1280x1024 resolution

Here the backgroud for 1280x1024. Since I’m not a gimp power user, it needs some polishing.

[size=92]FYI - The AdvMap4.pcx version attached is outdated. The file has been renamed and updated in preparation for the 0.74 release. New version of this resolution can be found HERE.

ADVMAP4.PCX.zip (84.4 KB)

Up to 1024x768 I think it was very easy to make good use of the space made available. Further than that however it may become challenging trying to fill the empty spaces. Looking at the PCX here, it’ll be of course easy to enlarge the resource boxes a bit, not to mention adding the Mithril, in order to fill in the bottom panel. But I’m not sure what can we put in the bottom right box. Perhaps a mini-Kingdom Overview? Sth telling us the resource revenue per day? Or, more original, some sort of a statistics box… though that would mean more than just using existing game elements.

Another suggestion from another thread was to move all resources over there, and allow the Adv.Map to expand even more (minimum gain though).

Otherwise, I must say I’m pretty satisfied with the 1024x768 for now. It’s already a big gain over the original resolution.

Well, I was thinking that the console could go there. Or a tetris. Or a web browser. Or emacs.

Now, think about what we can do when I integrate the 1680x1050 resolution :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from resources panel you can add some additional kingdom overwiev. For example display more of info panels with current hero, kingdom income, eniemies and allies (?), what else is there. Probably also description of last visited object.

Imagine what could be done in 1920x1080! Btw, would be nice if you could implement a way to let user choose a custom resolution, other than just standard. Multiple monitors would be nice too :wink:

On such resolutions maps with size of 36x36 (1152x1152 pixels) will almost fit on the screen! :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the possibilities for so high resolutions is to use larger sprites for adventure map (at first - just scaled to some size, later someone can made hi-res sprites for VCMI
Another possibility is to use for heroes\town panel bigger sprites from hero\town view. (about 60x60 instead of about 48x32) They are a bit wider, so this can cause problems.

BTW - maybe we can use somehow that button between “system options” and “next hero”?

EDIT: a bit of free place can be used to show such info like hero level\exp (if hero selected) or town income if town is selected. Also resource bar can be expanded to show each resource income. Something like |“Gold icon” 15000+1000 |

All good ideas. Even the Tetris. :stuck_out_tongue: - I mean, what else can we do in MP during opponent’s turn? :slight_smile:

Or, if ever somebody will build some sort of Glossary (sth like Civiclopedia), that could be a panel where we could browse for info about game elements…

  • sim turns are AFAIK planned (as mentioned somewhere on those boards by devs)

  • Even if I still had to wait I’d rather watch the map / visit castles / plan what to do / count titles on map and when I can get to location X … Maybe even some decisions for the next turn could be done / like for example building in towns sending troops etc. it would be marked as todo and I would be asked to execute them when my REAL turn starts.

Yeah I know tetris was meant as a joke :slight_smile:

While I’m also not a GiMP “power user”, I did learn quite a lot about it while working on 1440x900, so I could help complete 1280x1024. I downloaded the latest Settings.txt from SourceForge, however I’m a bit curious what this “command”(?) does:

It does not appear in the settings of any of the other resolutions and I was wondering if it is of any use… if I should remove it, or maybe on the contrary, add it to all others…? :unamused:

it was in any resolution, but someone shipping new resolution did the revert, perhaps by mistake
this param affects puzzle map (the one from obelisks)

Thanks. I’ll add it then to all of them.

Another question - is it easy to extract the original ADVMAP.bmp? Or else could somebody send it to me? I’d like to check some details. While working with very high zoom in GIMP, I’ve noticed some minor elements which make me wonder if they were as such in the original .bmp, or just slipped through during the original editing for 1024x600/768, and then further copied in all other resolutions (e.g.: InfoBox seems to be missing a line of pixels at the bottom, if I compare it with its top; and a couple of other situations like this).

If I could get the .bmp, and indeed all resolutions need these minor adjustments, I could have everything ready by Thursday for the 0.74 launch, so thanks in advance for the help. :wink:

There is some utilities for extracting from .lod files like ResEdit. Just found this link. A bit strange in use sometimes but extracting is always works fine.

Thanks a lot. It’s indeed a great tool for extracting the H3 files from the .lod archive. :slight_smile:

It seems that my suspicion mentioned above was unfounded - the original InfoBox has indeed only 4 rows of blue pixels in the lower part, while the upper frame has 5 rows of blue pixels. I’m not sure if it was designed like this with an “artistic” purpose, or simply because that was the best way to fit all the pixels on their interface… but it’s good to know I don’t need to worry about that for now (maybe later on, during 0.8, I’ll think about fine tuning enhancements over the original graphics - if necessary and if time will allow:).

One more question about this parameter: what does it exactly do in regards to the puzzle map? I tried the game with and without it, and in both cases I got the same puzzle map in VCMI? :unamused:

When you have puzzleSepia set to one, puzzle map is not grayed but in sepia-toned (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photograph … g#Examples ). When it’s set to 0, it’s grayed. I don’t know why it works without information about sepia mode. I’ve fixed it in svn.

Thanks. And just for me to understand: any particular reason why you didn’t add it to the original 800x600 as well?

I’m asking because I added “puzzleSepia=1” also to 800x600 for the resolution pack I prepared for 0.74. Shall I remove it?

Okay, I’ve made multiple changes to the AdvMap4.pcx file attached in the o.p., as well as the Settings.txt file, so now 1280x1024 can be used with no interface glitches. The latest version can be found as part of the new resolution pack in THIS TOPIC.

I went for a different approach regarding the redundant space made available, by creating a new box below the info box, awaiting creative ideas of what we can use it for. :slight_smile: Otherwise we can just remove it and just extend the Hero/Button/Town lists to all the available space (even though that may come of use only for the TownList). Let me know what you think.

That entry should be present in all resolutions
(however I consider moving it later outside the resolution, to the common settings)

(Btw if there is no entry, the entry value from resolution above (or last resolution above with the entry will be used. But It’s better not to write code relying on that, because then moving resolutions around can make changes to other ones)

Phew. Good to know I don’t have to go and update the package (well, at least not because of this). Thanks! :slight_smile:

No reason, it has been removed / not placed there by mistake.