Stardust & New Asylum released!

Hi guys,

New Town is released.

But I don’t remember my account in Github. Now I show it to you all.

Enjoy it now!

This version is 2.00. Screen and map objects are updated. There is also a new spell here.
You can try Asylum town in Stardust terrian.


Stardust shows purple color in little map.

Purple lakes could be more ‘grounded’ (now look too plain), but more than decent!

I have tried many different colors for this terrian. Purple is best on vision I think.

Hype train has launched ,:slight_smile:

Actually I just finish terrian part but still need to work with Asylum town screen.

Wow, I’m impressed! Somehow these colors work against all odds :o

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Looks great!
Now add a rainbow unicorn instead of Leprechauns :slight_smile:

For me, for sure, because… This is awesome!
I can’t wait for New Asylum! :slight_smile:

@By003 , maybe we can support new mechanics for special buildings from Alysium town and/or special map objects for stardust terrain. Reach me if you have ideas about it.

Sure. I have already done some new special effects on buildings.

I used map editor to build a beautiful scenery of stardust!
However, editor is still not good for use. It will crash in game by using own map.


You are welcome to send me any ideas from message.

@By003 , but is it possible to load this map from editor?

I usually implement ideas in vcmi but not generating them :slight_smile:

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You know I can only create stardust in random map.
And there is a bug in special buiding, originally I set an increase in sorcery from its grail, in 0.99 version is really works, but it become invalid in 1.20 version, even use a new template:

“bonuses”: [{ “type”: “SPELL_DAMAGE”, “val”: 20, “valueType”: “ADDITIVE_VALUE” } ],

it is still not available.

Hard to say, according to code it should work. I can propose to add value for “propagator”: “PLAYER_PROPAGATOR” or “TEAM_PROPAGATOR” depending of your needs.
If that’s won’t work, you can send me test mod, so I can debug on it.

I have sent a message to you.

Released now

Added to repository and launcher with minor changes (mp3 format is not allowed to store at GitHub → converted to .ogg)

Is it intended that Stardust spawns only in the underground on random maps?