Haven Town 1.10 version

I have already updated it into new version. Elder version of haven town 1.04 will not be used if this version is installed.
Haven town 1.10 is merged Regna and Haven town into one version, and most of elements are made by myself. I would like to rebuild the pirate town from MM, and I also find some small creature mods like Ratman and Mermaid pack, so it might lead to a conflict with them.
It is available in

Enjoy it!

Also can be found from here.

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It was… fast :slight_smile: Good work!
p.s. Andruid made month ago new rat upgrade. Check his new version.

One question: why sand is native terrain?

I suppose this town is built beside the sea, and beach is also a sand terrain.

Thanks, I have already found it, but new update ratman is not match with level 1 creature.


Parts of fairy town, which is started from 2019, but some stuffs are lost.

Well, well, well - you continue your new ‘haven’ style. Silence and bees are heard from this screen. That’s good :slight_smile:

It is not hard to make new townscreen and creatures, but materials are not enough. Could you provide some models(defs) for fairy theme?

Maybe fairies, some animals, treant and dragons can be chosen.
I am also making new defs for lv5-7 creatures for Preserve Town.
And more completed buildings here.

Hello sir, might I interest you in some new Manrats? I did some quick adjustments and I think they look the part of lv. 1 creature now.

Here’s the link: ManratsUPG.rar

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Oh, I appreciate for you to support my mod, thanks for sharing this, I like it so much.
And I am now preparing for new fairy town, could you help me to finish some models? I am learning for 3dsmax, but there is less materials for making defs, most of them are made by PS.

Sorry, but I’m too busy right now. I could make some adjustments to existing models, but I can’t spare time for anything more, like making new meshes or animations.

No worries, thank you.

I haven’t been checking the forum for a month, and I see now, you have just released a Haven town, and you came back to work on Fairy and Preserve.

By003, you are simply amazing! You just ashamed all other modders on H3 scene.

I just wanna finish my old works, but VCMI is still not stable enough with both system and AI. I suppose my works for new town will be used into some new mods, and also hope VCMI can be better.

Did you hear about Day of Reckoning project? As I know, it won’t be just a mod, but rather a platform for adding new stuff, same as VCMI is currently. However, unlike VCMI, DoR will be useing orginal Heroes 3 engine, just like Hota does.
So, DoR is probaly the future for modding scene, because everybody will be able to release their mod there. It seems to be a stable platform, much better than VCMI.
Anyway, we must enjoy VCMI for now, because releasing DoR may take long time.

That’s cool, but can you contact them to add my new works in this mod? I hope some of my works can be used, like Cathedral, Asylum, Death Valley, Haven, Tartarus and Fairy. I am impressed if they can do this and I will fix all of them in graphics again.
Some of creatures in Fairy Town.

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I am not a modder, but just a player. So, I am totally powerless. I would suggest you to write personal message do Misiokles on this forum, he may help you.

Alternatively, you may check the DoR topic on Heroes Community, and try to contact with developers of this platform. You may find this topic here: http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=47267&pagenumber=1

But as I know, you will be definately able to add your works yourself to this platform, after releasing it (as everyone will be).

btw. beautiful Fairy units!

DoR team will release its own modding platform and, I guess, community will port any fraction they want. We must just wait until premiere and documentation. For me, vcmi will nullkiller AI is quite enjoyable app I don’t treat DoR as ‘saviour’ just another high quality project.

VCMI is still good for creating new fractions but nullkiller AI is too slow to play with XL maps or larger maps. And it also brings crash while running large maps for surpass one hour. I suppose XL maps with 8 players is a fun for HoMM3, even HoMM5 cannot give me this feeling.

Btw, no dragons in fairy town any longer!image

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