Cathedral and 3 towns released!


well nowadays on the PVP scene everyone make 8 heroes, so maybe it’s not so bad idea :slight_smile:


But for current AI, 5 is enough…if they have 8, there are many of them with less creatures, they will not have a strong army in the map…


This works on rich maps like JC, wish you luck with 8 heroes on small-medium map with no resource piles and creature banks.

Also AI for now can not use chains so more heroes are less useful


Hero chain helps on any map. More or less. Sure you do not need a lot heroes from start if map is empty. At the same time AI is not able to use it. Anyway hire hero should understand why exactly we want to hire him but now it does more or less blindly.


Btw my pathfinder rework was initially designed to calculate hero chains so I can also work in this direction


what’s new


Cathedral will back!
Lv4 creature named Fly Serpent & Cuélebre

I will recreate all creatures for cathedral town…it might be an exciting news!


I tried it, and it’s just beautiful. I modified the “Titans Winter” map, replaced 2 towns with random towns, and their dwellings to related ones, and it is playable very well. I played the map with Bastille and with Northerners, both fit well to the map.

Wonderful work :slight_smile:


Still not finished…but thanks for trying it

PS: AI turned worse…Even they don’t recruit creatures from the town…


`you will use the original graphics of the cathedral?


Maybe not in town screen…but use some of original graphics


when we see the cathedral in the game


Chineese Cathedral townscreen sources still are unavailable, arent they?


Ah…Chinese Cathedral would not be used any longer…it’s not a mod…


New Update for Cathedral!
the original version!

And the background…all works are made by myself.



I published your work in the Russian forum vcmi, all in shock


Thanks a lot…4 towns package will be released soon…you will enjoy it, maybe September


4 towns?


Yes, Bastille(Maybe rename as Highlands), Preserve, Asylum and Cathedral


Oh no! People are already used to the name Bastille!