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Bug I suppose. For 0.91 it should be possible to use same ID’s as in H3 for these buildings (27-29). Later I’ll try to fix all issues like this along with string ID’s for buildings.


I got next one. Hero specialty this time. Trying to make specialty, that doubles Fire Wall damage.
First i go:
“subtype”: “spell.fireWall”,
“val”: 100,
It shows double damage in spellbook, but when triggered does only base dmg. So i tried:
“subtype”: “spell.fireWall”,
“val”: 100
"valueType": "PERCENT_TO_BASE"
And it does nothing at all :smiley:
Next tried same with just “Spell_Damage” with same subtype, val and effects were just opposite XD it does nothing without valuetype and only shows double damage in spellbook with it.

So my question is how to make it right?

PS. My guess is: whole fire wall spell is bugged, even sorcery doesnt work right =(


Yes, it was bugged same as Landmine. Already fixed it.


Last question I hope (or two questions :P).
I successfully added my town and put in game with Cove without crash, but all my town’s icons have been replaced by Cove’s, like here:

I tried to find some changeable town’s ID or something like that, but in vain. Am I blind or You were not rly prepared for more than one town at once? :smiley:
And You get one question extra: Is there any way to put heroes in order other than A-Z in game menu? :stuck_out_tongue:
By looking at Cove I guess not, but want to be sure.

EDIT: PS. (before You start to hate me) - I ask only about matters, that I can’t find in bugtracker, believe me XD


Have you changed “buildingsIcons” entry in config to path with your icons?

Why? All ID’s are assinged dynamically on startup - you shouldn’t rely on them.

Right now - no. And right now I don’t see any nice way to add this. Perhaps I’ll add sorting by hero class so might heroes will go before magic heroes but that’s all.


Zzz, all works fine, sorry for trouble.
Incredible what a little sleep do with people =X
I didn’t change frame IDs in faction. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


I need consultation.
I want to make creature, will can cast resurrection. And one creature can resurrect 25 hit points per cast.
I write its abilities like in Mod Wiki:

“additional info”:100},

But when in battle, cursor doesn’t change over my dead stack, and nothing is resurrected.
Please write, how this ability must be written to work?


Did you give CASTS to your creature? A creature needs to have at least 1 cast to be able to do anything. See Archangel for reference.


If cast is not set, there is “limitless” number of casts (maybe limited by spellpoints- not checked).
I added CAST altrough, it didn’t help.

I forgot of archangels.
I copied parametres from them, this didn’t help:

“value”: 2}

“spellpoints” set to 200, it’s also not a problem…

Don’t know what to do…
I’m trying to make First Aid Tent external, already corrected DEF, and try to force it resurrect stacks:-)


This is how Archangel config looks currently:

"resurrection100hp" : 
	"subtype" : "spell.resurrection",
	"val" : 100
"resurrects" :
	"type" : "SPELLCASTER",
	"subtype" : "spell.resurrection"
"spellpoints" :
	"type" : "CASTS",
	"val" : 1

What I see in yours:

  1. Two bonuses with type “SPELLCASTER”. One should be “SPECIFIC_SPELL_POWER”.
  2. “value” should be “val”
  1. it’s miswriting:-)
  2. smell a diabolic lot of work to convert all mods to 0.93b
    After that try again

For what purpose these strings like “spellpoints” added before abilities? There may be any text? Or these strings are fixed?


I saw an example mod “” wich shows how to modify standard creatures and towns.
But this means that they will be modified.
Is there a possibility to “clone” standard castles (for example take “castle” faction, make a copy as “castlex” faction), and then modify it same way?


No. And this is unlikely to change.


I don’t think it’s hard to copy structure data to one place to another. One copy operation is so hard?


Because this is far more complex than a simple copy. If you indeed looked in sources this should have been obvious.


I didn’t looked for this part.
So it’s harder, that to load external mod?
OK, I already have standard towns externationalized as json files. Just proceed old way to clone castles…


I have a question.
In examples of conflux-tweaks there I can modify classic creatures like

“core:psychicElemental” :
… replaced parametres…

But how can I address creatures from other mods?
Record like


in new mod in creatures section don’t displayed as error, but faction alignment of creatures stays the same in game.


Replace “core” with name of your mod: