Vcmi 0.71 bug seeking thread

first bug in 0.71 FOUND!

#1 when enemy hero has only ballista left the batle continues until balista is destroyed
in original h3 when only machines left to the hero it fails the battle (the second hero win)

#2 When finishing a Day 7 turn on a Water Wheel, the next day using spacebar revisit without moving causes a crash. However loading on Day 1 of the next week does not seem to cause a crash.

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SpaceBarRevisitWaterWheel.7z (119 KB)

#3 Spending a night in a town with a Mage Guild does not replenish any spell points.

#4 When haste is cast on a troop whose turn it is, the troop does not get the extra hexes immediately, only at their next action.

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Thanks for reports, bugs #1, #2, #3 has been fixed :slight_smile:


#5 Left/right arrows are still shown next to some non-editable starting options (i.e.: starting hero) in the Advanced Options menu. This has been reported also in 0.7 as bug #21, but only partially fixed.

#6 Info text missing from the text boxes under the icons in the same Advanced Options menu screen.

#7 The path calculator is still different than the HoMM one:



Reproduced in identical situation:

Map - All for One

Hero - Gunnar, with same secondary skills, same creature types in the army and no movement altering artifacts

Actions before reaching the location in the screenshot, starting from town gate with full movement:

  • pick up gold pile in front of the town gate
  • pick the artifact next to it
  • pick the other gold pile
  • follow the road further and visit Seer’s Hut
  • meet the Scholar
  • fight the monster defending Ore Pit
  • visit Witch Hut
  • pick up ore pile under Witch Hut

#8 Use of Spacebar to revisit the Witch Hut crashes the game (always)

#9 Mutare Drake showed up in my Tavern with Castle creatures in her army (at game start):

#10 Visiting a Windmill at the start of the game, without performing any other action apart from moving the starting hero to the Windmill, seems to always give 6 ore no matter what.

I think it would be good for gameplay purposes to set the Windmill resources specifically for each Windmill at the start of each week rather than when the first hero visits. The H3 random seed not being so random and all that. :wink: And you could use many characteristics of the time at the start of a week to decide each Windmill’s output that week.

Keep up the great work! :smiley:

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#10.5 Not sure if this is a bug or not - however VCMI always gives all three stacks of creatures when sometimes in H3 you only get two stacks or even one. This tends to favor L1-L3 creature specialists (such as Galthran, Gretchin and Ivor) and towns that have above average L1-L3 creatures. Rampart is highly favoured in this as almost all of its heroes regularly start with Wood Elves, when reasonably often in standard H3 they won’t get that third stack (Wood Elves). And those L1 creature specialists always starting with three stacks! :slight_smile:

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#11 Animate Dead doesn’t seem to be raising undead - the spell points are taken off though.

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#12 When a hero has Intelligence the usual spell points maximum should be changed, so for example, in the screenshot, Vidomina should have 120/120 spell points rather than 120/60, after just visiting a Magic Well.

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#13 The double hero bug has resurfaced. =)

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#14 Ctrl + arrow keys to move map behind windows doesn’t seem to work on the first few windows . Reproducible Map: All for one, go to the learning stone / redwood observatory to the right of the castle. Going directly to a treasure chest seems to make it work tho.

#15 Moving the mouse over a castle at the directly to the side panel doesn’t change the icon of the mouse. It still shows the castle icon even tho your pointing at the hero portrait / end turn / next hero or other things in the side panels. (same goes with moving the mouse from a hero directly to the side panel)

#16 Crash when enemy imp tried to attack wolf pack from upperleft.

#17 The Obstacle doesn’t match the background in the above image.

#18 The imps first move in the image above was to move right to the middle of the biggest obstacle. (the middle of the lower row of occupied hexes). was gonna check if they were occupied for me but then the battle crashed as reported in #16. Is this a bug in the calculation of occupied hexes or should it in fact not be an object at all there?

#19 Opening a second client, while the first is still on, will not give you access to the heroes which are already loaded in the game you have open in the first client.

To be more clear, I opened a VCMI 0.71 client and loaded an edited map, on which I was testing starting creatures on heroes. The game started as follows:

  • Heroes on the map (from the map editor): Orrin, Tyris, Sir Mullich, Christian, Edric, Sylvia, Sorsha
  • Heroes at Tavern: Ingham, followed by Caitlin (the non-Castle 2nd hero is not relevant here)

Then I opened another VCMI 0.71 client and tried a different map. If I was choosing castle, the only available heroes in the Advanced Options menu were: Lord Haart, Rion, Adela, Cuthbert, Adelaide, Ingham, Sanya, Loynis & Caitlin. So only the heroes which were not loaded by the first client as pre-defined on the map (meaning those generated by the already open game - Ingham & Caitlin - were available in the 2nd client as well).

Now, this is obviously not a bug per se, as it won’t happen if we would use 1 client at a time. :-> But I just thought of mentioning it just in case you have in mind to allow the possibility of using 2 clients in parallel (less likely though :p)

#20 The total number of 8 heroes allowed per player still includes the garrisoned heroes.

We discussed this in the end of the 0.7 thread, but forgot to give it a log number. :slight_smile:

#21 Minor bug - a lot of the artifact description text has a quote mark at the end.

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You may have already fixed this :slight_smile:, but related to #8 and #2, the space bar revisit crashes, when visiting a Magic Garden.

Apologies if you are feeling a bit overloaded with all these bug reports! =)

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Shortly after playing the save game (attached) either subsequent saves don’t save or it crashes during play. Could it be something to do with selecting Conflux?

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H3C_7April2009.7z (119 KB)

In fact, it’s not a bug. This is exactly how it is in original Heroes III config files. Are you sure it should behave differently? IF yes, what army this hero should get?

Probably resolved.

config/obstacles.txt file needs a bit of editing. If anybody would like to do this… you just need to download WoG’s ERM help files, look at obstacles in it (index -> Battlefield, grid of the -> scroll down) end edit appropriate line in VCMI’s config file. IDs in first columns of both lists are the same one (eg. ribs have ID 1 and their description in obstacles.txt is in line starting with number 1 (which is 24. line)). The last entry in line (those 0’s and 1’s) tells on what terrins this obstacle can be placed. If on ith position is 1, then it can be placed on ith terrin from the list from that config file.

This spell is not yet implemented (but I’m going to implement it in the next version).

It’s always better to have too many bug reports than to have too little of them. We like to know what needs more work. But seeing all these bugs, and lists of old unresolved bugs, I wonder why we are not using any bugtracker.

Maybe it’s time to start using the VCMI Project’s bug tracker?

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