How to help VCMI

Hello adventurer! Our project is open for anyone who wants to join.
In this thread you can learn what kind of help we need.

[size=125]C++ programmers[/size] - never enough

Build VCMI on your system following Wiki Guidelines.
Submit your changes for review using Git pull request.

Our current tasks are located in this thread.
Our general TODO contains all planned features.

Of course new features are also possible.

Still, if you are not sure where to start, try to fix some bugs


  • Testers. People who are willing to test features exhaustively, provide detailed bug reports and re-check fixed issues. Our bugtracker is located here.

  • Modders. Since VCMI supports mods, it is the very hot topic. We need cooperating modders to manage mods, describe them, test them, provide feedback to new users. Also, many people are interested in modding tutorials and documentation. These could be resources of great use.
    We also have modding FAQ for general info and tips.

  • Documentation writers. Our code and architecture is poorly documented and it takes time to provide useful texts. If you are smart enough to write something and keep in touch with developers, you are mostly welcome.

  • PR person responsible to contact fans, announce news, answer questions and post cool stuff over internet.

  • Moderators for forum and bugtracker. Forum - to manage threads and highlit the most useful content. For bugtracker - to link bugs, describe them, close outdated issues etc.


Artists are mostly needed for new (and improved) menu graphics. Check TODO list for our plans. Also, if you see something that is missing or doesn’t look good enough, feel free to create it.

Let me know what you think about it - I’m going to announce it on other boards soon.

@Warmonger — well done. :slight_smile:

Yet, I’d wait with making big announcements till 0.95 release. What sense does have testing the game when AI crashes after loading game? I hope to add shared_ptr support to serializer in the upcoming week — this should allow proper reproducing of reported issues.

I’m a great writer, I’d love to help where I can. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and documentation :slight_smile: If you need any help, please let me know

Great. In what particular area of game are you interested? Code, features, mod guidelines, something else?

I don’t know much about the code, unfortunately, but I’m particularly interested in every aspect of VCMI and Heroes 3 altogether. I can provide grammar corrections, documentation, ideas, etc. If you can tell me where and how I can help, I’m more than willing

Well yes, but to provide documentation, you need to know what you’re talking about. That’s the trick :wink:

Certainly it would be helpful to improve the Wiki by providing info about project progress and provide answers to most important questions (FAQ?). Something that users could read instead of asking trivial questions over and over again, as they do about Android.

Ah that’s understandable lol, sorry. I should affiliate myself more with VCMI before I attempt to delve into something like this.

I think FAQ is great thing to have. With necessary first question: WTF VCMI IS SLOW ON MY ANDROID LOL

Good evening I’m trying to play through the campaign right now and I keep coming across bugs and crashes.
I’m trying to report them all wrong.
I hope that you, the experienced programmers, will know what to do with my information.
I’m trying to stick to your bug reporting information, unfortunately my English language skills are only rudimental and my programming skills are at zero.
So I am open for any suggestion how I can report errors better or how I can enter them in the correct areas.
PS. Mantis is very nice because I’ve seen a lot worse variations of bugs to report.

With kind regards Demonlight

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