded as 1-hex creature when it comes to possible movement (possibly impacting other 2-hex creatures). However when we try to move them, the game freezes - see screenshots & attached logs. - Nomads’ apparent possible moves - Battle freeze after I tried to move the Nomads under the Crystal Dragons (no way to end the battle - logs are after I terminated the application manually)

Please use Sir Mullich in the attached map to reproduce both bugs.
Spell Learning.h3m (8.95 KB)
090728 - Nomad Causes Battle Freeze when he tries to pass through 1 (2.65 KB)

#09 Strange AI battle behavior: when 1 Pikeman started to ‘fight’ the Ammo Cart, the other 4 got stuck in the middle of the battlefield for 4-5 rounds:

To reproduce, load the “Spell Learning” map attached to my post above and attack Pink hero (Tyris) with Sir Mullich. What I did was to use Defend for all my creatures continuously and shoot only with Ballista. One Pikeman got to my Phoenix and was killed in retaliation, but after another started ‘fighting’ the Ammo Cart, the others remained frozen for the next (about) 4 rounds, until my Ballista finally killed the Pikeman in front of Ammo Cart. Then they started advancing again. A couple were killed by Phoenix retaliations, but when after a 3rd Pikeman ‘got angry’ on my Ammo Cart again, the 4th one remained again stuck for a few rounds (until my Ballista killed the one next to the Cart):

After the battle I closed the application and saved the logs. Please see the attachment.
090728 - The 4 Pikemen in the middle did not move for 4 rounds while the 5th was fighting with Ammo (5.29 KB)

#10 - Resource cost for ships is not showing.

#11 - Heroes on coast can not interact with heroes on ship (like exchange, probably battles as well)

#12 - In system options there is some problem with hints - it looks like VCMI can’t find appropriate text.

#13 - Building a ship from city - ship is placed in wrong place (2 tiles on south)

I’ve checked issues that I’ve reported for previous versions:
#18 on 0.72c - After recruiting hero, on adventure map new hero is overlapped by town.
also tight formation in events-battles still present. (Loose formation needed)

#14 - I can retreat my only hero from battle, even though I have no castle. Game continues, but freezes on pass turn command.

ref.#05 - i’ve added the save, logs and screenshot

ref.#06 - saving setting for grids works only for games saved, if you start new map it’s also switch on. I’ve added info for this point in my previous post.

#15 Bug if you want to get into subterranean gate but hero movement is just finished. There apperes info “System message: Server encountered a problem: Hero don’t have any movement points left!”. Hero should be able to go through on the other side. Also “space” button doesn’t work. I’ve attached saved game if you need reproduce the bug.

#16 Bug - harpies are not able to fly behind the other units.

Some battle functionalities which Zamolxis mentioned in 0.62c - development version are still not implemented, should be added to tracker ie. cerberi two heads attack, point #16.Area attacks.
bug_hero movement (208 KB)

[size=84]I’m not sure if missing features are to be added to the tracker as well (Tow/TowDragon pls confirm). But you can always add them to the Missing features & functionalities thread here on the forum. Though I guess things like multiple attacks for creatures are not a priority for the moment, as long as we still have bugs with normal attacks.[/size]

Testing and finding new bugs has definitely higher priority than moving existing ones from one place to another.

I’m disappointed with SF tracker (though it was rather Tow Dragon’s initiative, not mine), it consumes much more time than it saves. Maybe it would have sense if it was the only place of reporting bugs but IMHO forum is way more friendly place for it.

Nevertheless if someone has too much free time, feel free to add bugs from my post.
If noone does it, I’ll simply keep using my list for “tracking” 0.72+ bugs.

Okay, then I’ll focus more on testing, but still log some bugs every now and then. But for reporting - I’d prefer to start with the ones from 0.71(x) which are not yet fixed. Once I’m done with those - and after having worked a bit with SF - I’ll have a better idea if I want to go on logging bugs or just give up. :stuck_out_tongue: I can see SF has its advantages. But if I’d be forced to choose, I’d also pick the forum any day, which is a way more flexible place to report/analyze issues.

Yes, indeed. I thought it could save us some time (assembla’s bug tracker worked well because it was the only place for bugs) but it actually doesn’t. I think sf bug tracker should be closed.

Just to make sure what you meant by “closing”, the existing reports will remain accessible right? I’m asking because there are about 30 valid bugs in there which are not in Tow’s list above, so without SF we’d have to dig in 6 different old threads to find them back.

#17 Bug if you free hero from prison it is shown in information screen as first hero from the list. Attached save before and after hero is freed.

But after you load the saved game freed hero goes on the top of the list and now old one is shown as freed hero.

Map: Xathras Prize
bug_17_unprisoned (144 KB)
bug_17_prisoned (144 KB)

It won’t be closed/deleted. In worst case it’ll be abandoned (everything will stay on its places, only no new issues there).

Actually it was never used as a place for reporting bugs.

#18 Splitting stack in meeting screen and between garrisoned heroes - if you want to separate one unit from one hero stack to another hero and you push “1”, there automatically apears quantity equal 2. (not big deal but irritating).
Everything is ok if you do it bettwen garrison and hero or from hero with one stack to another hero.

Actually there are 73 tickets (bug reports / feature requests). See .

I suggest blocking the possibility of adding new bugs, although bugs already added should be visible. There is no point in using that tracker when it’s not the primary place for bug reports.

#19 Similar crash to crash #34 ver 072c. If hero is in windmill and you want to transfer creatures after meeting screen appears windmill screen and game crashes.

Attached saved game before the incident, you can reproduce the crash, and logs after crash.

#20 Bug - after you load saved game with hero in boat his is outside of the boat and can not move. (you can use the same attached saved game to reproduce the bug- hero Broghild)

#21 Sometimes game crashes during getting into town. It is not reproducible and I have only one set log files (attached)

EDIT: One more time. This time when I tried to get into town with hero Korbac (not reproducible)
crash_21 getting into (139 KB)
crash_21 getting into (9.11 KB)
crash_19_heroes meeting in (179 KB)

It’s a bug in smpeg library. I’ll try releasing VCMI with another build.

(occurs only after game is loaded)

#22 - The yellow & blue (when hover) glow animations for creatures in battle should not fade out completely. You can check it in H3: the active and the hovered creature have a yellow, respectively blue contour outline which glows, but never totally disappears.

#23 - Imps can fly to/through battle obstacles.

To reproduce use Lord Haart in the attached saved game to attack the Imps. And try to place your troops behind the obstacles.

#24 - Crash after clicking during the intro video (with the purpose of skipping to the Main Menu). Not sure if relevant, but the click was somewhere in the lower right part of the Client. I couldn’t reproduce it though. Please see the attached logs.

#25 - Crash when trying to retreat from battle (not reproducible - see logs):

Perhaps one important detail: I was listening to music in Winamp (5.56) while having the crashes above. I’m saying this because I think it’s not the first time when I have unreproducible crashes while Winamp is running in the background.
090801 - Imps can fly through battle (108 KB)
090801 - Random crash at click to skip intro (1.98 KB)
090801 - Crash when (2.87 KB)

#26 Flying creatures are flying through the other creatures on the battlefield (the graphics of the 2 creatures get mixed). In H3 they were always flying over the (graphics of the) passive creatures.

#27 Ballista cannot shoot if there’s an enemy creature next to it (maybe the same for Catapult). In H3 Ballista & Catapult were not losing their range abilities if an enemy was in the adjacent hex.

#28 Wrong Battle Casualties reported:

Only 1 Titan & 10 Storm E. reported, while you can already see 2 dead Titans in the background. In fact there were 3 Titans and 40 Storm E. that were killed.

You can reproduce all 3 bugs by attacking the Archangels at South-West with Sir Mullich in the map attached. And I’ve also added logs for #28 if necessary.
just testing.h3m (4.83 KB)
090801 - Wrong Battle (3.9 KB)

It was not used as place for reporting bugs but for arranging roadmap and as remainder for some “to be solved later” issues. But even in that form it proved to be needless.

Hmm… if someone wants add some of the old bugs to the tracker I won’t have anything against. It’s easier for me to track bugs when they are in the tracker. It’s only not worth of our (or our testers’) time. But if someone has it…
Let it be.

Duplicate to that one, fixed.


As for the smpeg crashes (on entering town screen / battle screen / battle result window), please check if problem is still present in 0.73 (I’ve used different version of smpeg that reportedly has some fixes).

Probably fixed (as redundant clicks are now ignored).





Fixed AFAIK.