Cathedral and 3 towns released!


Any new videos?


Next design…Fairy Town from Disneyland!
It might not be released soon.


Such a city can be found.

A not bad implementation of the units, but somewhat unjustified bright contrast of the city. Are you planning to make a remake or will it be a new one ?!


I have designed new alignments…from 1 to 7. There are only two creatures in your fairy town…sprite and dragon…


The version given in the video seems to have been done for a long time. As a matter of fact, there are only 2 creatures there. This is not my version. On the other hand, if all or almost all creatures are flying this may be a feature of the city.
Still, dragons and fairies can apparently be “diluted” with elementals and wisps



BTW. It’s minor question if new version will be remake or made by scratch. People will choose the better product.


I would suggest the following:

fairy (arrow-magician)
meadow dragon
flying fairy (flying arrow-magician)
the Fairy dragon

All units except level 3 and possibly 6 with the ability to fly


I said I will give a different design for this alignment. But I don’t would like to reveal it now…


@ By003
Perhaps you should try to contact Hota team. This version is still the most popular among the community, since it has high quality and stability. VCMI, in these components is still not so attractive.

Since you know how to make cities well, perhaps they will be able to provide you with some additional resources. But unfortunately for some reason they are conservative and not too interested in adding new cities after Cove.


Yes, HotA is excellent. However, they might not accept other designs and they just make their own expansion…so I just choose VCMI as a good platform…for realize my design for towns.


If I understood correctly from the discussion in one of the forums, they do not plan to add new cities themselves, since it takes a long time and they are ready to add the city only if there is a full work. On the other hand, they are ready to consider other cities for addition if they have the same quality as in Hota. Nevertheless, Cove was released long ago and there were no new cities.

It seems to me that Cahtedral meets the requirements of Hota.


No, they don’t want to add new cities because their prorities are focusing on balance and multiplayer. They have many tallented graphics (alex-ander for example) and if they would they could add new cities. But they don’t want.


Unfortunately, their development is not in the public domain, so I can not say anything more specifically about the state of affairs, I rely on what I read on the forum from one of the developers.


Yes, that fairy town i found a long time ago, it was a replacement for i think necro? So i ported over to vcmi and it’s changed hands a few times since then. I can’t wait to see new fairy town!


Any help for that my game keep crashing of short time playing with Cathedral?

Also i hope that sleudhounds moving sound be fixed (there is some really sharp “klick/nacks” sound and it hurt ears.


Maybe you use previous branch of VCMI?
just download a new version.
Sometimes the sound would be crashed with wav format, try to use ‘.ogg’ as suffix


I am using newest branch,

Can you give me more detailed advice where to fix that.


2 Cathedral Bug

Well for while i have played (even with crashing) i have seen that Bots doesn’t Buy units all cathedrals i have conquered have been empty from enemy troops but when i check what i can buy i can buy all units from begin of the game until the day i captured cathedral.

Another thing Bots never buy Donation building so i quess this is also bug?


If you read this topic you will know that AI is the weakest VCMI feature and it is not Cathedral cause. Because VCMI is open source projects there is constanly engine development, o maybe in futore we’ll get better AI and crash fixing.


Thanks for information and sorry for my ignorance i am trying to understand better different Heroes 3 Engines and mods.