Which MXE commits should be used to build VCMI?

I was used a very old mxe to compile my VCMI in Linux. Last day when I update newest VCMI code. It need Cmake to above 3.16. But mine version is 3.15 in MXE. So I git pull MXE to the latest version and recompile everything.

Then I enter the game in Windows. All Animotions are very slow. Introduce video plays nearly 10s in 3DO scene. When game starts, hero moving likes watching a PPT.

So should MXE commits be specified in compiling? and which version?

I want to build a 64bit VCMI. The prebuild packages for 32bit version is not suit for me.

If you use develop branch, then should not use MXE to build a VCMI now, it is unsupported. Honestly I does not even tried it in latest version. You should try Conan to build a Windows VCMI for Linux as described here: How to build VCMI (Linux/Cmake/Conan) - VCMI Project Wiki

What branch you actually tried to use?

develop branch.
Thank you for your guiding!