Stardust & New Asylum released!

@By003, should we add “preferUndergroundPlacement”: true into town.json?
What is final intention for the town?

Anyway you can updated it.

It’s not the final version and you can also update it in Github.

Wow, I am amazed with new Asylum. Stardust is a pretty new terrain, which gives fresh energy to the game. I disagree with comments that purple colour is not suitable, it’s ok for me.

Anyway, I found a bug. During the siege, fields around around walls don’t harm the troops:

Also, Reduce Damage skill icon doesn’t appear:

Btw. Necromandy skill in Death Valley still gives Skeletons, insted of Bone Hounds. :confused:

A new concept is Field of Glory
It is a terrian for new Cathedral town.

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The hype train hasn’t been stoped yet. Indeed, it’s even accelerating. :wink:

Can this terrain be renamed to avoid confusing with HotA special terrain?

Any suggestions for this name?
Magic terrain might not be same as basic terrain

Show more concepts of Field of Glory

I’m not sure. Trees after battles are not red, they are burnt, cut, laying down. The same mountains - ground can be filled with enemy’s blood, but red mountains? It’s hard to me to connect red (copper compounds?) colours with Cathedral faction.

It is a concept now. I will update it for many times.
Burnt trees will be added in this terrian. Just give me time to design it.

I think it is also not good for cathedral, I might not use it as a native terrian fot this town, but I would still release a new terrian here, as a neutral terrian like wasteland.

Yes Field of Glory is just shown as a battlefield and it might bring a new colour for map I think.

Field of Glory is combined in Stardust mod, now it is not designed as cathedral terrian any longer and it will affect any troops by luck -2, same as hota one. Now I only make it as a neutral basic terrian. It can be created in map randomly.

Field of Glory is on process.
But I am busy in May so it will release later.

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Making all blue in Stardust terrain is logical somehow - stardust falls from the sky and covers everything.
But making all red in this case doesn’t work. I would see red mountains only at base, tops should be more ‘normal’. Burried trees are fine, but I would mix them with green trees, as process of nature revivning. Craters shoud have some war remnants (for example destroyed ballistas), I would see more campfires (as non visitable objects). Lakes colour are fine.
I would see more colours variery in decorative objects, maybe some ‘fogged’ obstacles - objects with fog, mist, flame? It worth to use magic of ftansparency pngs, vcmi allows to use them.

Actually I would like to describe a scene of desolation, and red soil might be formed by high concentration of iron and aluminum minerals. It really exists on the Earth, like Brazil and some countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, red soil is reasonable for existing.

From my view, I designed it from the prototype of HoMM4 and HotA, but I didn’t only use these for reference. Existing land on the Earth should also be taken into consideration. I still do not finish all decorations for this new terrian yet.

Maybe you should try some other hue, like this one:

Right now this all-red color makes eye bleed.

Fortunately this land is not the native terrian for any factions. That means this land will not be created for a huge area, only for junctions.

Red soil really exists, like this.


maybe something like that

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Need wider color palette, don’t keep it monochromatic.

Also, instead of recolouring existing assets, try Stable Diffusion. Andruids got quite spectacular results with it and generating landscape is an easy task.

I don’t recommand a greyscale change from original one.