Visual Studio 2013 preview

I got a new HDD and will reinstall VS and if I am on to that I was thinking to go to 2013 preview? Anyone else tried it? Wiki sais its supported are there any catches?

It works well or really well as for Preview release. Has less issues than VS2012. Most of compile errors were related to VS-specific workarounds that are not needed any more. They should be fixed now.

There is one gotcha: the latest Boost release (1.54) came before the release of VS 2013 Preview and doesn’t support it properly — gives warnings about unrecognised compiler version and I had to do a trivial edit in one the headers to get auto-linking work. (huge #ifdef list over all VS versions)

My suggestions would be to use SVN version of Boost, issues were minor and they are likely already fixed. Otherwise there should be no significant issues, apart from extensions compatibility (if you use non-express version). :wink:

One corrigendum: Boost 1.54 doesn’t work. It was 1.53 that I tried and found working. … 13-preview

Oh, and by the way — with VS2013 bringing some parts of C99, the ffmpeg finally compiles fine. That’ll allow dropping much of the “duplicated” video code and dependency on proprietary DLLs. With C++11 improvements it gives me pretty nice incentive to drop VS 2012 relatively soon after VS 2013 is released.

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2013 RC. … idate.aspx
It provides several more C++11 features than previous Preview release:

  • class members initializers
  • =default and =delete
  • type aliases (“using x = y”)

The RTM will be ready on Oct 18. Soon after (when I have libraries and setup instructions ready) the support for VS 2012 will be deprecated.

Nice! I didn’t expect them to provide more support for C++11.

Actually they had announced it back in the June: … admap.aspx

Now they have announced that they will publish another compiler CTP this year with more features:
(scroll to the 5:25) … er-One-Cpp
They improved the pace… Better late than never. If this keeps on, Visual 2015 should be fully C++14 compliant.