Current tasks

The topic has mainly informative purpose to let all the team members, friends and fans know what’s going on.
Also, sometimes it’s good to keep focus on certain tasks and to state clearly what can be done and what not.

General TODO list

Current hot topics:

  • Organizing thread and communitcation architecture
    forum thread

  • Random map generator (Warmonger)

  • Water areas (islands)
  • Place fine-looking obstacles - please help here
  • Rarely used features: keymaster, wide connections
  • Modding system extensions:
  • Generic adventure map buildings (Ivan) [ON HOLD]
  • New map objects
  • Additional functions calculating values for Bonuses (Warmonger)
  • New map format (AVS)
  • Map editor (AVS)
  • Missing functionalities

Another thing I would like to do is to update 'how to help" thread with that list and other info that could be useful for visitors.

Too bad our team is small and tasks are many. There are two things i’d like to adress:

  • Provide all programmers with current info and status of development so they know what there is to do
  • Get some help for tests, documentation, wiki, PR, maybe also forum moderation so we don’t need to do everything on our own. Time is everything and if anybody could help, we will have more time for coding.

I gathered some hot topics and ideas from last months to keep focus on important things. Everybody please leave some feedback if you’re going to implement it any soon, when, and if these features have any prerequisities.

That’s correct. No ETA for now, was mostly waiting for Tow to implement #1688 (that C:\Users… change). Now I can work on fixing all related bugs including groundwork for submods.

Other areas I’m interested in but not working on right now:

  • Adventure map objects, as described on wiki. No support for completely new objects but at least mod-friendly replacement for objects.txt
  • some extensions to “triggered events” which right now acts as basis for win/loss conditions. Things I’m considering:
    • use them for border guard/quest huts.
    • extend them to fix remaining bugs in campaigns (Yog/Gem and instant loss in some custom campaigns)

BTW - maybe move this list to wiki?

Just noticed - link to threading/communications seems to be incorrect. I think you wanted to link to this thread: [

ready to commit, just few more testing and waiting for feedback for a few days. And there is more todo: this is part 2 and will be at least part 3. Next tasks: “new bonuses” (they already usable in spell configuration) and “new secondary skills”.

I switched from Fedora to Linux Mint (Ubuntu based). This means I can’t provide RPM builds further. Is there anyone who could provide RPM builds?