Would like to help

Hello all

I’m just thinking how could i help you with this project. I’m not sure but i think if i would like to help programming it will take me a lot of time while i “understand” what is going on here and etc. I saw that you are using JSONs and i thought that for start i can write something like user-friendly JSON generator which will help in modding. Tell me if i wrong understand that. I dont have much practice experience, and i didnt write nothing large in C++ but i like programming and i think i can help you a little. :slight_smile: Im .net developer and program much in c# so i thought i can start with generator/generators. Tell me what do you think about it, how can i either help and which way is the best to start joining project :slight_smile:

I’m not from VCMI team, but I think there will be good, if you can create generator for heroes/artefacts/creatures.
THe most hard part is to give choice to give user an access to all possible types of bonuses/abilities while controlling range of their values.

Hey Brooz, welcome aboard!

At the very moment the team is kind of busy, having some dificulties with 0.94 package, mod manager, new members joining etc. In a few days situation should clarify a bit.

The best way to learn the code is to dive on your own in the part you like. Documentation as such does not exist, unfortunatelly.
If you wnat to do something useful quickly, take a look at bugtracker.

Creating modding tools is an interesting concept, hower:

  • Making mods is already easy, people do it with little effort. The real issue is to create interesting content, especially graphics, where no tool can help.
  • Are the tools are ready. This includes any text editor, especially the one that cna handle JSON. As for packaging and lod / def handling, there are some old tools available for modders, too. Old format files (def, lod) are not recommended and mostly were replaced already by nicer ones like zip or png.
  • Mod format evolved rapidly over last year, so tools shoudl follow. On the other hand, having tools that are up to date (and able to import/convert mods) can be an advantage when you have to update mod by hand.

Hi. Welcome to forums :slight_smile:

To join the project you need to show some basic knowledge of C++ and our code base. For example by submitting a patch that fixes bug(s) and/or implements any missing features. Check bugtracker for all know issues or just start the game yourself and try to find something that needs improvement.

As for modding tools - not a bad idea, although I would prefer to have them in C++ just like all our current code.
What about generator that uses Json Schema as input? We already have schemas for all objects accessible via modding system. Using them as basis for generator should cover most of our modding system functionality.

UPD: I’m not fast enough it seems :slight_smile:

They can be replaced only for new content. There are tones of DEFs so not correct to say DEF is old.
Right now PNG can’t be used directly instead of DEF (virtual or real). And replace don’t work for battles/map.
But I think he is about JSON creation, not DEFs etc.
I think that up-to-date tool allowing easy call of all modern types and there parameters will help modders. I also throught about making these tools. But I’m lazy enough to implement and maintain lists of all possible parameters. And I have Borland Builder C++, don’t think VCMI team wants to take code for this tool.

Sorry guys for not responding. Thanks for your response, ok, i will start get familiar with code and do my best to help. About those JSON modding helpers we could discuss later. Don’t want to spam here.