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Besides, why does it access a shared memory at that point? We do use it but only for waiting for server (later).

It may be some issue with Boost. I don’t know how well Boost supports Android ATM but if I remember correctly, Pelya when building his port had also ported significant parts of it.

After pressing start, client starts server and waits till it’s ready. Please check if VCMI_server is process started? Does it create VCMI_Server_log.txt (and if — what does it say)?


it is actually not just android but debian on arm tablet using linux-deploy apk
VCMI_Server_log.txt (14.2 KB)




sudo make vcmi finished



So I didn’t find a lot of lags there
the only thing (and it makes the game impossible to play) that I am not able to enter a castle, when I do it game stops working :frowning:
but saves and loads work, I can explore map and fight and collect resourses, I am also able to load a WOG campaign.
Here is my terminal log, may be you know what is the reason :blush:
terminal log.txt (2.72 KB)


Console log is not enough. You should provide “VCMI_Client_log.txt” “VCMI_Server_log.txt” “server_log.txt” and please report bugs to bugtracker.