Vcmi on openpandora

I was able to complile vcmi on my openpandora console:
release thread
download pnd package

In 800x600 resolution it seems to run fine. But it is not playable, because the openpandora uses a 800x480 resolution.
I know it has been discussed before that this is not supported by you.
I was able to convert this old configuration maintained in the thread to your new format.

It looks like this now:

                                "resolution": { "x": 800, "y": 480 },
                                "InGameConsole": { "maxInputPerLine": 60, "maxOutputPerLine": 44 },
                                "AdvMap": { "x": 7, "y": 7, "width": 594, "height": 426, "smoothMove": 1, "puzzleSepia": 1 },
                                "InfoBox": { "x": 605, "y": 296 },
                                "gem0": { "x": 6, "y": 388, "graphic": "agemLL.def" },
                                "gem1": { "x": 556, "y": 338, "graphic": "agemLR.def" },
                                "gem2": { "x": 6, "y": 6, "graphic": "agemUL.def" },
                                "gem3": { "x": 556, "y": 6, "graphic": "agemUR.def" },
                                "background": "AdvMapx480b.pcx",
                                "HeroList": { "size": 4, "x": 609, "y": 108, "movePoints": "IMOBIL.DEF", "manaPoints": "IMANA.DEF", "arrowUp": "IAM012.DEF", "arrowDown": "IAM013.DEF" },
                                "TownList": { "size": 7, "x": 747, "y": 12, "arrowUp": "IAM014.DEF", "arrowDown": "IAM015.DEF" },
                                "Minimap": { "width": 103, "height": 102, "x": 607, "y": 3 },
                                "Overview": { "pics": 4, "size": 4, "graphic": "OvCast.pcx" },
                                "Statusbar": { "x": 7, "y": 436, "graphic": "AdRollvr.bmp" },
                                "ResDataBar": { "x": 3, "y": 455, "graphic": "ZResBarx480.pcx", "offsetX": 32, "offsetY": 2, "resSpace": 85, "resDateSpace": 85 },
                                "ButtonKingdomOv": { "x": 711, "y": 12, "graphic": "IAM002.DEF", "playerColoured": 1 },
                                "ButtonUnderground": { "x": 679, "y": 108, "graphic": "IAM010.DEF", "playerColoured": 1, "additionalDefs":  "IAM003.DEF" ] },
                                "ButtonQuestLog": { "x": 711, "y": 44, "graphic": "IAM004.DEF", "playerColoured": 1 },
                                "ButtonSleepWake": { "x": 711, "y": 76, "graphic": "IAM005.DEF", "playerColoured": 1, "additionalDefs":"IAM011.DEF"] },
                                "ButtonMoveHero": { "x": 679, "y": 140, "graphic": "IAM006.DEF", "playerColoured": 1 },
                                "ButtonSpellbook": { "x": 711, "y": 140, "graphic": "IAM007.DEF", "playerColoured": 1 },
                                "ButtonAdvOptions": { "x": 679, "y": 172, "graphic": "IAM008.DEF", "playerColoured": 1 },
                                "ButtonSysOptions": { "x": 711, "y": 172, "graphic": "IAM009.DEF", "playerColoured": 1 },
                                "ButtonNextHero": { "x": 679, "y": 204, "graphic": "IAM000.DEF", "playerColoured": 1 },
                                "ButtonEndTurn": { "x": 679, "y": 236, "graphic": "IAM001.DEF", "playerColoured": 1 }


It works fine… but when you enter a castle/town the game nearly crashes every time.

I know it is not supported by you, but is there anything obviously wrong in my config!?!?!
Or is there a way to debug the Problem??? I was not lucky with a strace though…

And that’s the reason why such resolution is not supported by us.

Unfortunately custom resolution only applies to adventure map (and optionally - to main menu). Meaning that all other areas like battles, town screen, map selection menu, etc, etc,etc are NOT scaled.

Android port avoided this by downscaling image image from 800x600 but this was done using Android-specific API.
I also remember some efforts to add scrolling to VCMI for such resolution but without success.

I may try to fix crash itself but this won’t make game playable because lower part of UI still won’t fit on the screen.

Maybe render it to a quad and scale this quad? The pandora is a real mini netbook, not a cheap android console. It would be a shame, to having not vcmi on the Pandora. And yes I am a Pandora owner :).

I think that’s what Android does. And there is at least one more problem: user input. All UI events must be scaled too - so mouse click at 100x470 should be translated into something like 100x588.

If someone knows how to do these changes then I’m happy to help. But I have no idea how to do such image scaling.

Can you explain this further? What exactly “does not work well”?

Thank you for your replies…
Somebody named notaz from the openpandora community already wrote the "scaller " I needed…
I run vcmi now at e.g. 800x600 resolution and stretch or crop the picture.
Seems to work fine now… Even the “touchscreen problem” (improper allignment) went away.
Well see what our community will say :wink: