What kind of knowledge is expected to join this project?

Hi everyone!

I am an undergraduate student working towards a computer science degree.I know C++,OOP and android development,but not very good.

I first found this project in Google play, and i was so impressed and wish to participate because I just love HOMM3 so much! However, I am not sure if I will be competent.

So, as a starter,what essential skills should be learned to join the development?

Thanks in advance!

You should start here i think :wink:

Self-motivation and patience :wink:

To join the project you must provide a piece of useful code, and for the code to be any useful you need to understand the code first. Have a look and see if you can understand something.

Sounds familiar - just like me at the time I joined this project. :slight_smile:
Except for android part.

As for joining - what Warmonger said.
Check bugtracker for some easy to fix issues (or find something missing yourself) and ask for directions if needed.

Navigating in code may be difficult at first - we don’t have a lot of documentation apart from several pages on wiki + comments in source code.

Well, rewriting H3 engine does helps a lot with self-motivation.