VS 2008 project files to be removed from SVN

It has been pointed out that outdated project files for Visual Studio are becoming a significant difficulty for people trying to build VCMI, especially since the project had undergone quite a many code structure changes recently (especially files from hch/ moved around). I stopped updating them, when I migrated to VC 2010.

It’s high time to solve the issue: I’m going to upload VC10 project files to SVN and keep them up-to-date. At the same time old, misleading project files for VC9 will be removed. It’s going to happen at the end of the month.

If anyone is still using VS 2008, I strongly recommend backuping project and solution files — SVN may delete them on updating your local copy, permanently destroying any of local changes you applied (like library paths). I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t behave that way… but it once happened to me, so now I warn you. :slight_smile:

I don’t see neither vc2008 nor vc2010 sln files in trunk (r2032). Can somebody add it to svn or attach it here?

I would also like to see the VC10 files added to the repository, as I’ve been out of luck trying to piece together the project files myself after all the relocations that have been made.

I’ve uploaded my project files. Some adjustments (like making Boost visible to compiler) still may be needed.
Wiki description will be updated later.

With VC10 I’ve discovered that you can have your own local project settings by creating a property sheet for each project. I use these to fill out library paths and do some post-processing (like copying all the binaries to my Heroes 3 folder).

It’s pretty convenient to separate it like that because then you can have changes that affect everyone like added/removed source files by modifying the project files, and have your own adjustments on an unversioned property file for yourself. Adding properties will affect the solution file, which I think is otherwise only changed when new projects are introduced so you won’t need to worry much about not committing your personal settings this way.

EDIT: Looks like the project files do get changed, I just didn’t notice it before the VC10 ones got versioned. :frowning: