Stardust & New Asylum released!

Actually, the Field of Glory terrain doen’t fit to the Cathedral town in the current shape. However, it could fit with some amendments. Cathedral appears to me as a town located somewhere where is temperate climate, like Europe, in time of autumn. Could be the Autumn the main motif for the land, where Cathederal is located?
autumn forest
I think it’s a fresh concept, and it doesn’t ruin the atmosphere of Cathedral. In that case, to the current omnipresent red, could be enriched with brown, yellow, and even somewhere green. That could make “Fields of Glory” more “Cathedral-friendly” terrain.
In this light, the way of design shown by Planetavril1 is worth to consider.

What I dislike the most in Cathedral, is the current native terrain “Dirt”, which fits more for land of nasty, ugly creatures as undead, or Dugeon type creatures. It was even not so bad for Forge, wich is based on “pollution theme”. But, such terrain doesn’t feel familiar with fine human-kind troops from Cathedral. In my opinion, current red “Filelds of Glory” seems to be better option for this city, than “Dirt”, though still not perfect.

Lastly, apart of Cathedral, but still being in native terrains topic. Did you consider to change the native terrain from “grass” to hota’s “highlands” for such towns, like Fairy, or Preserve? I think it could be better fitted for them. Unless, you don’t want to use someone’s else terrain for your towns.

From my view, I would like to create an autumn style field for cathedral, like yellow leaves, sunset landscapes and brown fields. It is really complicated for each details. I reckon your opinions are good. Actually I designed field of glory for cathedral first, but now I might not use it as a local terrian, simply because it is too red to match a large field. It will be more suitable to become a small scale one than a large area. Now I also plan to create an ice area for Tartarus and make it underground.

Highland is very beautiful for fairytown and I have already tried it for a long time. But the most suitable faction might be Ruins. I reckon both Ruins and Fairy can use highland as their native terrian.

Thanks for your advice. If I am free I will redesign many of my mod factions.

Hi By003,

I suggest you more fluid sprites for the soul order here:

The legs are no longer static and are bent.


Actually I have fixed for latest version for adding a little animations. If you can help to make a good animation I will be appreciated.


OK. To be sure I correctly understand:

  • Are you talking about the updated soul order and only the updated soul order?
  • Where is your work?
  • How can I retrieve your improvement?

If you have lost your Github account, just create a new one and notify misiokles


Hi By003!
While I was planning next trip, I just found a picture of a castle, and it’s autumn surroundings, which fits to be an excellent inspiration for yours Cathedral, and landscape around.

If you find lvl 6 creature is a blue horse not a red one, that is the latest version of asylum

Hi Majster,

I am busy these days. It seems a great concept for this and I might use it as a reference.


hi sir By003, i like to share this to you, I recolor the bottom part of your town map capitol, castle and village. if you like i can send this to you.

That’s good, but you might use elder version of asylum town.

The walking audios of Asylum’s tier 2 unit is messed-up and make an annoying “click” sound. This issue is the same for both “CPS2MOVE.wav” & “CPU2MOVE.wav” audio files.

I edited the audio to fix the issue. Below the download link.

asylum.rar (166,8 Ko)

Thanks, I will try for this one.

These audios are also used in Cathedral town. It can be solved by replacing with the edited audio again.

The town theme seems to be badly encoded. Have you got another encoding or if possible the music project to compare and perhaps make a better encoding?

If you reinstall Asylum/New terrains pack mods - new encoding should be used.