To find the bug..for new Town

So, how do you want to create new Forge creatures?

I guess there’s no sequence of dissapearing. Just order your pieces totally random and keep in mind that for example puzzle 23 and puzzle 24 won’t be adjenced. Compare with original puzzle faction sequenced…

But I always see the pieces in the border or corner will be disappeared first. Sometimes the position will be revealed in advance even if the player hasn’t visited all obelisks.

Hm… I’ve never interested in puzzle mechanics more closely ;[ And studying json I can’t see any regular pattern - only I can suspect that border puzzle are revealed first, and middle puzzle [when grail is hidden] ale shown at the end…

It might not recognize the ‘border’ or ‘middle’(only for coordinates,but program doesn’t know [1,1] is border, [344,356] is middle, it’s mechanical.) I think index will set the sequence for them.

Now Release the New version of three Towns:

I didn’t make commanders, because I seldom play WOG so I don’t know how to set it.
Not finish the Puzzle map.

It is provided for VCMI.

HOORAY! Time to play ;]

you need to correct folders bastille

I created many things on my mod but some of them cannot be transplanted into VCMI, such as some new abilities and special buildings in new towns. It is really complicated.

The Version for my mod is 0.5, so it might be a long time remains. Next update will be the puzzle map, and some unique map constructions in my mod(Forgotten Fields).

I hope VCMI will create a good AI, even surpass the original HOMM3.

Hey! It’s look quite good in game! Thanks :yum:!

you need to rename folders with bastion to bastille
for normal operation if there is a city bastion

Oh I see, but it has already been uploaded. you can do it…

yes i will do it

yes I did it :sunglasses:
WARNING!!! Uninstall the old version before unpacking!
bastille fixed folders

By003 - I suggest in next version to give Mildura hero specialty in mercury not crystals, because primary resource in Bastille is mercury…

It shouldn’t be same as the primary resources, for example, Rissa has the specialty of +1 mercury,but Tower needs gem.
Similar as Inferno and Dungeon.

Can you tell me the method to create artifacts?
There are 16 artifacts in my mod, I want to create some into VCMI.

Screenshot: Some of new artifacts from my mod:
(The Pendant of Reflection is from HotA, but the pattern is wrong, so I changed it.)

What is the problem with creating artefacts once you managed to create new town?

Creating artifacts is easy comapred to making new towns or spells. Download witchking artifacts mod and browse jsons. Also, this wiki page is very helpfull:

I have already use the witch-king artifact. but it cannot be recognized.
Can you provide a finished artifact pack for me? I hope it can be also checked in VCMI editor.