To find the bug..for new Town

Can you help me to check the new mod? I try to create a dwarf town but it still not finished,please help me to check why it cannot be installed.
It is not the final version and I need to change many things.Just want to try it in VCMI.
Thanks a lot.

You can send me a link to your mod in private message. I must see the files to tell you what can be wrong…

Sorry it’s too big so I need to use other way to upload…

You can try mediafire or zippyshare for example.

upload failed.Can I send emails?

Yes, of course.

It can be uploaded now.

WooooW. It will be awesome town!!!
Problem was in warlord.json file. Path to hero map def lead to CH18_.DEF, but you have AH18_.DEF. Correct it and all will be fine. You rock!

OK,thanks a lot. Dwarf town is not finished yet.:grinning:

Another problem is the color of this dragon…I found there is no black color…

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Problem with displaying black color was solved few weeks ago. Just download and install the latest vcmi build from here -

In latest vcmi builds your creatures look that.

Oh, awesome.
So I just need to download the latest exe in your link?

yes, latest from 11th October. it’s handy installator - choose path to your vcmi folder and install. There are many bug-fixes from official 0.99 version in it and few new features. For example you can add your own war machine.

I cannot download it by using Chrome Explorer, could you provide another link?

ok, quick upload

Oh, thanks a lot.

It will be finished soon!

From what I’ve seen, there are no biographies written for the heroes in your town. The three biographies that are copied multiple times for each hero come from Preserve town (Julian’s, Kulkin’s and Anastasia’s).

I guess town is still in beta version. There are more ‘bugs’ that must be fixed, because when you play this town with Bastion town enabled, graphics are messed…

I like this town a lot, let me know if you need anymore help.