VCMI Wiki opened!

We are happy to announce opening of VCMI Wiki, which aims to collect in one place documentation and guidelines for users and developers.
It’s still in its initial phase but we’ll slowly but constantly fill it with content. Now, among general information about project and collection of links, it features tutorial how to build VCMI.

[size=150]VCMI Wiki address:[/size]

Wiki shares integrated account system with forum. No additional registration is needed - you can access wiki using login and password from forum. All registered users are allowed and invited to participate and help editing our wiki :slight_smile:

Looks really nice! :slight_smile:

Very nice! The “How to Build VCMI” tutorial is a great resource, and will definitely help the project grow.

I decided to improve the Wiki and add some general info about code structure - how it is organized, what are different parts responsible for and where to look for them.

So far it’s more like branching links than writting actual content, but if you feel like adding some info or asking a question - don’t hesistate. Organized Wiki can be priceless source of knowledge.
Unfortunately, most of people who are able to write something resonable are programmers at same time and should better focus on generating more code :stuck_out_tongue: But, since every good project needs documentation and separate doc writers to grow, I encourage you to improve Wiki.

Is it possible to install some basic syntax highlight on wiki? Different style for comments\keywords\rest of code would be much better than current

Especially for documenting modding formats.

Quick search shows this mediaWiki extension: … ight_GeSHi

Which can be configured to our darker theme using this file:

Done. :slight_smile:
To include code use

<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">

Feel free to tune to your liking.

But there is one problem - I can’t edit css file. Even logged in I can only view source:

I can still play with css using browser development tools (and this is faster than editing that page) so if access is a problem I can send you final version.

I gave you admin privilages, now you should be able to edit the page.

Is there a way u guys could put this game on android somehow cuz i believe many more people would be very happy about it and help u guys out :confused:?

We? Unlikely. None of us are familiar with Android development.

Existing port was made by pelya so ask him about this or find another Android developer to finish port.

So if we can find an android port you will support android as well ypu say o.o

The project is open. If someone wants to make Android port, he can join in any time.

To make it clear: we (that is, currently active developers of VCMI) won’t support Pelya’s port nor any other fork of our engine. But what Warmonger wrote is right.

Ohh i guess thats fair enough o.o

Guyz, can you please compile Ubuntu or Debian version for ARM processors?
It is possible to install Ubuntu on android tablets and may be it would be possible to play? I can be a tester :slight_smile:

To do so, we need a developer with appropriate device willing to support such port. Testers are important but not enough.

I could try to do it if I had instructions. But I’ve never did anything like that before.

In this case - believe me, this is not a good idea.

For compile instructions for PC see our wiki ( But we can’t help with any Android-related stuff.

Ok, I’ll try to do something
There is a guy who already did it here … ry18809948
But it doesn’t work properly, It starts but when you choose map and press to play and press Begin it freezes
and log is here. May be you know what to do here and it is not a linux_for_android_tablet problem

[email protected]:~$ vcmiclient
Creating console and logfile: 0
Loading settings: 60
VCMI 0.89 (client)
shm_open() failed: Permission denied
ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:985:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to create IPC semaphore
Note: SDL suggests to use 16 bpp instead of24 bpp
New screen flags: 0
    Initializing screen: 220
Cannot open /usr/local/share/vcmi/Data/VIDEO.VID: failed opening file: No such file or directory
    Initializing video: 10
    Initializing minors: 0
Mix_OpenAudio error: No available audio device
Mix_OpenAudio error: No available audio device
    Initializing sound: 30
Initializing screen and sound handling: 30
Loading .lod files: 380
    General text handler: 90
    Hero handler: 150
    Artifact handler: 20
    Creature handler: 180
    Town handler: 100
    Object handler: 40
    Def information handler: 170
    Building handler: 20
    Spell handler: 20
Initializing VCMI_Lib: 1200
Screen handler: 10
Loading and transforming heroes' flags: 830
    Main graphics: 1000
Initializing game graphics: 0
Message handler: 10
Initialization of VCMI (together): 2530

Probably this discussion should be moved to some other place…

shm_open() failed: Permission denied

Something wrong with shared memory. Map loading will not work correctly.
What’s wrong? No idea. Try asking somebody familiar with both c++ and Android.

I also see sound and video playback errors but they should not be critical.

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