[New Town Mod] Refugee

@Majster Townscreen will need peculiar attention and will requires more work than attended. It will stay unchanged for the upcoming v0.8 release as it will be main subject for v0.9.

Adventure map graphics requires finishing the townscreen. I will work on that for v0.9 as well.

Delaying these features will allow me to release the changes I’ve done so far sooner. Stay tuned.

No worries mate, it’s your project, you decide. All that makes sense for me. :slight_smile: You just asked players for suggestions, so I put forward my thoughts. The town’s climate and design looks like great for me, I can’t wait to try the final version.
Good luck!

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Refugee Town - Update version 0.8

Download link: Google Drive , Heroes3Nexus


Changelog :

  1. General
  • Misceanellous fixes, tweaks and upgrades.
  • Updated changelog/readme files and optimized files and workflow.
  • Reverted audio .OGG files back to .MP3 to preserve audio quality (please stop converting to OGG, it destroys the audio quality).
  • Switched v0.1-v0.7 town’s theme with the alternate theme (can be manually reversed).
  • Fixed several unknown identifiers and resolved deprecated identifiers.
  • Fixed Hell Steeds & Nightmares idle animations. Several visual upgrades.
  • Removed Wake of Gods dependencies & added optional file for wog support.
  • Grail nows increase all primary skills by 5 and summons a Daeva during a siege.
  • Fixed Resource silo not producing the additional +1 sulfur per day.
  • SPECIAL1 building now produces 10% gold interest per week (same as Rampart’s treasury).
  • SPECIAL2 building now increase movement rate of visiting hero (same as Castle’s stables).
  • SPECIAL3 building description updated to prepare for the upcoming changes.
  1. Heroes
  • Upgraded Heroes portraits and specialty visuals.
  • Removed Areman spellbook.
  • Reworked Shayan specialty mechanics. generate a console error but it does works).
  • Fixed female/male sprites being switched for some heroes (Adv. map & combat).
  1. Spells
  • Emet : Reduced spell power.
  • Met : Reduced spell power. Fixed target conditions.
  • New ability : Holy Breaker and Dominion (unused).
  • Added/updated visuals for all new spells (even unplayable).
  • Reworked gain chances for Refugee’s spells and Refugee’s mage guild spells.
  1. Units
  • Rebalanced every units statistics, growth and costs.
  • Hell Steed : Replaced non-working ‘cast Firewall’ ability with ‘cast Curse’.
  • Removed ‘Veteran Sharpshooter’(ex-LVL4 Upg. unit).
  • Sharpshooter are now LVL4 Upg. and statistics are now based on the original creature.
  • Added new creature LVL4 called ‘Sagitarrii’ that can be upgraded into Sharpshooter.
  • Reworked LVL7 unit : Rebalanced its stats and abilities.
  • Commander now casts Sigu on ennemies and Namburbi on allies instead of resurrection.
  • Added ‘Stack experience’ for each units (when WoG submod is enabled).
  • New special unit ‘Daeva’, a powerful Djinn that is summoned by the grail during a siege.
  • Upgraded units portraits visuals.

Statistics changes

1L Rogue : Reduced costs 90g → 85g.
1U Spy : Reduced costs 110g → 105g.

4L Gold golem : Increased damage 6-10 → 8-10. Reduced grown 4 → 3. Increased costs 400g → 450g.
4U Diamond Golem : Increased damage 8-12 → 10-14. Reduced grown 4 → 3. Increased costs 500g → 525g.

5L Sorceress : Reduced damage 11-14 → 10-13. Increased HP 30 → 35. Reduced growth 3 → 2.
5U Enchanter : Increased speed 8 → 9 and attack 15 → 17. Reduced growth 3 → 2 and Defense 13 → 12.

6L Hell steed : Increased defense 14 → 15, Damage 18-22 → 18-24 and costs 1050g → 1100g.
6U Nightmares : Increased defense 15 → 16, attack 15 → 18 and costs 1250g → 1500g.

7L Angra Mainyu : Damage is now less random. Decreased HP 200 → 180. Increased costs 2800g → 3333g, speed +1 and defense +1.
7U Ahriman : Damage is now less random. Decreased HP 300 → 260. Increased costs 4400g → 4444g and attack +1.

About version 0.9:

This upcoming v0.9 will focus mainly on the townscreen and adventure map visuals (to remove the last Cathedral town references). I will make changes to buildings unlocking tree and will add new mechanics related to golems.

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Uploaded to repo. Unfortunatelly I had to change refugeeTown to refugee-town lines in some spells to avoid some github issues :frowning:

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Thanks, I will need to change my workspace to avoid having to do that for future versions.

Note that I was experimenting with adding new combat themes and I’ve forgot to remove from the release the new combat music (which is the Wizard’s town theme from Heroes 2 Succession wars).

It wasn’t meant to be on the release so I’ve just updated my links. If you can also remove it from the repo to prevent this audio to be played.

Of course, I didn’t play new version yet, but after quick-looking, I like your twisted ideas :slight_smile:

Quick update :
I worked on lightning / shadows and fixed few stuffs as you can see below. I’ve changed the castle which will look like this (right picture) for the upcoming release.

However, I’ve finally decided to scrap this townscreen as I’ve just began working on a new one from scratch. I’m using actual h3 townscreen as references to make the best possible townscreen. Almost every buildings should have new visuals.

Soundtrack :
For the people who enjoyed the in-game music so far, I’ve recently posted on YouTube the soundtrack.

Note that the “terrain theme” should stay unreleased until the day VCMI will allow dynamic / random soundtrack (random such as actual combat themes system, or dynamic that could allow parameters such as “dirt theme, faction = refugee”). That would be so cool.

Hi Yuya,

I see your recent improvements on the Refugee town. I post here to notify you the different contributions I have done on GitHub:

  1. As the town hasn’t its own map dwelling buildings, I have designed the rogue dwelling, the golem dwelling and the sharp dwelling
  2. I have fixed the perspective issues of the tavern, the blacksmith and the spy building on the town screen
  3. I have fixed the location of the shadow of the sorceress and made the idle animation more realistic
  4. I have fixed the colors of the grail
  5. I have fixed a bug in the siege screen
  6. And I have translated the town into French

To retrieve the mod with both your and my contributions:

  1. Go on the GitHub page
  2. Click on the green button “Code”
  3. Click on the entry “Download ZIP”

And give me your feedback!


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Bonjour Fabrice, ça me fait plaisir de voir un autre français m’aider (je le suis également). Je continue en anglais pour ne pas perdre les autres.

Thanks you for your help, I’m downloading your changes right now and I will give you feedback once I have tested it. Though, I’ve been working on a brand new townscreen from scratch and most buildings will have new visuals.

Below a comparison of the actual townscreen with the new one (WIP). It’s missing the grail and special 4 (or shipyard ?) and it’s lacking few animations.


There is no problem if my contributions are erased by a new version. Actually, here is the goal of my contributions: I search everything that is missing in all the mods to increase the global quality of VCMI. It increases the quality threshold. As a consequence, it forces the authors to make new versions at least as complete as the previous ones. Nobody would like to play with a worse version.

So creating designs for the dwelling buildings on the adventure map is the guarantee you will create dwelling buildings for the future version :smiley:

PS: Meanwhile, I have added a specific sound for the rogue building on the map. Now it whispers like the spies.


"So creating designs for the dwelling buildings on the adventure map is the guarantee you will create dwelling buildings for the future version "

You have a point. Rightnow I’m finalizing the townscreen prerequisites (building area/border) and once I’ve finished implementing the new townscreen, be sure next step is making the adv map dwellings & castle.

I’ve been working with 3D models this time to ensure I could make map icons that will be the same building as in the the townscreen. I only had to cheat with the townscreen marketplace because I couldn’t get any good results on my own.

“I search everything that is missing in all the mods to increase the global quality of VCMI.”

That’s really cool of you. You know, that’s because someone did that to update my mod recently that I got back to VCMI modding to finish my mod. Not all heroes wear capes haha.

“PS: Meanwhile, I have added a specific sound for the rogue building on the map. Now it whispers like the spies.”

I’ll check that too, thank you.

I am really interested in this town’s theme, but in town screen, it still needs to be improved, I tried to use AI redrawing. You can use it now.
I reckon Refugee town can be designed as a wasteland style. If I am free I would like to make it myself, however I am busy now, maybe I can return for designing in November.



These AI looks great ! And yes, feel free to make your own version of the townscreen.

Right now I’m pretty happy with the one I recently finished though it still needs to be improved and will shall not be the final version.

There are empty spaces to fill, Marketplace was taken from Castle and some buildings could look better.

I tried to make AI redrawing for cathedral screen, but it is not satified for me. I hope all mods can become better by using some new technologies.
However it is still hard to make creature models. I need a couple of time to make them.
Some themes of mod seems well, but they cannot be well finished. I am now planning to remake town screen for grove.

AI is pretty good right now to remaster pictures or videos but when it comes to generate 2D sprite it’s pretty hard to get good results.

However, I’ve seen few videos on YouTube with people that had kinda acceptable results with 2D
sprites generation using draw + text prompt img2img feature.

It doesn’t seem easy to master but it might be your answer.

Almost all my creations are done using AI. That’s the reason why I started to contribute in early 2023.

The best usage is the generation of hero portraits:

  1. The most advanced free AI is here
  2. I use a prompt like: [[[[[roughly drawn]]]]] portrait of the face of a male mandrake, green skin, from side, fighting, in a magical atmosphere, (with play of light), artwork
  3. Change a male mandrake, green skin
  4. I use a negative prompt like: black and white, symetrical view, symetric view, ugly, tiling, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, out of frame, extra limbs, body out of frame, bad anatomy, watermark, grainy, signature, cut off, draft, empty background, (cartoon), (detail:10), [photo], [photography], painting, (drawing)

The second best usage is for sound effect:

  1. The most advanced free AIs are “AudioGen” from this list
  2. Use one page that is not “Build error” nor “Runtime error”

I also have a trick to generate the buildings on the adventure map because the AIs badly understand the sun direction and the perspective angles:

  1. Open the HOMM3 map editor
  2. Put items all around a big empty area
  3. Make a screenshot
  4. Go on an AI like this one
  5. Inpaint the (big) empty middle with the brush
  6. Use a prompt like: A dark house, at the center of the image, map, isometric, parallel perspective, sunlight from the bottom right

You can also add a building at the middle and leave some few pixels in the middle when you inpaint to guide the AI for the choice of color. That’s how I generate the Buddha statue for the retreat town.

The AI badly understands prompts like a landscape that loops from left to right, so:

  1. Generate an ordinary landscape
  2. Cut the image on the vertical middle
  3. Invert the two parts (now the left and the right loops and an editing glitch is in the middle)
  4. Inpaint the middle

You can also uncrop an image by extending it and inpaint the new area.

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That’s a nice explanation and the whole AI trick for adv.map is very clever !

PS : You probably already know, but if you install automatic1111’s WebUI interface with Stable Diffusion on local, then you could fully use the AI freely and without limitations.

I have found a Blender model that may interest you:

It’s free, it’s coded for Blender, it’s already rigged, even already animated with run, hit, death and attack. It just needs to be rendered.

As your creatures are copied from the original HOMM3 and this one fits the universe, it can be useful for you.

If you’re not interested, let me know. I will probably create a lone creature.

Other models:

Thanks, but I do not work with 3D at all, nor have the time to learn to work with it. Sadly.

Hello. I’ve tried your mod. First of all good work. Seems balanced enough for me to give it a go and I love the idea.

just dropped by to tell you of a small bug I found using it which I’m not sure if it’s fixable.
An image is worth more than a thousand words so…

Basically, your “refugee” troops, are not considered the same as the neutral creatures. I know you can upgrade them in town to be the same (this shouldn’t have a cost imo btw) but you cannot do the downgrade in any way that I found so I’m stuck on this witch hut quest even though I have the rogues :stuck_out_tongue: