Windows/MSVS Build Guide update

Hello everybody! I’m new here and looking to contribute some development work to this project. I started with trying to get VCMI to build following the Windows/MSVS Build Guide but it looks like it hasn’t been updated in about a year. It didn’t work at first but a simple path update to the VCMI_global property sheet seemed to do it. Namely, I added “$(SolutionDir)\AI\FuzzyLite\fuzzylite” to the IncludePath of the VCMI_global property sheet.

Also, the libraries pack linked on that page is out of date in that it includes SDL version 1.2.14 while the VCMI source is hard-coded to bail if it detects SDL other than version 2. I was able to just download the individual libraries myself, but an updated libraries pack would be nice.

Oh right, the link is incorrect. Updated with latest pack.