What do contain the newest daily builds?

I am using an quite old version, which is at least 6 months old now. Daily builds are released somethimes even several times per month. I have some questions according to this:

  1. What improvemnts were introduced to the VCMI in last few months and weeks?
  2. What things are on the top of the list “first to do” currently?
  3. How often is worth to change to the newest version?
  4. Is there any chance that people who don’t have any skills in programming, modeling, or making mods overall, can help somehow the VCMI team?

Greetings for all VCMI team!

Every commits added to main code generate automatically daily build. Click and this link and try to read titlles. For example: More mouse scrolling fixes - it means that someone fixed mouse scrolling. This commit was added 5th January, 2020. It also means that newer daily builds will contain this fix.

Sometimes commits bring important things, add new features, sometimes fix bugfixes, sometimes bring nothing from player’s point of view (only developers issues).

I’m mostly player (sometimes modder) - you can play and write new bugs or test important new daily builds. For example, few years ago visual Clone spell effect was added - you can check hot it looks in the game!

Thank you for info about the newest chages, I will check the link you have provided from time to time.

Alright, so I am changing to newest daily build. I will report every bugs here. :slight_smile:

AI still plays bad and it is known bug when you click at fort to hire units and get… crash :slight_smile:
For bugs reporting - it’s most proper place: https://bugs.vcmi.eu/my_view_page.php

I have already read about fort bug few times, but it never happend to me. I am lucky. :smiley:
I will keep in mind this site for bug reporting.