VCMI 0.73 - Bug reports

No, the server will send a message that the unit cannot be moved there. I could attach a map but the problem is easily reproducible, just create an army like in the picture and attack a group of Arch Devils and they will start out by going for the Grand Elves just like in the picture every time.

I think it’s not a problem with not recognizing that creature is two hex wide but a problem with not blocking side colums of hexes when it should be done. I think it’s not hard to fix.

You’re right, it was really just a special case with edges of the battlefield. I should’ve fixed it now.

Refer to crash #45, it’s happened one more time (attached new dump and log files)

BTW: I’m not sure if I should continue to add the log files for this bug? Do you know what is the reason?

#73 Crash at the start of the battle - I’m nearly sure that I (or somebody) has reported this crash but I couldn’t find it. I don’t know if it shouldn’t be fixed. If it is new, please assign the next number.
crash_battle (123 KB)
crash_meeting screen (161 KB)

I gave it a log number because with crashes you never know: even if it looks similar, it might have a different cause. Plus the fact that the previous reports were not kept in the logs, could mean that the devs made already some changes which should have prevented it to reoccur.

Anyway, just in case it’s related and previous descriptions are helping, here are the other reports:

0.72#71: [

0.72d#2: [

Zamolxis, good job :wink:
How was it possible that I didn’t find this crashes neither yours nor mine ? :open_mouth:
I thought it was caused by smpeg.dll, so replacement of this file didn’t help or there are also some other reasons.

Ok, I finally managed to attack recently implemented Creature Bank.

There is a whole lot of bugs:

-Creatures are random type and quantity, at least compared to Crypt config - but it can be my fault as well.
-Griffins can’t reach certain areas.
-Unicorns are placed incorrectly.
-Defenders’ formation is not as it was supposed to be.
-Round begins two times.

Only griffins cannot reach that area? If not, it’s probably caused by wrong blockmaps of certain obstacles.

Defender’s formation looks good. How it should look in your opinion?

That happens for all battles. The first round is a tactic round (not finished).



#74 Wraiths play regenerating animation despite they were killed previous round.

AFAIR fixed

A big feature, positions of all obstacles need to be individually arranged. I think I could prepare a config and let somebody do that.


duplicate to all two-hex creatures problems


elementals are fixed, nomads will be fixed soon (it can be fixed even without recompiling VCMI as all creatures’ abilities info is stored in cr_abils file)

You mean estimation of damage that will be dealt during attack? If yes, it’s done for creatures (spells need soem further changes).

Nice! I think I’ll do it. Just say how :slight_smile:

It’s fixed now ;). But the issues with spell immunities aren’t over, in the original H3 creatures with immunities weren’t 100% resistant. They couldn’t be targeted and with mass spells they were simply ignored. Personally though, I think it looks prettier with the resistance effect.
Also there should be a message when all creatures that could be affected by a spell are immune to it.

Not exactly (perhaps “calculation” was the wrong word used). The estimations are actually a feature that I understand it may take some time to implement.

But before estimations, I believe it’s easier and more useful to implement the known values of the inflicted damage (post-strike), or of the to-be-inflicted damage for spells.

More exactly, for battle logs I was referring to the info displayed at the bottom after the creature has been hit (by another or by spell), giving info about both the Health damage as well as number of creatures perished:

As for spells, I was referring to the damage information we are given if we r-click on them in the spell book:

These would make it easier for testers to compare the VCMI damage with the H3 one, to check if the formulas seem correct (for example it would have helped us to easier spot that bug we’ve had with spell damage tripled - instead of just vaguely reporting “spell damage seems too high”)

Actually damage really inflicted by creatures are displayed in the console (you have to scroll up to see it). Furthermore, I’ve already implemented calculation of expected damage (although it does not take into account some creature abilities like champion’s charge). I’ll try to implement the same for spells (inflicted and estimated damage).

I’m almost sure that current formula of damage calculation is not the same as in Hereos 3, I’m going to reorganize it.

It’d be great, but it won’t be as easy as puzzle map or walls. I’ll add new entry in obstacles’ config for shift in position and increase the amount of obstacles in the battlefield but you’d have to run many battles using VCMI, recognize which obstacles are present (there is a list of all of them in documentation of ERM) and put in the config how much to the left / right / top / bottom the obstacle should be moved. Some other information in the config may also be wrong such as terrains the obstacle may be placed on. I’ll talk about it with Tow and post more details.

I understood: i need to run about 3-5 battles for each terrain in VCMI (and to make result more accurate, in H3 as well). That will take a time :slight_smile:

Can you give me a link? At the moment, I have only actual pics from resources and obstacles.txt from VCMI.

As far as I know, I will need to run some battle in VCMI (and make screens),then do same in H3, and compare positions of the same obstacles. Yes?

not only position of obstackles but hex mapping of locked/unlocked tiles also

AFAIK this is already present. In obstacles.txt we already have:
[id] [Def name] [blockmap] [allowed terrains]
This info looks to be correct. But I’ll check it as well :wink:

I ve seen the wrong creature turn order ater wait - if we have creatures with same speed: i had some stacks of 1 imp and after wait they got turn ascending(on battlefield lower creatures first then upper) but in H3 creatures with same speed get turn the same way like before wait - in descending oreder(upper first)

the similar principle is wrong with the turn order of allies and enemies with the same speed - in H3 in first round of battle first goes attacker’s upper unit then defender’s upper unit then second attacker’s unit and so on(in the second turn defenders upper unit goes first then first attackers unit then second defenders and so on)
in VCMI we have ALL our (attackers) units going before any defender’s unit.

I’m sorry for duplicating issues (i have read quite carefully all of bug threads, maybe missed some issues), however only the 2nd part of post is a dupe, the 1st one is NEW (i hope) - that is about wrong creatures order after wait (but they both probably related to one coded model and will be fixed together) - pHOMM

#75 - Minor issue: we can exit the client interface w/o scrolling the map if CTRL is pressed, but if we access any application while we are out (e.g.: open a screen capture tool), when we come back, even if CTRL is still pressed, the map scrolls when we pass over the Client edge (thus we lose focus on the exact image we wanted to capture for example).