VCMI 0.72d - development version

#22 - The yellow & blue (when hover) glow animations for creatures in battle should not fade out completely. You can check it in H3: the active and the hovered creature have a yellow, respectively blue contour outline which glows, but never totally disappears.

#23 - Imps can fly to/through battle obstacles.

To reproduce use Lord Haart in the attached saved game to attack the Imps. And try to place your troops behind the obstacles.

#24 - Crash after clicking during the intro video (with the purpose of skipping to the Main Menu). Not sure if relevant, but the click was somewhere in the lower right part of the Client. I couldn’t reproduce it though. Please see the attached logs.

#25 - Crash when trying to retreat from battle (not reproducible - see logs):

Perhaps one important detail: I was listening to music in Winamp (5.56) while having the crashes above. I’m saying this because I think it’s not the first time when I have unreproducible crashes while Winamp is running in the background.
090801 - Imps can fly through battle (108 KB)
090801 - Random crash at click to skip intro (1.98 KB)
090801 - Crash when (2.87 KB)

#26 Flying creatures are flying through the other creatures on the battlefield (the graphics of the 2 creatures get mixed). In H3 they were always flying over the (graphics of the) passive creatures.

#27 Ballista cannot shoot if there’s an enemy creature next to it (maybe the same for Catapult). In H3 Ballista & Catapult were not losing their range abilities if an enemy was in the adjacent hex.

#28 Wrong Battle Casualties reported:

Only 1 Titan & 10 Storm E. reported, while you can already see 2 dead Titans in the background. In fact there were 3 Titans and 40 Storm E. that were killed.

You can reproduce all 3 bugs by attacking the Archangels at South-West with Sir Mullich in the map attached. And I’ve also added logs for #28 if necessary.
just testing.h3m (4.83 KB)
090801 - Wrong Battle (3.9 KB)

It was not used as place for reporting bugs but for arranging roadmap and as remainder for some “to be solved later” issues. But even in that form it proved to be needless.

Hmm… if someone wants add some of the old bugs to the tracker I won’t have anything against. It’s easier for me to track bugs when they are in the tracker. It’s only not worth of our (or our testers’) time. But if someone has it…
Let it be.

Duplicate to that one, fixed.


As for the smpeg crashes (on entering town screen / battle screen / battle result window), please check if problem is still present in 0.73 (I’ve used different version of smpeg that reportedly has some fixes).

Probably fixed (as redundant clicks are now ignored).





Fixed AFAIK.

No, this is really special case. Sorry I didn’t describe it more accurate. You need to have only one stack in Hero Army and try to give him one (push “1”) creature from other stack.
I.e. in VCMI and in org Heroes