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Edited Sharpshooter Veteran visuals and added new Rogue & Nomad upgrades. I will release the next update real soon with the full changelog (as usual). But before I have a last question: Should I switch tier between golems and sorceress/enchanter? I feel like it would make more sense and it would reduce the statistics gap between refugee’s units and their neutral counterparts. Since you will be able to convert neutral into refugee’s faction, it would be “weird” to recruit neutral and then halving their stats. Am I right?


There were some era mods with neutral towns, all of them were OP beceuse authors left original statistics. I don’t know what to do, to do it good…


Yeah it needs a good balance between stats and growth, stats shouldn’t be too different to original counterparts while should be nerfed a little at least to avoid the “OP” feeling. Individually most original stats aren’t too far from other same-tier creature while globally it gets unbalanced.

I switched the tier and now I will be doing some testing to balance Tier 4 (Golems) and Tier 5 (Sorceress/Enchanter). If feels better this way. I might change Commander’s spell as well, don’t know if I just put the “resurrection” as “until end of battle” state or if I replace it with a different spell.


so it’s technically resurrection at basic level :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s still in expert level right now and I don’t like it. Basic resurrection sounds good but I might change it later.


Refugee Town - New Update (v0.4)

Download link: Google Drive, Heroes3Nexus



  1. Heroes
  • Given all heroes the ability to convert true neutral creatures into Refugee’s faction (ex: Gold Golem can be upgraded into Refugee’s Gold Golem). It Shouldn’t cost anything to convert creatures.
  • Rebalanced every Heroes starting army to make them stronger.
  • Added Heroes descriptions.

  • Replaced Heroes Battle & Map visuals with new original ones.
  • Changed Keyvan’s specialty and added “Šigû” as starting spell (in addition to the new version of “Namburbi”).
  • Replaced Kiana’s Ballista specialty with “Resistance” and changed her starting skills.
  • Replaced Shayan’s specialty with a new one, changed his starting skills and added surrender discount bonus per level.
  1. Units
  • Replaced creature ‘Peasant’ (ex-LVL1) with ‘Rogues’ (ex-LVL1U) and ‘Rogues’ with new creature ‘Spy’ (new LVL1U). Reduced power multiplier of Rogue’s spying ability from 3 to 2. Spies spying ability PM is set to 3. Replaced creature ‘Boar’ (ex-LVL2) with new creature ‘Vagabond’ (new LVL2).
  • Switched tiers between Tier 4 (ex-Sorceress/ex-Enchanter) with Tier 5 (ex-Gold & Diamond Golems).
  • Updated adventure map amounts of every units based on HoTA’s map editor values.

  • Rebalanced units statistics (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5) to make them more coherent with their vanilla counterparts. Units are stronger but their growths are under-average.
  • Edited visuals & sounds of both tier 7 units and visuals of ‘Veteran Sharpshooter’ (LvL3 Upg.).
  • Updated creatures adventure map visuals, portraits & icons.

  • Hell Steed nows has the ability to cast “Fire Wall” with 12% chance as in WoG (doesn’t work).
  • Added new neutral creature ‘Shapeshifter’.
  • Fixed sorceress missing “shot” sounds.
  • New neutral creature “Shapeshifter”.
  1. Town
  • Created Puzzle map visuals for the faction.
  • Created Siege visuals for the faction and replaced “Sorceresses” towers garrison by “Roving Enchanters” (Refugee’s Commander).
  • Optimized files (Buildings Areas & Borders). Edited Dwelling5 (ex-Dwelling4) borders & areas.
  • Added an alternate music for the town. To use it, go to “/Mods/RefugeeTown/Content/music/” and copy the music from the folder “RefugeeTownAlternateMusic” and paste it in the “/music/” folder to replace the actual theme.
  1. Spells
  • Old spell “Gottesbriefe” is renamed “Šigû”.
  • Old spell “Namburbi” (summon golems) is renamed “Emet”.
  • New offensive spell against all-type of golems called “Met”.
  • New spell “Namburbi” increase morale & luck of targeted/all ally’s troop(s).

Mini Bugs


Please, upload your mod at the site that doesn’t require create login.


@misiokles Didn’t knew Nexus asks for login to download, it sucks. Sorry for that. I’m adding Google Drive link right now in the previous post and here’s the same link:


@planetavril1 Yeah I knew about this error but it shouldn’t cause any issues. I looked over all the JSON and can’t find where the “spell.rfgMeth” is written. If you find it, let me know.


Hero Areman has spell rfgMeth in spellbook insted of rfgMet.

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